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The Post Box at the North Pole

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A book that'll make you believe in the magic of Christmas. 

Sasha Hansley hates Christmas. As a child, it was her favourite time of year, but ever since the tragic death of her mother, it has completely lost its magic.

But when she gets an unexpected phone call from her eccentric estranged father, she’s forced to dust off her snow boots.

He has been running a Lapland style Christmas village in Norway and after suffering a heart attack, he is on strict doctor’s orders to slow down. Eager to reconnect with her dad, Sasha books the next flight out there. Only she has never actually been on a plane before, let alone to the Arctic Circle.

Met at the runway by drop-dead-gorgeous Taavi Salvesen, they sleigh ride through the snow with the Northern Lights guiding their way.

When Sasha uncovers sacks of unopened Santa mail – letters that children and adults from all over the world write to Santa every year – she realises that she can send a little bit of magic out into the world by replying to some of them.

With Taavi on hand to help, will Sasha rediscover her own excitement for Christmas and find love among the letters?

There's something about Christmas books. It fills your heart with warmth, love and happiness. And this book did the same.
This was such a cosy Christmas read. Loved every bit of it. A feel-good,Christmas romance novel, to put you in the festive mood.
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Sasha moves to Norway to help her dad run his Reindeer Sanctuary after he has a heart attack. At the airport she meets, Taavi, her dad's assistant, and her Arctic adventure begins with riding through the woods on a dogsled. When she arrives at the Sanctuary she realizes it is more of an Arctic Resort and is determined to fix the place up so the resort can make a profit for the Reindeer Sanctuary. Taavi helps Sasha with each project and they start to get closer.  Will they find true love among the Northern Lights and tundra?

This is a charming story about two lonely people that find love near the Arctic Circle. It is the perfect blend of humor, Christmas Spirit, family, friendship, and love! Perfect to read with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows! 

Thank you to NetGalley and HQ for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!
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I loved everything about this book, nothing better then a christmas book to get you in the christmas spirit, The characters were brilliant described, I could close my eyes and visualise them and imagine what they were doing.
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I usually love Jaimie’s books but I’m afraid this one was too far fetched and unbelievable for me. I struggled to finish it
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This book is one of my all time favourite read. Jaimie Adams has created an absolutely magical winter wonderland that is the perfect book to read on the build up to Christmas. I could imagine myself right in the middle of the story - loving everything around me.
The setting is just so beautifully drawn- you can feel the christmas sparkle in the air, the heartwarming feel of the season. You just don't want to come to the end of this one.
I have to get a paper copy of this one to join my 'favourites' book shelf.
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This is a super cosy Christmas romance, I feel it would work lovely as a Hallmark movie for the festive season. Liked the slow burn romance, didn't like the predictability.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publishing house and the author for the opportunity to read a complimentary copy of this book in return for a review based upon my honest opinion.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Christmas romance? This author’s books are cute and the characters enjoyable. I will say that I found Sasha’s lack of Christmas spirit was a little too much at times; but all in all it was a pretty good story. I would love to visit the North Pole Forest, it sounded like a lovely place full of magic, reindeer and the northern lights; book me into an igloo room. Tav’s character was wonderful and well written. This author’s books have that Hallmark movie feeling and leave you smiling.

This wasn’t my favourite book by this author, but it was enjoyable.
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I really enjoyed this one! It gave all the Hallmark Christmas movie vibes, which I love.
I loved the setting, all the details and the magical descriptions.
It’s warm, cozy, romantic and overall a really magical book.
The only thing is that I felt that the romance was a bit under developed, but felt that the characters fit with each other so I wish we got to see a bit more of them getting together.
Finished it way after Christmas but I still felt super cozy and happy while reading it, and am already looking forward to Christmas again!
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Such a a good Christmas romance novel. Love the way her outlook turns around. I would love to read more from Jaimie Admans.
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One womans' escape from fast living sees her sent to the North Pole as punishment. Soon after arrival she wastes no time in upsetting the locals and the owner of the lodges before they even open. She soon learns that unless the rules are obeyed then you are likely to die. Gradually life improves and our heroine is soon winning people round and even becoming popular but can this be maintained when her old boss turns up? Can life at the Pole even be better than her previous like and can romance blossom in such cold climates
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I really enjoyed this story. I loved the relationship between the lead characters and seeing how that developed and moved through obstacles. There were a lot of beautifully described parts that made me feel like I was in the location.

Really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend
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I may need to learn that romance books are not for me. I try them out at Christmas every year because I yearn for that Hallmark Christmas glow and each time I'm disappointed. I don't think this time it was the book, it was definitely me not being the right audience. Everything was very convenient and all the plot points that needed to slide into place did. It was fluffy and the characters were ok, but very surface level, I didn't find there was much depth.
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What a fantastic read!…. I was a little late to the party with this one, a Christmas themed read in March. I was transported to a snowy magical wonderland where love blossoms, a lovely feel good read, I would recommend this to all my friends!

5 stars 🌟 from me
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Why am I reading a Christmas book in March you ask? Because I was in a massive reading slump and Christmas fixes everything. And holy cannoli did I pick the right book! Guys, this book was everything I ever wanted and more! I want so badly to travel to the North Pole Forest with Tav and Sasha. To drink hot chocolate in the candy cane cabin, make a wish in the Christmas jar, ride on a reindeer-drawn sleigh, and watch the northern lights through the roof of an igloo. And most of all, I would love to work in the North Pole post office and help answer all the heartfelt letters to Santa. This book truely captures the magic of Christmas and I related to Sasha in so many ways. Tav is by far the perfect book boyfriend and I loved his ridiculous amount of Christmas spirit. What's not to love about a reindeer sanctuary, a Christmas village, and a couple of people who just need to know that they matter? @hallmark this book NEEDS to be a movie because it is absolute perfection for those of us with Christmas spirit forever in their hearts like this girl. I don't care that it is almost springtime, go pick up this book or at the very least, put it on the top of your list for next year.
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2.75 stars.
The book was a cute, very hallmark-y christmas-y book.
But i missed some growth of the characters, and the romance was a bit... too fast and just not my taste.
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The Post Box at the North Pole is a magical holiday read. It will take you back to a time when you believed in the goodness of the holidays with no stress or worries and it was all just a magical time that made you happy and excited.
This heartwarming holiday romance will get you in the mood for Christmas and relax you. I haven't read such a feel good pick me up book in quite awhile. There are holiday descriptions on every page from gingerbread flavoured coffee to the holiday shops. Taking place in Norway the descriptions are marvelous and you get to enjoy all the snow references without even getting cold.
I can't recommend this book enough!

Pub Date 18 Oct 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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This story is FANTASTIC!!!! The DETAIL that Jaimie puts into each and every part of this story is a mind blower. You want to be RIGHT THERE at the North Pole Forest and if you are like me, you are so into the story that you literally look on Instagram to see if @NorthPoleForest exists! It’s just sooo good. You won’t be able to put it down.
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A great festive novel. Sasha’s father draws her to him knowing she would love the village and also Taavi.  I loved the idea of her sending a parcel to the man who sleeps rough under a certain bridge and you hope that it got there.

You really get a sense of the spectacle of the northern lights and the magical feel of snow at Christmas.  Lots of hot chocolate sets the scene of cosiness and you just want to huddle up yourself.

A magical Christmas romance.
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What a lovely, feel good, magical book!
I absolutely loved it, it was like reading a Christmas movie!

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins for letting me review this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Sooo cute!

The whole concept of this book is, not surprisingly (this is Jaimie Admans we’re talking about) absolutely magical, adorable and engaging. I simply loved the Christmas Town and all those letters that she read.
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