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The Post Box at the North Pole

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The Post Box at the North Pole is a lovely story filled with magic and hope, perfect for Christmastime.
Sasha’s father had a heart attack and now she must go to Norway to try to convince him to sell his “reindeer sanctuary” and come back home, where she has been waiting for him Christmas after Christmas.
However, when she arrives, there is much more she has to process, because not only she is in a full Christmas themed resort but her father seems so happy and looks very much like Santa.
Could reindeer, letters, the Northern Lights and a very peculiar tall guy change her way to see Christmas and her visit here?
This is a beautiful story about the real meaning of Christmas and about believing. I had never thought about how much it can mean to kids and it the letters part was really nice.
I loved the setting and since it is a one of my dreams to see the Northern Lights, I was delighted about it. I really liked Sasha and could connect with her; I also liked Tav, of course.
I loved how the story has the necessary amount of romance, but how it is not the main part. It is funny and a bit heartbreaking at times, as well.
To sum up, the story has it all. It was the first book I read by Jaimie Admans and consider me a fan now, because I was captivated by her writing.
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A lovely warm toasty read about a woman, Sasha, who is feeling lost and alone, so when asked for help by the father she has not seen in years, travels to Norway. She discovers her father has become Santa at a Christmas Village, which is charming , but failing as a business. The one thing they do have is thousands of letters to Santa every day. So she decides to start answering them. She is helped by Tav, a hunky Norwegian with his own demons to overcome. A friendship develops as she rediscovers Christmas is more than just Santa Claus stories and wishful thinking. As it works its magic on her, does she really want her father to sell up and move back to England, or could this be the reality she belongs to.
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I read this book in the run-up to Christmas and it is such a fabulous festive read - it definitely gives you all the feels!! I mean, its primarily set in a North Pole Village which I would totally LOVE to be a real place because it sounds AMAZING!! 

The story focusses on Sasha, who leaves behind her life in the UK to be with her  ever-travelling father as he's recently had a heart-attack. Despite not being a fan of the festive season, she finds herself catapulted into permanent Christmas as her dad turns out to have settled in a North Pole village where he becomes 'Santa'. Enter the gorgeous Taavi (her father's right-hand man) and the festive feel-good gets going!

I loved the description of both of these characters, how they both explored the scars of their pasts with each other and opened up to each other. I felt the author did justice to their characters, showing both strength and vulnerability. I felt they were true soul mates. 

There were some really lovely elements to this book that I think sets it apart from and above other festive reads. The setting in the North Pole village for a start was beautifully described - the lodges all sounded incredibly festive and thoughtful, and I loved the addition of the letters to Santa and how Sasha, inadvertedly, saves the village. Oh and the trip to see the Northern Lights? Swoon!

I would have liked to dive further into Sasha and her dad's relationship, I felt this wasn't given quite enough time but this is only a slight drawback. 

Overall I absolutely adored this book and would love to visit the North Pole Village that I built in my head!!

**Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read an advanced e-copy of this book. All opinions are my own **
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Could not put this book down, thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and the characters were lovely
Very descriptive, the country and the scenery were brought to life on the pages
Can't wait to read more from this author
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The Post Box at the North Pole. Jaimie Admans


Love the story but charmed by the Reindeers

An adorable read.

After a whirlwind beginning of losing her job, finding out her dad had a heart-attack and that he owned a reindeer sanctuary, Sasha flies to Norway on the understanding she was going to help her Dad wind things up and move him back to the UK. But nothing is that straightforward upon landing she is met by Tav, "a sexier version of the Michelin man", and a dog sled ride through the snow, arriving to a stereotypical Christmas village in the North Pole. 

I love the undercurrent humour running through this story, I mean calling a reindeer Rudolph number 3 so that he didn't get confused, and Colin the perfect reindeer name cracked me up. 

But at the heart of every story, I read is the blooming chemistry between two characters, who in the world of fiction are destined to fall for each other. However, will her father's meddling be the one thing that breaks hearts rather than bind them.

I read this book in October, but due to personal reasons I have not been able to upload my review before now, but Sasha and Tav's story has stayed with me during the festive season.

My thanks to Netgalley, publisher HQ Digital and the author Jaimie Admans for allowing me to read and review The Post Box at the North Pole.

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The title didn’t give away a lot for this book and the story isn’t what I expected. 
Great storyline and shows the changes to someone as they experience new things. 
I’d love the visit the North Pole Forest!!
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In a Nutshell: If only I had managed to read this in time for Christmas! This was a heartwarming read, albeit with minor writing issues. My quest for a beautiful and magical Christmas story of 2021 finally ended a couple of days into the New Year. 

Sasha Hansley isn’t a big fan of Christmas, though she loved it as a child. After her mother passed away, her dad left her in the care of her strict maternal grandma. As such, Christmas memories became dull rather than magical. But now, after all these years, Sasha has received a phone call from her dad all the way from Norway, asking her to come urgently to help him out at his Christmas-themed holiday village as the doctor has told him to slow down after a heart attack. Homebody Sasha, who hasn’t ever left the UK and hates travelling, has no choice but to leave for Norway, where she works along with her father’s right hand man, Taavi Salvesan, to get the holiday village up and running again. When she discovers sacks of letters written by children to Santa, she unknowingly sets into motion a complete image transformation for the little village. Will Sasha finally rediscover the magic of Christmas?
The story is written in the first person perspective of Sasha.

What I loved about the book:
To the ladies and gentlemen whose romantic thoughts centre around human males: May I present to you the potential fictional crush of your dreams, Taavi Salvesan! A gentle giant in the true sense of the word, Taavi is tall, muscular, gorgeous, intelligent, sensitive, caring, practical, humorous, hardworking, sacrificing, and a great cook. At the same time, he is also emotionally broken, too independent for his own good, and loves to hide under the blanket excuse of ‘I’m fine”. I loved his character and the way his heart-breaking past is shown to affect his present. His vulnerability under his physical strength was his biggest appeal.
Matching Taavi’s persona wouldn’t have been so easy but Sasha does a pretty good job. Her character is also portrayed very realistically. Though she is pint-sized, she is strong of will and heart. A lovely complement to Taavi.
If you ever make a checklist of what a Christmas romance should contain, this book will tick every single item on that list. It’s perfect for the season.
This is the third book I’ve read in the recent past that happens to be set in the Arctic Circle. And of the three, this book tackles the Arctic the best. The storyline merges the cold weather and the winter wonderland kind of feel without taking it too far. Not to forget, the Northern lights make their presence felt strongly and wonderfully.
The book is a very quick read and yet it depicts the main characters and their emotions quite well. As the focus stays primarily on Sasha and Taavi, their characters are quite appealing.
Every chapter begins with a child's letter to Santa. And these range from cute to hilarious to outright bossy! I loved every single one of these. 
In addition to the above mini-epistles, there is a whole track related to the letters that children from across the world send to Santa. This track too was heartwarming, even if exaggerated at times. 
There is a whole sub-segment about reindeer and this was so good! Perfect for Christmas!

What I found okayish about the book:
The secondary characters don’t get paid much attention throughout the story. It is mainly Sasha and Taavi. A bit more background or detailing about the other characters would have helped. Also, there are certain story elements that are left dangling. While I agree that they weren’t the prime focus of the main plot, it would have been nice to have received closure, especially on the arc connected to Taavi’s family. The father-daughter relationship between Sasha and her dad didn’t come out as believable because of this same incomplete approach.
There are many repeated phrases or actions in the character sketches. Sasha’s raised eyebrows and her giggles, and Taavi’s strong arms and his blushing cheeks, find a mention in almost every chapter they are in. There can be too much of a good thing!
A few scenes in the final quarter went somewhat over-the-top (either in terms of believability or in their saccharine sweetness.) I know I should ignore this factor considering the story and the genre, but the logical side of me still wants to complain about it. My rating was a more-or-less steady 4.5 until the final quarter.

What I disliked about the book:
This story has spoiled all chances of me enjoying any future family vacations with its description of the Christmas village. Nothing will ever match up to the extraordinary picture I built up in my head about this Norwegian Christmas destination. Sigh!

Overall, it is still a pretty good holiday romance, offering you the right combo of Norwegian chills and Christmas warmth. If you ignore the minor writing issues, it’s a gorgeous story set in a gorgeous location. Do try!

My thanks to HQ, HQ Digital, and NetGalley for the ARC of “The Post Box at the North Pole”. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.
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I finished another delightful Christmas novel, this one is The Post Box at the North Pole-- I was given an early copy by Netgalley + HarpercollinsHQ. Sasha is a homebody, who just lost her dead end job. After a surprising phone call from her adventure-seeking dad, she decides to go help him in a reindeer sanctuary in North Forest, Norway. She's in for some culture shock as a big, burly man picks her up from the tiny airport. They travel by sled and dogs to the North Forest 🌲. She sees the Northern Lights 🌌, helps catch Rudolph 3 🦌, and sees her dad as Santa Claus 🤶-- evidently in his element.

Tav, the big, burly man, takes her up to Candy Cane Cabin. She sees the details in the cabin, Santa's House, the post office, and more. There is a special feeling that makes her want to stay, even though she doesn't believe her nearly 80-year-old dad, who survived a heart attack, should be in freezing temperatures. Tav's commitment and determination to keep the Christmas magic alive is evident, and she and the reader begin to see him in a new light. His gingerbread waffles inspired me to make them three times this month! 🧇

Sasha comes to her own, reading letters to Santa from children world wide, and figuring out how to make an impact in these children's lives. 📬
This is a sweet Christmas romance. The redundant conversations at the end brought it down to 4 stars. It is a fun Christmas novel.
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Enjoyable love story set at a santa resort in Norway, this is a Christmas book that actually does have an emphasis on Christmas. 
I found it to be quite slow to begin with but builds up to a lovely happy ever after.
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Jaimie Admans has once again given us a wonderful magical story.

The way that the author describes the setting, detailing everything down to the sound of the silent snow falling instantly transports the reader to the North Pole Forest.

I did save this book to read in December and I am glad I did as it was such a special feeling made real by the shorter days and chilly weather.

The author creates characters with so much depth which increases the readers investment in the story.  There were so many special little things sprinkled throughout this book that its hard to say too much without giving any spoilers.  There are cabins, reindeer, santa's mail and post office - this book has it all.

I do love Jaimie Admans books and although I was granted an ebook from NetGalley to read and review I have also needed a paperback copy for my bookshelf as this is a book I intend to read in the run up to Christmases for many years.
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I don't know why, but to me "Jaimie Admans" reads as: let's make people travel for Christmas. She does it great, always, and The Post Box at the North Pole is no exception to that rule. You know how there's a certain comfort to some author's writing? Because you just know that, no matter what else, they won't let you down? Well, most often, I only have that with author's Christmas oeuvre *or* their "every other day of the year"-work. Jaimie Admans, though? She does them both - and she does them perfectly for any Sunday afternoon reading-craving!
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absolutely loved this book and couldn’t wait to go to bed each night to have a little read of it.

Having been fortunate enough to have visited Santa’s village at the North Pole this made the book more enjoyable to me as I could visualise everything and felt like I was part of the story.

The book is perfect for those that want a bit of Christmas magic on the run up to Christmas or to rekindle the true meaning of family Christmas.

I enjoyed Jaimie’s Christmas book last year about the Nutcrackers but loved this one so much more.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for a copy to review.
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This was a fun read and really Christmassy which is just what I needed for the Christmas period. I loved the dog sledding, reindeers and starting to believe in Santa again. The romance in this was also so sweet and made me really happy and made me wish for my own time at the North Pole Forest. 

I did think that this would have more of the letters from children though and as this was only really the start of the chapter as much as I did enjoy it I did wish that there was going to be more of them throughout the book. Even though what impact we saw the replies to the letters had made me so happy and really wish I could believe in Christmas like a child all over again. 

Fun book and one that is great if you are wanting a Christmas romance and one that will bring out the magic of Christmas from start to finish.
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The perfect festive read for little ones. Ideal fir snuggling up on winter nights. Beautiful.  Fun fir the whole family.
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4.5 Stars

A magical Yuletide romance perfect for snuggling up with, Jaimie Admans The Post Box at the North Pole is simply enchanting.

Christmas used to be Sasha Hansley’s favourite time of year. Sasha loved absolutely everything about the holidays – until her beloved mother’s tragic death. With Christmas having lost all of its magic, Sasha had begun to dread the last month of the year – until she receives a letter from her estranged father that compels her to dust off her snow boots and get on the first flight to Norway where her dad has been running a Lapland style Christmas village.

Having recently suffered a heart attack, Sasha’s dad is under strict orders to take it easy and not overdo it this Christmas – which is quite impossible during his busiest time of year. With nothing keeping her back home and desperate for a chance to reconnect with her father, Sasha decides to park all her hesitations about getting on a plane for the first time and heads off to Norway where things immediately begin to look up when she is met on the runway by drop-dead gorgeous Taavi Salvesen…

Sasha feels as if all of her childhood Christmas fantasies have come true in Norway and when she comes across sacks of mail sent by children and adults all across the world, she decides to inject some Yuletide magic into all of their lives. Helped by Taavi, Sasha begins to feel whole again for the first time in a very long while. Will she at long last find everything she had been looking for in Norway? Will Cupid’s arrow strike under the Northern lights? And will this Christmas be one Sasha will never forget?

Jaimie Admans’ The Post Box at the North Pole has everything readers could possibly want from a Christmas read: wonderful characters, charm by the bucket-load, warm-hearted humour and irresistible romance. Funny, emotional, feel-good and a joy from beginning to end, The Post Box at the North Pole is a wonderful tale of new beginnings, healing and falling in love that ticks all the right boxes this Christmas.
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I first read one of Jaimie's Christmas book last year with a lovely story about love and Christmas with the magic of a nutcracker.  This Christmas story transported me to a wonderful Christmas wonderland where I honest wish I could transport myself to.  Who wouldn't want to visit Santa's village with snow, magical Christmas lights and reindeers and with the most special post box!  Really gets you in the spirit of Christmas
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This is a delightful Christmas story with the setting of a winter wonderland called North Pole Forest in Norway. 
This book would make a great Christmas movie with it's setting as it's a nice sweet romance with family love.
The author describes the setting well so that the reader can visualise it.
A recommended Christmas read.
Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for this read.
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This is guaranteed to get you into the christmas spirit, it feels like such a magical story. It's fairly light and easy to read and the setting is literally called North Pole Forest, which goes some way to describe the feel of the whole book. It made me wish I could visit it myself. The characters felt so real and the whole thing just had a really wholesome feel to it.
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Truth be told I have been savouring this book. I really didn't want it to end. This book really is pure Christmas magic. From the north Pole forest, the reindeer sanctuary and Santa's House and grotto,  there isn't a place I would rather visit. 
Glass igloos and Christmas themed cabins and to top it all off the magic of love . .
I couldn't have asked for a better book to finish of the year with. This was pure gold for me.
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After losing her mum, and her dad travelling the world, Sasha spends most Christmases alone. That is, until she gets a call from her dad. He's had a heart attack and needs her help keeping things afloat - in a Christmas wonderland in Norway. 

Sasha's attitude did irritate me for the first part of the book, with her constant attempts to get her dad to sell up without actually giving him a say in matters. Seeing her learn to understand things as the story went on was enjoyable. 

It was a real feel good, Hallmark-esque Christmas book. With family, friends, romance and the true spirit of caring for others at Christmas and showing the importance of believing in a little magic, this was a perfect setting and got me right in the mood for the lead up to Christmas.
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