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Little Inventors Mission Oceans!

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I read this book as an adult who loves and is obsessed with the ocean. Even so, i find this book to be a fun,engaging and a very inspiring read. Thank you HarperCollins for this review copy.

This book makes up one of the Little Inventors series. In this series, the highlight is on the mission to save the ocean by children by showcasing some of the inventive ideas and creations by children from around the world on how they plan to save the ocean. What amazes me is that the ideas for the inventions are really good and practical and came from children as young as four years old!. 

Basically,the content of the book is made up of the following sections,the first chapter of the book explains what are little inventors and shared a few inventive ideas and creations by other children inventors from other countries. There are also some useful tips/guidelines on how and where the children can find ideas and work up on building their imaginations and creativity,aided by some very colourful doodles and cartoons that makes it more fun and appealing for the children.

Then, the next chapter gives an overview of how the ocean is formed,what are the major oceans and what are the ocean creatures that inspire some of the ideas for today's inventions using more colourful and fun doodles/cartoon characters. At the end of the chapter there is also some hands on activities for the children to work on on their ideas and where they can write and draw their ideas and creativity on the spaces provided. 
There are also some chapters talking about some of the wonderful and bizarre ocean creatures and the corals and their habitat as a way of introducing about the biodiversity of the ocean and at the same time educating about the roles and the functions on the ecosystem. As usual, at the end of each chapters there are spaces and pages for activities for the children to write down and draw their own ideas and inventions. 

In chapter five,six,seven and eight, this book also talks about why the ocean is important to us and how the ocean's health and conditions are greatly affected and in decline caused by our own misconducts and how and why need to save the ocean. Of course among the important issues highlighted are climate change and global warming, overfishing and pollutions. In fact, there is a whole chapter dedicated on the topic of plastic alone.
Overall, i loved the way the book is outlined by first defining and introducing about who are the little inventors and what are some of the inventive ideas and creations and then at the same time explaining about the ocean,how it is formed,what are its importance to us and to the world, about biodiversity and why the ocean needs biodiversity and what are the problems faced by the ocean and how the children can help save the ocean with their ideas and inventions. 

I liked how the book not only gives the basic and important information as a way of introducing about the ocean to the children but also encourages them at the same time to think and use their own imaginations and creativity by coming up with ideas and solutions to the problems which fits the main purpose and objective of this book that is to create future ocean scientists ,inventors, and conservationists through these kids. 

They say nurturing and educating should start from the young and tender age. This book does exactly that, it trains and guides these children to think, to come up with ideas,solutions and suggestions and to care for the ocean, which is in line with the mission and the strategy of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable plan (2021-2030) where they are on the lookout for ocean scientists to help make the ocean more sustainable and resilient.

To sum it all up, this is a book i highly recommend to anyone which also got me into thinking up of ways,the ideas and solutions on how i, as an adult can help to protect and save the ocean too.
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Absolutely fantastic book, about saving our oceans and seas. This book includes great topics such as climate Change and plastic pollution
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