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Living Tantra

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A really approachable book for beginner's in the tantra world. Tantra is so much more than meets the eye, and the author introduces this way of being really nicely. I particularily liked that there were many tangible ways to bring tantra into one's life with practices and journal prompts to explore yourself and what living this way could be like.
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So, I am not sure exactly what I was expecting when I started this book but I really didn’t find that there was a solid topic area being discussed. I guess I anticipated there would be more about relationship building and strengthening and I really didn’t get that vibe from it.  

That being said, the book was beautifully written as more of a self-care manual with reminders about respect and self-care for example breathing and meditation exercises. I found it was a good general overview of topics but I feel that delving into the idea of Tantric sex and relationships further would deliver something that there is not a lot of information on.  

Overall, it was a good read and I am happy to have reviewed it!
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This book is an interesting intro into tantra as mind body connection. Everyone associates tantra with sex, but this gives the real and full picture of what it is. Very informative.
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The author Jan Day is one of the UK's leading tantra teachers and a practical manual Living Tantra guides us into a journey of sex, spirit and relationships.

Definition of tantra is the weaving together of all that is. The author encourages us to be more open-minded and openhearted, curious, looking beyond our fears, opinions, patterns and closely held ideas. We’ll be looking at ourselves and our inner world of energies, sensations, feelings and patterns, but we’ll also be looking to the world around us and beyond us, to our relationships, our societies and our interactions with nature. We’ll be looking at what we can learn and at how what we see is interconnected.

The point of tantra is not to read about it, but to go on the journey. Tantra includes sexuality but is not limited to a study of sexuality. The principles of Living Tantra are to use all life, all experience to learn and become more conscious of ourselves and the world around us, to care more for ourselves, each other and the world and to develop greater compassion.

The book explores many everyday themes, such as: authentic communication, compassion, empathy, clear boundaries, being present, embracing feelings and energies that flow through us, and much more.

Essential reading for everyone who wants to learn more about tantra and become more conscious in life.
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Who knew there was so much to tantra? This book helps you not only harness your own power by appreciating your own body and sexuality but how to improve your relationships with others as well using tantra not just in a sexual manner.
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