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I love this author and really enjoyed this
Action packed with a romantic  twist - wonderful
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Whew, what a wild book filled with lots of drama, intrigue, murder, and steamy hot attraction!  This is not my usual choice in the paranormal but I enjoyed the journey as Gemma and Raj searched for the bridal suite of Mayura's.

There was misunderstandings, deception, and of course, true love.  It was almost like two love stories in one book as we see Mayura and Harry in the past and Gemma and Raj in the present.  I don't want to say too much and give away and secrets and spoil the twists and turns of the book so will keep this review brief.

Of course there is a great action packed ending and a HEA!
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Firstly I have admit that this is not really the type of novel that I enjoy, as I'm not a great fan of characters dealing with psychic ability, reincarnation, karma, magic, etc. Every time Gemma touches ancient gemstones, she has visions of events taking place in the past. The story revolves around her mother's jewelry and constantly flickers to India (around 1901) and then back to the present day in the US.

The writing is fine, but note that there are several versions of narrations depending on the characters, both first person and third person and multiple points of view. I didn't have too much of a problem with that, as most of the sections are clearly defined. There is a lot of information dumping and many, many characters to keep straight, so be prepared for that. There's a murder and the history of the beautiful jewelry to sort out. So there's suspense, an unsub, romance, paranormal, investigation, time travel (of a sort) and mystery. Lots of stuff going on; maybe too much?

I found the story only just okay, as I could easily put it down and it didn't hold my attention as much as it should have. My thanks go to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC in return for my opinion.
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Eyes of the Tiger by Patricia Rosemoor is a compelling new novel featuring history, reincarnation, karma, and enduring love. She does a fabulous job with it. Gemma Hewitt is the daughter of wealthy parents but she works for a living: she designs exquisite custom jewelry, usually gaining inspiration from a historical piece she has managed to find. Right now she is trying to figure out who murdered her mother and why. She has just finished working an open house party for invited guests and a very expensive townhouse in Manhattan. A man, Raj Sinclair, walks up to her and makes contact. She is moved by him, but has to work. He continues to watch her. As she had been dressing, she decided to pull out a necklace of her mother's; the one she had been wearing the night she was killed. In the box was an address for a fortuneteller at Coney Island. This is a lead she feels she must pursue. Raj follows her and is able to fight off an attack made upon her outside the storefront she had just visited. The woman gave her a ring, one that matched the necklace. They both give off weird vibes, and later that night led her into a vision of a young Indian woman, 100 years before, named Mayura. Thus began a strange journey to find the other pieces of the ''wedding suite," which was the set of jewelry a wealthy Indian woman would wear on her wedding day. She felt the compulsion to find the other pieces of the suite to continue uncovering the story.

Meanwhile, Raj has returned to his hotel and reread part of a journal, which was a family heirloom that told another part of the story. His bookmark was another part of the suite of jewelry, although he saw nothing when he touched it. This was a remarkable story, full of history and Indian culture as well as a passable investigation. It was a love story that had taken over 100 years to play out, and a scheming murder that had been pursuing it for 100 years as well. There were some interesting characters, and many two-dimensional characters that were in and out of the story quickly. It was a wonderful example of a quest to solve an issue for a family, prejudice, and the idiocy brought on by pursuing wealth too vigorously. Gemma and Raj were meant to be together and they learned that along the way. Raj's grandfather held right rein over his children  and grandchildren and made certain they did the right thing. It was a story beyond enjoyable. 

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Eyes of the Tiger by Tule Publishing Group, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #netgalley #tulepublishinggroup #eyesofthetiger
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Another great read from the talented Patricia Rosemoor She always manages to instill so many aspects into her stories This is the perfect combination of suspense, drama and intrigue with a great romance thrown in Raj and Gemma have a connection as Gemma tries to solve who murdered her mother Throw in the flashbacks to imperial India and you have a story that keeps you Involved Of I have any criticism it is the multiple points of view are very distracting
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