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The Post Box at the North Pole

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What a truly beautiful story. From the first page I was hooked. I could see the snow, feel the cold and smell the wonderful food. The descriptions in this book were wonderful and it made me feel very Christmassy, even on a sunny day in October. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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What I Loved
There is so much to love about this meaty Christmas story – from the setting to the theme and everything in between.

The setting is an idyllic winter wonderland called North Pole Forest.  It has a village with Christmas-themed cabins and igloos, a post office to receive letters to Santa, the main building that looks like it could be Santa’s home and workshop, and lots and lots of snow.  I want to live and work there, and I’m not too fond of frigid weather.  I’d be perfect for answering letters to Santa.

The central theme of the story is rediscovering the magic of Christmas.  It’s such a loss when you stop waking up Christmas morning to the wonder and beauty of the Christmas Tree with its lights and all the colorful packages underneath.  That time when you can feel the magic with every part of your being.  Once you become an adult, the magic and wonder that goes with the spirit of giving can be hard to hold onto, but it’s just as important at age 48 as it is at age 8.  The Post Box at the North Pole I about a woman who has long since lost that magic, and her father’s one wish is to help her rediscover it.  

This village also has a reindeer rescue, and those reindeer steal the story from time to time, as do the letters to Santa that begin each chapter.  Both things set the atmosphere and tone to perfection.  

Is there a romance?  What would an adult Christmas story be without a romance?  But the romance in The Post Box at the North Pole is a long building relationship derived from an equally slow building of trust.  This trust-building hits snags as it will, and the two must overcome those challenges.  It’s a very organic and natural relationship, not a troped one.

Sasha is the main character.  She lives in England and walks dogs for a living even though she has let her father think she’s a big hotel manager.  When Sasha loses her dog-walking job, followed by her dad calling and asking for help, she decides to leave everything behind and go to the very northern tip of Norway.  She expects to sell the resort and bring her father back to England with her for his health, but she could have never guessed what she would be walking into.

Sasha is a very complex character with many issues and flaws.  She is so well-developed that it is easy to follow her along on her journey and even enjoy the self-discovery journey.

Taavi is a man with deep scars inside and out.  The North Pole Forest is his refuge.  Learning to trust is not easy for him, and I loved the way the layers of his characters were slowly peeled one by one until the reader gets the full scope of this man and why/how he is where he is.

What I Wish
I wish that everyone who celebrates Christmas has as magical of a holiday as this book has inspired me.

To Read or Not to Read
If you want to rediscover the magic and meaning of Christmas as it was when you were a child, The Post Box at the North Pole should be your first destination in that journey.
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Christmas magic isn't just for children. Sasha receives an unexpected phone call from her estranged father, who is in a reindeer sanctuary in Norway. He says that he has had a heart attack and needs help with running it. Having recently lost her job and so has nothing to hold her at home she flies out to help him with the intention of convincing him to return home with her. When she arrives she is meet by Taavi and taken by a dog sleigh to meet her father. When she arrives this aren't as he said and the sanctuary is actually a failing Christmas themed attraction.
I have previously read and enjoyed books by this author and I wasn't disappointed by this latest one. It is a feel good Christmas story that you could really imagine as a film, not too sentimental but does make you think what Christmas really is all about. The description of the village and in particular the Northern Lights brought the whole thing to life for me and certainly made me wish I could visit. The growing attraction between Sasha and Taavi is central to the story, however the letters to Santa at the start of each chapter also bring that touch of magic in that makes the book.
I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley, however this did not influence my review of the book.
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The Post Box at the North Pole by Jaimie Admans was complete Christmas escapism. If you love Christmas, you will love this book. If you love Hallmark movies, you will love this book. Take two people who both come from a background of loss and all the fear those bring with them, set them in a Santa wonderland in a far northern snowscape, add in regular doses of both the Aurora Borealis and simple gifts of kindness to others, and you have the perfect recipe for hours of cozy reading. This book's pub day is in one more week, and is the perfect addition if you love holiday reading for as long as possible.
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Sasha used to love Christmas as a child, then her mum died and her dad left her with her nan while he travelled the world, she grew up and lost her Christmas spirit.  When her dad phones to say he's had a heart attack and needs her help at his reindeer sanctuary in Norway, she jumps on a plane with the idea of bringing him back home with her. 

Taavi, who is drop dead gorgeous picks her up from the airport in a dog pulled sled and takes her to her dad where things are not exactly how he portrayed. 

I loved the children's letters at the start of each chapter and the descriptive detail throughout is exceptional and really draws you into the book.

This books pulls at all your heart strings leaving you warm and fuzzy inside.  It's an overload on Christmas and it's just wonderful, I loved it!

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ for the ARC
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This is my 1st book by Jaime but wont be my last! Sasha feels she is a disappointment to her Father. He has been distant during her childhood years. When he rings unexpectedly shortly before Christmas to tell her he has had a heart attack and needs her help running a reindeer sanctuary near the North Pole she flies out the next day. Her intention is to help him sell up and return to live with her in the UK. Sasha has not enjoyed Christmases in her past and is shocked to find a deserted Santa themed resort also owned by her Father. With the magic of reindeer, snow, the Northern Lights and a developing romance her life begins to change for the better. I loved this story and highly recommend it to be read at any time of year.
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Jaimie Admans is the queen of heartwarming romance! 

This story will get under your skin and leave you feeling utterly magical. 

Sasha lost her mother when she was young and her father has since been off on numerous adventures, never quite making it home for Christmas. Until this year, when he calls Sasha to ask for her help.

Little does Sasha know that her whole world is about to be turned upside down as she attempts to reconnect with her father and also to under Tav, her father’s employee. 

The story of Sasha and Tav is beautiful and uplifting. It reminds us of the importance of letting people in and taking risks. 

A heart warming, magical tale.
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I would like to thank NetGalley, HQ Digital and Jaimie Admans for the E Arc of this book. 
Sasha hates Christmas, she used to love it but after the death of her mother it has lost its magic. She sporadically hears from her father, so when she receives a phone call from him says he needs her help, she drops everything and travels to Norway to be with him. What she finds is her father being Santa in a Lapland style Christmas Village that has seen better days and is in need of a lot of work. As Sasha gets to know more about her father’s involvement in the village, as well as Taavi (who collected her from the airport in a dog sleigh), she is more certain that the best thing for her father is to come home to the UK. What she doesn’t expect is to be drawn in by bags of letters to Santa that melt her heart and make her want to help. As she helps, she starts to regain her love of Christmas.
This was a delightfully written book, with a Christmas village that you would want to visit, explore and stay at. The characters were well written, made you feel you knew them and the pace of the story was good. 
I can see readers cosied up at Christmas immersing themselves in this story. Would definitely recommend.
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC for an exchange of an honest review. 

Sweet and fun story.  Great read.
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A very cute Christmas romance set almost at the North Pole! There is a reindeer sanctuary, candy cane cottages and a dad that Ho Ho 
Hos his way through conversations whilst wearing braces and stripey socks. The romance between Tav and Sacha is nicely built up with the emotional scars slowly exposed but not made into a huge deal, just part of their growing closeness. The obligatory almost break up before the happy ever after was predictable but still perfectly well managed!
There was a bit too much ‘magic of Christmas’ for me if that doesn’t make me a grinch. Mistletoe and Rudolph but real elves and wishes just crossed my line.
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A fabulous festive read guaranteed to put you in the Christmas mood! I really enjoyed The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane so was excited to read this one, and it did not disappoint. Cosy, festive and heartwarming!
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This is a lovely, feel good story which has totally put me in the mood for Christmas, it makes Norway sound wonderful and really magical, a tale of someone who has fell out with Christmas then with the help of her Dad becomes a believer again. First book by this author and It Definetly won’t be my last. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this copy for my unbiased review.
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Sasha hates Christmas.      She has spent it alone for several years.     Her mother is dead and her father seems to never be able to make it back to England to share the holiday.

Now she has received a phone call from her father.     He had a heat attack, he is in Norway and he needs her help.   

Sasha never travels, but she hops on a plane (actually several planes) and she arrives in Norway, north of the Arctic Circle.

In the airport, she is met by a Norwegian giant (he is 6’ 7”), Tav, who barely speaks.      But, Sasha does understand that they will not be riding in an automobile.      Tav has a dog sled and that is how they will travel to meet her father.

This is a fun story.      There are some slow spots, but it is a wonderful plot populated by lovely characters.

Sasha’s father has purchased The North Pole Forest.     He is Santa Claus for children.      And he is not quite as weak as he sounded on the phone.    The place is in need of money.     There are not enough visitors.     That means there are many things to be done and no staff to do them.

Sasha starts talking immediately about selling up and both she and her father returning to England.    Life does not always go as expected.

The longer she is there, the more she learns to love everything about the place.    There are reindeer.    Tav has a reindeer rescue.       There is a wonderful woman who delivers the mail.   

Most of all there are the letters from the children.       Some of them are simply a list of things they want Santa to bring.       But, many of them are much more important than a list of things.    Sasha begins to read and answer them.      She also learns to love the location, the reindeer and Tav.        

All the while, Tav is explaining to Sasha that there is a magic to Christmas.     There are elves who make magic for people.       There are miracles that happen at Christmas.      Most of all, there is love all around at Christmas.    One simply has to look for the magic and the love.

Sasha learns what we all need to learn.      There is magic at Christmas.    And if we look for it, there is magic every day of the year.      There are people who provide love and that is where the magic is.

I loved this book.      I am a fan of Ms.Admans.      She writes wonderful stories.      This is one of them.

I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley.      I am voluntarily writing this review and all opinions are completely my own.
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Perfect - relationships, romance and Christmas. The recipe for my ideal light read and I really enjoyed this one
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Oh this is a book that just fully tugged at my heart strings.

The setting, the time of year and the all consuming romance.

Perfect festive reading.

I cannot fault Admans' writing, simple yet effective.

Finding myself smiling a lot as I read.

The letters from the children utterly genius (and hilarious).

There's a great balance of emotions contained within the pages and I believe you'd be hard pressed to finish this book without feeling just a little bit of love in your bones.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

Sasha doesn’t like Christmas. It was her favourite time of year, but since her mother passed away, for her, it’s lost the magic. 

Then, she receives a phone call, from her father, whose a bit odd, after which, she’s cleaning the dust off her snow boots.
Her father’s running a Christmas village, Lapland style, in Norway, he’s also been advised to take things easy after suffering a heart attack. 
Sasha wants so much to reconnect with her dad, as he’s never been around, that she books the next flight out there. Having never been anywhere, this is her first time on a plane and that too to the Arctic Circle.
At the airport, Taavi comes to collect her, their mode of transport is a sleigh ride through the snow, the Northern Lights guiding them. 
Uncovering sack loads of mail unopened - they are letters from children and adults to Santa from everywhere in the world, Sasha understands that she can send some magic back by replying to some of the letters.

Will Sasha with Taavi’s help regain the excitement she used to feel about Christmas and find love or is the magic for her, gone for good………

Recommend It
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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this quaint little book

always a big lover of things to do with christmas and this book hits the fact if i could work here i would, it just sounds so magical

sasha isnt a big fan of christmas since her mom died and her dad just went off and never came back..but on this fateful day she takes a phone call that is about to change her life...

and so the magic begins.....

my first book by this author and it wont be my last..
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Thanks to HQ, HQ Digital and Netgalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for a review.

What a wonderful Christmas tale set in the North Pole Forest in Norway and the story of non believer Sasha who answers an SOS call from her Dad - who just happens to be Santa....

Perfect Christmas book.
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Having enjoyed The Little Bookshop of Love Stories and The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane, I looked forward to reading this book.
Another very festive book, reminding us how the traditions of Christmas are more important than the material gifts etc.
Loved the reindeer, the Northern Lights, the helping children after their letters arrived - a reminder of the message of Christmas.
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A lovely Christmas read - it captured the beauty of Norway and the magic of Christmas.  We soon forgot that even if you don't believe it can be magical and you can find love when you're not looking for it and don't feel you deserve it.
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