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Having been fascinated by ancient Egypt since childhood it stood to reason that I would read fictional stories of that era. I have read all the other books by Wilbur Smith written about said subject so I was excited to see where his stories could go next. I was not disappointed in any way , if anything this book rekindled in me the love of his action thrillers. In The New Kingdom he introduces a new character of Hui that I came to root for through all his misadventures. Bringing to life the vibrant yet violent era of the pharaoh and the mythological tales of the gods the book is another bestseller to add to his library. The action is fast paced and relentless as Hui goes through each part of his quest to avenge his father. Adding in the characters of General Tanus and the Mage Taita gives the book added dimension and scope to take Hui on further adventures. Full of fierce action scenes, camaraderie against the odds, blood filled battlefields and mythical things the book will take you on a heat filled journey back in time. A journey that will leave you exhausted from the action and yearning for more adventures with the key characters. A perfect read for anyone who loves books by Clive Cussler, Jack Higgins, Bernard Cornwall and James Clavell.
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I didn't read any Wilbur Smith's book set in Ancient Egypt and this was my first one.
I thoroughly enjoyed it as it's a gripping and highly entertaining story, a page turner that kept me reading.
Mr Smith is a master storyteller and the plot flows without any hiccup or dragging.
The historical background is vivid and well researched, the characters fleshed out and lively.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Believe it or not, this is my very first Wilbur Smiith book and what a lovely read it was. I found out after finishing, this is actually part of a series but I felt it was readable as a stand-alone. Set in the ancient Egyptian times, it was wonderfully written and a lot happens to keep you gripped. Would recommend.
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This wasn't my first Wilbur Smith novel, but it is my first of his Ancient Egypt series and I was blown away by it. "The New Kingdom" has all the atmosphere you could wish for, a truly gripping story, and characters that will have you cheering them on (or, in some cases, booing!). The writing is amazingly fluid, making this a very fast read when combined with all the other plus points. Time to track down the rest of the series, I think!

My thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley. This review was written voluntarily and is entirely my own, unbiased, opinion.
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In the city of Lahun, Hui lives an enchanted life. The favoured son of a doting father, and ruler-in-waiting of the great city, his fate is set. But behind the beautiful façades a sinister evil is plotting. Craving power and embittered by jealousy, Hui's stepmother, the great sorceress Isetnofret, and Hui's own brother Qen, orchestrate the downfall of Hui's father, condemning Hui and seizing power in the city. Cast out and alone, Hui finds himself a captive of a skilled and powerful army of outlaws, the Hyksos. Determined to seek vengeance for the death of his father and rescue his sister, Ipwet, Hui swears his allegiance to these enemies of Egypt. Through them he learns the art of war, learning how to fight and becoming an envied charioteer. But soon Hui finds himself in an even greater battle - one for the very heart of Egypt itself. As the pieces fall into place and the Gods themselves join the fray, Hui finds himself fighting alongside the Egyptian General Tanus and renowned Mage, Taita. 
Another well written page turner from the author. Once again I was carried way to Ancient Egypt & once again once I’d started the book I couldn’t put it down. Wonderful characters, some new & some old friends, a story that starts at a fast pace, it drew me in from start to finish. Another winner
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