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First let me say this isn't a bad story, i enjoyed my time with it but it wasn't anything the sticks with you later.  The main character isn't very likable most of the time, so it's hard to relate to her.  the other main character is the girl next door that was more likable. But the story is a bit slow, as you have other relationships going at first before you can get to the main romance in the story.
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Unlike a lot of other reviewers, I don't have concerns reading about cheating in books - they're fiction. However, it does make it harder to get really excited for the characters as they move toward falling in love. And yet, somehow I did, and I was excited about the characters building their relationship and their happy ever after. This is a sweet, slow burn. 
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Really cute slow burn romance. Piper and Brooke were so much fun to get to know. I felt that Piper was  the more mature of the two and seemed to always lookout for Brooke who seemed a bit immature to me. Their relationship started out as friends first which was really fun to read about ,and then turned romantic towards the end of the book. The supporting characters were written well and pushed the story along. I especially loved Brooke's mom and dad they were such great fun loving people. I definitely recommend this book to my friends and family, and I look forward to what this author writes next.
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Normally I wouldn’t bother reading a book that seems to condone extramarital affairs, even if they are consensual. Just not my cup of tea. Keep in mind I don’t drink tea or for that matter coffee. I know it's strange, right? But I decided to give this book a try. I probably would have managed to read and who knows, possibly even like it but after reading several chapters I just plain and simply did not like either MC. I can usually read just about anything but not a book where I didn’t like the cast. But I did agree to write a review so…. Here it is. Now I know there are others who would probably fall in love with both MC’s so I suggest you read the other reviews for this book because I’m sure there were other readers who enjoyed it very much. 
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This was an entertaining book with so much potential.

I really liked Brook and felt really sorry for her and understand why is so difficult to leave a relationship like that. Despite the difficult situation Piper put herself in I also liked her. I thought both characters had good chemistry but didn't feel the sparks between them, probably the lack of romantic interaction affected the book that way.

I also believe that the book was too much centered in their previous relationships rather than between them. There were some repetition with V and Piper and with Brook and Meg, that had far too much time. Even bit part of the prologue is about V for who I couldn't care less.

Overall nice read.

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Piper and Brook meet briefly at a party, both needing a moment away from other people after a trying night. After running in to each other again it seems they have a lot in common and begin spending time together. They quickly become important to each other and go through some tough events and come out the other side together. This was a nice read, I definitely enjoyed it and look forward to new books from Cass Sellars. I did feel like they went from strangers to in love very quickly after only a few times meeting and most of the book was about their interactions with the various side characters instead of them. I would have liked to see them interact a bit more with each other.
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My feelings are a little mixed regarding this book. I don't want to come across all high and mighty, but extramarital affairs are just not my thing. Even if they have the approval of the spouse. But as we all know it happens.
Also, this book tackles substance abuse. Alcohol.

Piper is a pro golfer and artist. She has to give her full attention to Vanessa in exchange for a wealthy lifestyle. Also sales of her paintings are down to Vanessa.  Brook is just starting out as a catering business, but her partner is an alcoholic.

What I liked best about this book was that when Piper and Brook meet its the beginning of a friendship more than anything else. They both understand they need to make changes and become each others support. It is a good story of helping each other to make the necessary changes. Yes, their friendship develops but it is at a realistic pace.

Give it a go. Don't judge straight away give it a chance to develop and I think you may just enjoy this more than you think.
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This read is a bit challenging with issues related to infidelity, alcoholism, and knowing when it is time to let go. Piper Holthaus, golf pro, up and coming artist in a not-so-secret relationship with Vanessa Devereaux, a married wealthy socialite.  Brook Myers, up and coming chef, married to an alcoholic. Both women need to and want to make a change but easier said than done. Although a tough read, I thought it was helpful as we listened to the self-talk of Brook and Piper. It is not easy to let go and move on.
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This is a slow burn romance between Piper a golf pro and an artist and Brooke.  Piper lives in her sponsor Vanessa guest house who is rich and also married.  They have an arrangement that includes her sexual privilege's as well as access to driving luxury cars. This of course gives her the opportunity to save for the things she needs.
During one of her showings she encounters Brooke,  a chef that was  hired by Vanessa to provide food for the event.  I must say that I didn't like  Piper  and found her to be quite ungrateful. I also didn't appreciate the way she judge Vanessa given her situation. 
3.5 stars

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I was intrigued by the blurb and had never read this author before. The writing was good. The plot though? I don’t know. There was very little back story on two really important aspects of the story. I also wasn’t really feeling the relationship between the two main characters. But, like I said it was well-written. I think I’ll check out another book by this author for sure. I just wasn’t the biggest fan of this one.
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After really enjoying Sellars' debut novel (and series), I'm really happy I got the opportunity to read this new book too. Despite touching on some serious topics, Love's Compromise wasn't a heavy story at all, instead feeling like a touch of lightness in between the bad things in life, since the protagonists, Piper and Brook, find comfort in their friendship in the middle of everything else going on.

The book started out just okay, but improved the more I read it. It's kinda cheesy but Piper and Brook's relationship is cute; just don't expect much romance between them. Most of the story focuses on each of their personal dramas and issues with their respective partners and careers, and only by the end, after chapters and chapters of getting to know each other and getting their lives back on track that they finally get together. That took off a bit of my enjoyment, so my rating ended rounded down to 3 stars.

I'm still interested in reading anything else Cass Sellars publishes, though!
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This is a slow burn romance between two women that meet while each involved in a ‘less than’ type relationship.
Piper is a pro golfer and an artist who has a friends with benefits type relationship with a rich and married to a man woman. Although all involved parties are aware of the arrangement Piper is not exactly happy with the power Vanessa has over her and the way she chooses to make all her decisions. Piper tries to have some control over her life while working as a pro golfer at the local club. There’s no background on how and why Piper is a pro golfer, nothing about her golfing career whatsoever. 
Brook is a caterer and her 15 years old relationship with Meg is plagued by her partner’s alcoholism for the past few years. She’s assumed the caregiver role and feels guilty to leave her toxic situation.
They meet at an art event Vanessa throws for Piper that Brook caters and they become friends.
The newly found friendship slowly develops into more but both characters are fighting to accept the change  this brings into their lives.
The book is an easy and pleasant read.
Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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This book deals with several potentially bothersome topics as are abuse of alcohol and consensual extramarital affairs. Be forewarned if they are pet peeves for you. 

Personally I just tolerate them, they are not cause to avoid a reading in itself, but in this case they have finished filling the glass of my disappointment, because besides that the book has not managed to keep my interest much. 

In addition to this, I had the impression that sport would be key in the plot and that has not been the case.  Although one of the protagonists is a monitor on a golf course, that does not have more relevance in the content.  She could have done anything else, actually. 

In short, and I don't want to be too negative, this story has not been of interest to me.
I leave it in that it has been slow and inconsistent.
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I've read Cass Sellars other books and find I was a bit disappointed with this one. Don't get me wrong, it was a readable story and HEA ending (which I always like) but just didn't seem to have quite the oomph of her others. I did find it becoming a bit more interesting about half way in (or maybe a bit further in). So I'm glad I persevered.
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Piper and Brook both meet at party that Brook is catering there a instant connection they become each other confidant. They both have baggage that they can’t seem to break because it’s a comfort they both know they have to let go but it’s hard to do when you feel responsible for it. 

This was a slow burn romance I like that despite the problems Piper and Brook had they respected their relationship with Vanessa and Meg and didn’t just hop into bed with each other they actually help each other be strong to confront their problems instead of letting it continue. 

I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving review.
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This is a slow burn romance with two people who aren’t happy in their current situations.  Piper Holthaus, is a golf pro and an artist.  Vanessa Davereaux is her sponsor, allows her to live in her guest house, drive one of her cars and promotes and sells Piper’s paintings to her wealthy friends.  In exchange she expects Piper’s full attention whenever she wants it.  Brook Myers is trying to launch her own catering business with hopes of opening a diner.  Her partner Meg of 15 years is an alcoholic with no plans of changing.  She was a law professor when they started off together.  Brook has known for years that she needs to make a clean break but she still feels obligation.  Brook and Piper meet briefly at a party Brook is catering.  Piper is a sounding board to Brook’s current stressful situation.  I think this is one of the more realistic romances I’ve read in a while.  There is no jumping into bed.  Both main characters need to make changes in their lives if they want to be more than friends and decisions have consequences.  This isn’t lust but friendship and support to spur each other forward.   I honestly like Brook more than Piper.  Piper’s snarkiness towards Vanessa (when she is reaping a lot of benefits) is undeserved until Vanessa goes over the top.  Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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