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TV reporter Margot Glinn has seen the worst that society has to offer, but nothing compares to the evil she's uncovered that leads right back to her workplace.

In danger and alone, she must warn an unsuspecting public of a cataclysmic event that mirrors one of the darkest days in history.

When rival reporter, Joel Kellerman, becomes an unexpected ally, desire burns hotter as the forces of their enemy grow stronger.

Pulled deep into the conflict, they create a firestorm they may not be able to outrun. One man aims to destroy her. Another will heal her soul.
Enjoyable read
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Thank you for an eARC in exchange for a honest review!

Things I liked: The plot, the characters, the book cover, the ending (sooo cute!!)

Things I didn’t like: I feel like although the plot was good it could‘ve been better or at least the way it was written could‘ve been better. Also things kept going kinda too slow. 

The book is worth a shot if you enjoy NA and Mystery/Thriller :)
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Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this book.  

The book began well and I was interested in the characters and wanted to know why any organisation would tolerate an awful man such as Marc Rousseau.  We soon enough discover that he dominates over some of the women in the organisation and with the help of a little blackmail, gets them to do his bidding.

A parallel story is the hanging of black men, which is obviously racially motivated.  The puzzle pieces do fall in place, but I felt rather disjointedly.

I felt that there was too much thrown at this book, there was an attempt at shock value, and too many stories that eventually merge, somewhat, into one overall book. The development of the story between Margot and Marc was unnecessary, the story of the hangings and the involvement of the police and judge could have easily been a stand alone story, and with some padding would be a very good story.

I am so sorry, I did try to enjoy it, but I just didn't
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Firstly, I feel this book was written out of century. Maybe it would have been better say in the 50's/60's. But written now I found it a little offensive.

Homophobic, racist, misogyny do I need to continue? It's based on the very disturbing history of American culture. I just couldn't get into it.
But I did finish it. It has many twists and turns. It's well written even though it wasn't my cup of tea.
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I quite enjoyed reading this book.
It's been an interesting and enthralling adult thriller with different characters' perspectives ... villains included.
I kind of expected the story to be a little more quick through some points but overall I loved the message the author was trying to pass.
The image of these amazing women finding their way through a men's world ,where they're treated as less than objects, with claws and nails it's something we should read about more often.
But it gave also the idea that despite the existence of those terrible beasts , because by that point they're not even men anymore, there is still hope for something better given the presence of some very kind-hearted and caring people that will be there , right when you need it.
I liked how the mystery itself unraveled between expected and unexpected turns.
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Well. This was definitely a more emotional and intense read that I’ve picked up in a while. This was a very beautiful read and I think the author did an amazing job on this book and touching upon very sensitive topics that are usually very difficult to tackle. There are tons of topics that are touched upon in the book, homophobia, racism, misogyny and many other topics you would generally see in something like a thriller book. Thrillers are very much so one of my favourite genres to pick up, so it’s no secret that this was something that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. As I was reading the book, I came across many characters, many awful, some in difficult situations and things very typical in a thriller. I think the author did an amazing job with the story itself. The author clearly thought the process through because never did I feel like it was lacking in some areas and the character arcs were amazing. It’s rare I get attached to many characters but in this case I definitely did. 

This was an easy 5 out of 5 stars read and I will definitely check out more works from this author. What a thought provoking book. Excellent!
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