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Despite experiencing her own recent heartaches, Libby is excited to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of her best friend Willow. The Christmas Eve wedding promises to be a good time, up until the point Libby find out her ex will be there. When they get snowed in and a handsome stranger bonds with Libby, things get awkward, Will Libby be able to put her ex behind her? And what secret is the handsome stranger keeping? A good story.
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My Best Friend's Wedding follows Libby as she navigates her role as chief bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding while trying to maintain her calm among all the chaos. The story is light and set in a single place covering three whole days. The main focus is the wedding and Libby's interactions with the various characters.

The reader is also introduced to Noah, a potential love interest with whom Libby feels an instant attraction and ends up spending time overnight while snowed in. We also meet Libby's ex, the one who cheated on her and now wants her back. I felt that some of the character development fell flat and I did not connect with the characters as much as I would have liked.

The entire setting was monotonous with a lot of focus on the three younger bridesmaids and their behavior. Libby, though kind and endearing, is not easy to relate to, though I did enjoy how adept she was at handling most of the situations.

Overall this is a pleasant one time read that the reader can sail through without having to think too much. It has a good mix of fun and romance and some of the character bonding is definitely worth reading about. This does read like a light rom-com with just enough in the plot to keep the reader going until the end. Though not one of my favorites, I did enjoy the story as it is.
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marked as did not finish about ~35% in.

For as appealing as the plot may seem, the writing style and the pacing of the book were not enough to keep me wanting to read. I found myself bored and viewed picking up the book as a massive chore that I just did not want to do.
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I enjoyed this book but if I'm honest I didn't absolutely *love* it. A great story though and I liked the fact that the main characters were overcoming their tricky situations and found myself hoping for a happy future for them
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A gorgeously uplifting romantic book. With wonderful characters a great story line and will leave you smiling from ear to ear.
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This was a cute book. The pacing wasn’t for me and a bit cliched. It was hard to focus on some aspects of this book. But overall a solid 3/5.
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Since the blurb stated it would be perfect for Jill Mansell fans I requested the arc from Netgalley.

And indeed, Tilly’s also able to create a wonderful and cozy story about Libby. After being dumped by her fiance three weeks for her marriage, Libby has had a hard time to recover. She is determined, however, to put on her big girls panties and face Rufus at the wedding of her best friend, willow. But during the wedding, everyone gets snowed in and as a maid of honor, Libby feels it is her task to ensure everyone is taken care of, including the trio of terror: the cute (but wild) nieces of Willow, who are the bridesmaids.

Luckily, she gets help from a very cute American, Noah. However, Rufus keeps interfering when Noah and Libby spend time together. Why is Rufus trying to warn Libby and what is Noah trying to tell Libby? A cute and fuzzy read. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book!

The British slang in the book kind of threw me off when I started, I wasn’t expecting that. This book was okay, there isn’t anything special about this book that would make me want to recommend this to everyone. I can see this being a Netflix Christmas movie though! 

Reading about the same few events during the wedding made this book seem to be a bit boring and repetitive. There are times that Libby gets a little frustrating as well, so that can throw people off. There weren’t that many dramatic or plot elements in this book that would have kept me hooked. I honestly had to skim through some chapters because there was nothing that I was enjoying reading.
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I’ve now read several Tilly Tennant books and I’ve always loved them, so it pains me to say that My Best Friend’s Wedding was just ok. I always love her settings and characters but in this case I found both a bit lacking.

Libby is chief bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, where she’ll have to meet her ex Rufus, who ditched her at the altar after cheating with her cousin. At the wedding Libby meets Noah and is charmed by him, but she feels he’s hiding something. Rufus wants a second chance but could she after what he did to her? When a snow storm gets them all stranded at the wedding venue, she’ll have a couple of days to figure out who to trust.

The biggest problem in my opinion was the fact that 3/4 of the story happen at the same setting, what made for lots of going around the same issues. It felt the story was not going anywhere for the most part, just Libby and Noah flirting, Libby and Rufus fighting and Libby going after the other bridesmaids a.k.a. the trio of torment.

It got a bit annoying that each and every time some characters were going to have a meaningful conversation something happened to prevent it. Also, if Libby’d let people talk and stopped being “I don’t wanna hear it” all the time, she could have prevented herself some disappointments.

Being so wedding centered made it really slow paced, dragging quite a bit in the middle. I would have loved for Libby and Noah to get to know each other a bit better outside the wedding setting and not having such a rushed ending.

Although not my favorite it still had some cute moments. I really enjoy the author’s writing style so I will definitely be back for her next offering.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks to the publishers for sharing this one. It was a little slow moving, but I enjoyed it. My full review appears on Weekend Notes.
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What a truly wonderful and delightful read this has been. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entertaining and heartfelt story whilst curled up on my sofa. It was most certainly a story that entertains and melts your heart throughout.  

The author draws you right in to the story pretty quickly with meeting and getting to know all of the characters.  I loved getting to know all of the characters, following their individual journeys but I also enjoyed the going ones on the trio of torment, they were a hoot at times.  Who or what are the trio of torment you ask, well you’ll just have to read the book so as to find out for yourself lol. 

The whole story, the characters and everything about this book was all so very well written, which is no surprise as author Tilly never fails to deliver. Having read a few of her books to date, I can very much vouch for that. Just love her books.
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Unfortunately My Best Friend's Wedding was a DNF for me. I was just unable to get into it. I found it a little slow.
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A nice book, but not particularly very memorable and I wouldn't go out of my way to find other books by the author.

It has the best friend, the Christmas wedding, the ex boyfriend, the dashing stranger, the 3 young relatives, the remote wedding venue

They all get snowed in after the wedding, suffer a power cut and have to make their own entertainment but I didn't really like the storyline.

Having read previous reviews I was expecting a heart warming Romcom, but it had little romance, zero comedy and I got none of the heart warming feeling I was hoping for.

It's not a bad book, just not as good as I was expecting having read the previous reviews.
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This was a really good read. Easy story to follow, charming setting and great characters. Really enjoyed it.
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Reading this movie was similar to watching a Christmas Hallmark movie. The writing was great but I'd say that this was just too unrealistic for me.
I feel like the fact that the whole story took place in such a short period made it feel very unrealistic and made me not get into the story as much as i wanted to.
I felt like a lot from this book was just so cliche and expected.
The characters were good enough, some made me extremely mad (the ex obviously) and others were just a good addition to the book.
Although i was bored at some parts, I'm still giving it 3 stars because the writing was good, maybe the book just wasn't for me.
Thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and Tilly Tennant for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Unfortunately My Best Friend's Wedding wasn't for me. I stopped at 30%. I felt like the book just really wasn't going anywhere quick enough and I wasn't connecting with any of the characters.
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A story of love and forgiveness, My Best Friend's Wedding is a comfort blanket of a story set at Christmas in the snow. Libby is chief bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding, but its not an easy gig for her - uncertainty over whether her ex will show up, three young bridesmaids to shepherd and fellow wedding guest Noah is clearly interested in her. A lovely feel-good story and perfect winter read.
With thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my ARC.
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A great read for the holiday season!  Engaging characters, a trio of young bridesmaids, a snowstorm, an electrical blackout, a Christmas Eve wedding in a beautiful location make for an engaging read.  Add  a little romance and a furious ex for added drama, and enjoy Libby's story.
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I loved this book a lot! 

Libby is dreaming about her fiance and marriage that is not so far away. Finally, everything will be perfect soon. Until her fiance leaves her for her cousin. Now, her best Willow is getting married on Christmas eve and there is a man that she quite can't resist. What will happen when she has to spend two whole days with him in close proximity?

Right from the start, the book was amazing. It made me feel great but also kept me at the edge of my seat wanting to know what will unfold. The characters were great, except Rufus, ofcourse. I think she should have gotten a restraining order from him, just in case. 

Overall, the book was amazing. Will recommend reading it in a cold winter afternoon by the window with a cup of coffee. It will make the experience all more magical.
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My best friend's wedding by Tilly Tennant is your classical romance set during Christmas time. Does that make it boring or unlikable or anything else? Absolutely not.
This is a story about love, trust issues, and whether or not some choices that seem not quite good could instead be the good ones to make. As I said many times in my reviews, when I find myself in periods of great stress and worry I tend to read a lot of romantic comedies or books about love in general. My best friend's wedding helped a lot this time. I loved Tilly Tennant's writing, the quick banter between her characters and the not-so-usual-descriptions (i.e. I don't think we have a clear physical description of Libby in the whole book, even the other characters are somewhat "blurry", and being used to authors spending boring pages upon boring pages describing their characters' physical appearances... I loved the lack of it!).
Even though I was a little bit disappointed in the way Libby's "traumas" are described, I recommend this book if you are looking for a light and fun way to spend an afternoon. If you like Christimas as well... this is absolutely your story!
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