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Dear Santa, If my Christmas presents are made by elves in the North Pole, why do they all have 'Made in China' written on them? From Milo

Sasha Hansley finds herself at a loose end after losing her job, so when she gets a call from her dad, who she very rarely sees because he's always off on some adventure, she decides there's nothing to stop her from going to see him. He's just suffered a heart attack and needs her help, eager to see him she agrees to fly to Norway, this is a big thing for Sash, as she's never flown anywhere before. Taavi Salvesen, a hunk of a Norwegian man, meets Sash at the airport and takes her to the North Pole Forest on a husky led sleigh and she's in awe when she sees the spectacular Northern Lights, a phenomenon she's only ever dreamed of. On arrival she's amazed to see her dad has been running a struggling Christmas village, with him playing Santa, and when she uncovers sacks of unopened mail, written by children from all over the world, she decides to start replying to some of them, can she rediscover the magic of Christmas herself whilst sending some of that magic around the world?

The Post Box at the North Pole is everything you'd expect from Christmas; the idyllic forest setting, Santa's grotto, reindeers, elves and so much more, what is there not to love? Even the biggest bah humbug would find their heart melting after reading this. I adored everything about this book, it's such a well crafted story with adorable characters, full of magic and festive joy. I loved how the author started every chapter with a letter to Santa, many of them quite amusing. Her writing is so descriptive, transporting the reader right into the very heart of the story and if you closed your eyes you'd be right there in the North Pole Forest alongside Sash, Tav and Percy, witnessing that magic for yourself. It's a tale of love, hope, trust and belief. This is such an exquisite book and the epitome of a festive read. It's the first I've read by Admans, but it certainly won't be the last! 

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Dear Santa, could you please book me a cabin for a week in your village. I’m coming to visit next Christmas!

The post box at the North Pole was such a delightful read and a fantastic way to get into Christmas mood…in October, cause it’s never too early to start reading Christmas stories, and even better if they’re set in Santa’s village.

Sasha hates Christmas but when her estranged father suffers a heart attack she hast to go help him run a Christmas village resort in Norway. She stopped believing in Santa a long time ago but will this new setting and gorgeous elf make her get back her Christmas spirit?

The story was so friggin’ cute! From the location, to the cabins, to the reindeers, to the characters (even though I would have slapped Sasha sometimes). I had a huge smile over my face for the most part. And the time I was not smiling was because I was crying big fat tears over some of the letters Santa received.

The writing was so vivid I could picture myself in the North Pole Forest watching the northern lights, having a chocolate or feeding the reindeers some lichen. I usually hate the cold but I would gladly suffer through it to live some of the experiences described here.

Sasha was a bit set in her ways and so small minded sometimes that it was a bit hard to believe she was only 36 yo. And what about Tav? OMG! He was just like a huge care bear, gruffness and all! He was so adorable I think I feel in love with him a little bit too. I loved how Sasha slowly brought him out of his shell.

The post box at the North Pole was that kind of story that makes you feel warm and cozy even when you’re reading about -20ºC temperatures. I will definitely check some of the author’s backlist.

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Dear Santa, 
Please thank NetGalley for allowing me to read this delightful Christmas book!

What an enjoyable Christmas book this was! It was quite unique from most others I have read, and I have read a lot of them. The characters were likable, the scenery was magnificently described and the food and drink descriptions made my mouth water....I am now craving the perfect hot chocolate! It was just the right mix of fun, seriousness and Christmas magic. And the letters to Santa at the beginning of each page were a highlight of the book. I will recommend this to all my friends!
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Wow, thank you Jaimie Admans. Love her books as they just give a magical, uplifting and cosy feel to the day. Really enjoyed this book. Loved the characters, Sasha, Tav and Percy. What a beautiful magical setting. Just makes you want to escape there. It's what makes Christmas so magically. Great storyline which I didn't want to finish and it ended so quickly. Looking forward to reading Jamie's next book. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for allowing me an Arc in exchange for an honest review
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This was the most christmassy book I've ever read complete with santa, elves, love and wishes and I would love to visit the North Pole forest to recapture the magic of Christmas with Sasha, Tav and Percy, absolutely wonderful
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A beautiful romance with delightful festive details and gorgeous characters. Jaimie Admans’ books are like big, warm hugs and perfect reads to help you escape for a few hours. 5 stars from me!
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This book is exactly what I imagine Santa's village at lapland to be like, themed log cabins, Mrs Claus's kitchen, freshly baked goods, full of festive magic and of course Santa himself. It's safe to say that it's not at all what Sasha had imagined she'd be walking into when she agreed to come and help her father after his recent heart attack though. It's been over three years since she last saw him and he's not once mentioned the fact that he's playing Santa and running a Christmas Village almost single handed.

After all, he has the rather hunky giant, Tav, working with him, and it's a good job because the village definitely needs a lot of work doing to it. Within moments of arriving Sasha finds herself chasing a reindeer through the forest (Rudolph number 3 no less) and it really does feel like she's been transported to another world and not just another country.

It's clear that the village is struggling, the cabins all need work doing to them, there are no staff left and all of the once loved buildings have been left to the dust. And then of course there's the visitors, or lack of them, Christmas Village is surviving (just) on school visits and occasional day trippers, it's definitely not bringing in enough money to cover all of the work that needs doing and Sasha is more keen that they should sell up and move back home. 

That is until she meets the local post lady with a bag full of Santa mail, makes her way back to the abandoned North Pole Forest Post Office and starts to read. I loved reading these letters with Sash and the magic came through the pages of my kindle, as well as the emotion. Such a powerful book and I absolutely loved this, it brought back childhood memories of the utter joy of Christmas and I has made me so ready to get festive!
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This was a wonderful festive read and would make the perfect Christmas film. This was the perfect escapism read and perfect to curl up with on a cold and dark miserable autumn weekend. Absolutely loved all of the descriptions and emotions that jumped off the page particularly the fabulous letters to Santa and Sasha heartwarming reactions to them.  This story was so much more than just a romantic Christmas read as also explored what happens under the surface with Sasha and tav in their pasts to make them the people they are today. I would love a sequel to show what happens with them next.
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What a wonderfully festive and joyful book this is! I absolutely adored every page of this cosy romantic read; it’s my far my favourite Jaimie Admans Christmas book, even though the others were five stars reads for me too. 

Reading this gorgeous book, I felt like I’d stepped into a Christmas card and a Hallmark Christmas film rolled into one. There were Reindeer, letters to Santa, Snow, the Northern Lights; everything I could have wished for in a feel good Christmas book. 

I was whisked away to Norway, without the freezing temperatures mind you, and and got to watch Sasha find her Christmas spirit as she fell in love with the Christmas wonderland. 

So if you’re looking for cosy read this Christmas, full of laughs and tears and a few naughty Reindeer then look no further.
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Such a gorgeous magical story that was so wonderfully full of seasonal joy! 
I really didn’t expect to find a book that matched last year’s Christmas book, The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane for heartwarming moments, but this did and it’s just so adorable 🥰 
A gorgeous setting and amazing characters, I was instantly pulled into the story and wanted to find out what was going to happen next. 
Definitely a Christmas book to recommend far and wide, sharing the true meaning of the season, to spread love and joy all around 📮❄️🎅🏼
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When you want a sweet romantic novel with humor and some short-lived tension filled moments, Jaimie Admans will take care of you. I was looking for something seasonally themed to escape into for a few hours. I am more inclined to travel from my couch, with a good book or an exciting movie, than to pack up and venture into the great unknown.
This novel fit my wants and needs and gave me so much more.

I am almost tempted to pack a bag, explore public transportation modes and attempt an adventure!
To begin with, perhaps I will visit a local event where on rare occasions they do offer sled rides pulled by happy, excited dogs. I may even look to find where I can visit a reindeer.

This is a book about finding family and discovering more about oneself.
It is about taking risks, risking disappointment, and recovering from set~backs.
There is unexpected romance and many moments of "can it possibly be true."
When you think problems are being solved and obstacles resolved, life happens and the plot twists!
It is not only the humans who face challenges when it comes to relationships.

Your faith in Santa and magic will be renewed. Your dreams of a better world and people who care about others may find renewed hope here. I found myself thinking about who I would like to see in a movie version of this book.

Even if all you are looking for is a story to make you smile and enjoy life you will not be disappointed.
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Thanks to NetGalley & the publisher for an ARC in exchange for a honest review.

I'd heard lots of great reviews about  Jaimie Admans' books, but this is the first I have read.  I definitely plan to read more.

Set in the North Pole Forest, Jaimie Admans has created an amazing & magical world - full of detail and really brought to life.  I can picture every part of it.  I wish it existed so I could actually visit there myself.  I loved the descriptions of the Northern Lights.

The main characters of Sasha and Tav have both had difficult lives but their stories are well written and both characters grow more and more likeable as the book progresses.  The other characters in the book are also well written.

The story really focuses on the magic of Christmas.  The letters to/from Santa are a lovely touch and remind the reader of how magical this time of year is, especially for children.  Sasha rediscovers her love of Christmas - and I think I may have rediscovered some of mine.  

The only downside - I wish I had been reading it in December rather than October!
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This is such a lovely, heartwarming story for Christmas.  Sasha Hansley stopped believing in Christmas when her mother died when she was a young girl.  Her father felt guilty about his wife dying, he couldn’t bear to be there, and spent his life roaming the world, searching for the next big adventure.  Sasha was brought up by her grandmother, but she grew up feeling she wasn’t good enough, her father wouldn’t stay at home for her.  As a consequence she has always had dead end jobs, and has never been anywhere, and hasn’t celebrated Christmas for a long time.  She is thirty six as the story begins, and has just been sacked from her job in a dog grooming parlour, because the owner, her friend Debbie, has given her job to her sister-in-law - she had been made redundant and family comes first.  It is just a few weeks before Christmas.

She receives an unexpected phone call from her father, who tells her he has had a heart attack and needs her help - she doesn’t even know where he is.  He tells her he is running a reindeer sanctuary in Norway.  He persuades her to go there and help him, he has booked her tickets for the next day.  Tickets -plural - should have warned her, but her father needs her help.  By the next evening she has arrived on a tiny aeroplane in the far north of Norway.  Her father hasn’t come to meet her, instead a huge Viking of a man is waiting … with an unusual form of transport to take her back to the North Pole Forest, where her father is waiting.  His name is Taavi. On the way she gets her first glimpse of the Northern Lights, and is totally enchanted.

I think the author is trying hard to persuade everyone to visit the Arctic circle, her descriptions of all the activities available, and of course the Northern Lights are spot on in conveying the magic.  I have been to Lapland to visit Father Christmas, and also cruised all the way up the Norwegian coast, from Bergen to the Russian border, and back, and can confirm the thrill and the magic of rides on reindeer or husky pulled sledges; and the enchantment of the northern lights

Of course, with all that magic in the air Sasha and Taavi become seriously enamoured of each other, but neither of them intend to do anything about it, their time together will be short.  They are both lost souls who need something to believe in.  Sasha gets more and more drawn into the life there, taking her father home gets less important.

It is a very sweet story, with happy endings for several people.  Some of the letters to Santa, with which every chapter begins are very poignant, some of them have an amazing effect on the story, and I can fully believe that children do write such letters to Santa, the good and the bad!  Jaimie Admans has worked out her story very well. I am sure that if you read it - a trip to the Arctic Circle will be on your bucket list!
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Such a magical story direct from dreams of sugar plums in every child’s head, this was such a festive read.  A jolly old elf, plenty of ho-ho-hos, twinkling lights, jingling bells, romance and reindeer beneath the Northern Lights greet you in this story.  

From a girl who used to love Christmas, Sasha has lost her belief in the Christmas magic after the loss of her mother at age 12 and then the disappearance of her dad who couldn’t make it home for Christmas year after year.  There was always an excuse from her dad who traveled the world on one adventure to another. Then Sasha gets a call out of the blue from her dad.  He’s had a heart attack and asks for her help at the reindeer refuge where he now lives, which is a first.  Sasha, having just lost her job just before Christmas, decides that she needs to rescue her dad and bring him home. Sasha lands in Northern Norway, also known as the North Pole Forest.  How did her dad live here at the North Pole and why was he dressed as Santa?
But Sasha’s dad has a plan for Sasha which involves a very tall Norwegian named Tav who really doesn’t like humans, and to revive the rundown Santa’s village.  Everything is magical from Santa’s grotto, to gingerbread pancakes (ooh, I’d love that recipe) to reindeer who meander amicably everywhere.  Then Sasha discovers the North Pole post office and all the letters children from all over the world write to Santa. She takes it upon herself to answer those to give them hope and good cheer at Christmas time. While it may be below zero and frigid outside, things begin to heat up between Sasha and Tav as Sasha’s heart begins to warm towards anything Christmas. 

I loved all the children’s letters at the beginning of each chapter and was reminded of the innocence of children when they truly believe in magic.  This is a truly warm feel-good holiday story that kept me reading on and on.  The descriptions of Santa’s village and attention to details made the North Pole come alive.  I think every adult and child would want to visit it.  With some comparisons to the movie, The Santa Clause, I can easily see this made as a holiday movie.  So make yourself some gingerbread pancakes, grab a candy cane to stir your hot chocolate, and curl up with this delightful holiday tale. 

Many thanks to #netgalley #thepostboxatthenorthpole #jaimieadmans #harpercollins for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This is a perfect festive read!! Full of everything Christmassy, brilliant Norwegian location and full of lots of Christmas fun!
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This a charming, fun read. It has just the amount of Christmas and magic to make you believe. There are also several laugh out load moments. At a mug of hot chocolate and dive right in.
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I've kicked off my festive reading with what must be the Christmassyiest Christmas book in the history of Christmas books. Festive spirit practically oozes from its pages. If anyone ever asks what Christmas is about, I'm going to point them in the direction of this wonderfully magical story.

There's also a heart-stopping romance with a gorgeously hunky Norwegian, too!
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This book had a lovely Christmasy feel, but unfortunately I kept losing interest often so it took me a while to read. Perhaps if it was a little shorter? Good writing, although it was very predictable.
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Oh holy night, what a book!
Thirty-something Sasha, has lost her sparkle. With no job, no real friends and as another lonely Christmas looms ahead, her, life feels pretty rubbish. 
A phone call out of the blue from her seemingly frail father, sees Sasha jump on a plane to fly to his aid in Norway. 
When Sasha arrives she is greeted by the mysterious and rather handsome Tav. A dog sledge ride later they arrive at her father’s home in The North Pole Forest. 
Sasha intends to bring her father home to the UK, but what she finds is not what she anticipated. 
Her father is running a Christmas themed tourist attraction with igloos, log cabins, Santa's grotto, Santa's house and a host of run-down shops and other attractions. Not forgetting the presence of Tav and his Reindeer sanctuary. 
When Sasha comes across thousands of letters sent to Santa, from children all over the world, events begin to take an unexpected turn.
Will Sasha stick to her plan and bring her father home, or can the magic of Christmas seep into her soul and change her life forever?

At its heart, this is Sasha and Tav’s story. They have both been given a rough deal in life. 
It took a while for me to warm to them both, but as their stories unfold, they both became more likeable and by the end I was totally smitten with them both. 
Their journey together was a slow burn, and written very sensitively to the style of the whole story. 

The other major theme is of course Christmas. Even the most bah humbug of hearts, will warm to the magic of the season after reading this delightful story. 

The setting of the book was simply stunning and written so well, with beautiful descriptions that brought the book vividly to life. 
Norway was never a country I particularly longed to visit, but this book as totally sold it to me, and it’s now on my bucket list. 

I loved the letters to Santa at the beginning of each chapter. They were all so different, some were funny, some were heartbreaking and some were plain bonkers. 

This really is such a magical and heartwarming story. 
You’ll want to put your tree up and don your elf hat whatever time of year you read this festive tale. 

I think this is the best book i’ve read by Jaimie Admans. It’s so well crafted and full of the true meaning of Christmas. 
I’m sure I won’t be alone in thinking that The Post Box At The North Pole would make the most feel good, festive movie. Does anyone have Disney on speed dial?

This book is an absolute must for your Christmas reading. 
Five fabulously festive feel good stars from me. 

With thanks to #NetGalley and #HQ for an ARC of #ThePostBoxAtTheNorthPole by #JaimieAdmans
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Well Jamie admans hasn't failed again. I give this book 5 stars. What a magical Christmas book. 
Sasha lost her mum though a car accident her dad was always away so she had her nan there looking after her. Every Christmas she use to wait for her dad to come home for the holidays but he failed to turn up Every year always had a reason why he wasn't coming. One day out the blue her dad rang saying he had a heart attack and needs her help looking after the reindeer. Sash never been out uk found herself on a plane going to norway. She ends up in the North pole Forrest with her dad and a guy named trav. She had in her mind she be getting her dad to come home after Christmas she didn't realise she end up falling in love with the place and trav. 
This book is filled with so much Christmas magic and love it's definitely a read of you love Christmas
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