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The Post Box at the North Pole

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I LOVED this book!!I could put it down and it was definetly got me in the mood for Christmas!I also want to go to Lapland!!
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This is a fantastic Christmas book!
Sasha as a little girl adored Christmas but later after a tragic accident killed her mother she began to loathe that time of year. She really wanted to spend Christmas with her father but he always seemed to be too busy.
Out of the blue, her father requested she came to see him in order to help run his business as he had recently suffered a heart attack. Of course Sasha went and that is where the magic begins. Her father actually lives in the land of ‘Santa’ and has the help from Taavi to try and keep the Christmas spirit alive.
This book will fill you with all the Christmas magic and cheer possible.  I actually felt I would like to move there and experience it all.
This book is not to be missed.
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Oh, holy five star, I LOVED THIS BOOK.

And the award for best chemistry goes to.... Taavi and Sasha. Their relationship is so precious. The moments between them were so intimate and touching - breath taking actually. We have a cynical-stuck-in-a-rut woman meeting a sunshine-with-baggage guy and it is everything you want it to be. 

Aside from the romance, there are such rich descriptions of Santa's house, the workshops and the beautiful Norwegian landscapes. Not to mention the Northern lights! I was enthralled by the festivity! 

This book is one of the best Christmas books I've ever read. It is Christmas with bells on. It is laugh out loud funny, incredibly charming and full to the brim with Christmas magic. This book will warm the hearts of everyone that reads it.
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Well, it will be a while until Christmas, but hey.. this book brought me in the Christmas mood already. I read some of the other reviews and I concur: this should be a Disney Christmas movie!

Sasha doesn't do Christmas anymore. Her father has not been coming home for years while traveling the globe and now she doesn't even set up a Christmas tree. When her dad calls she expects another let down, but no... her father had a heart attack and now needs her help.

I loved this story of Christmas, the letters Sasha send to him over the years, the whole Christmassy feeling!
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I loved this book, Jaimie Adams never lets us down. I could shut my eyes and really picture the Forest, i hope there is another book in this series
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Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to engage early with Christmas!

Unashamedly a huge believer in Christmas magic, I loved the plot of this story where a daughter has allowed the spirit of Christmas to seep out of her, with each passing year of neglect from her grieving father.  It is only when he calls and explains that he has had a heart attack and needs her help, does she wake herself up, dust herself down and travel to his new home, and prepare him for his return to her childhood home. The story weaves festive sparkle through skeptical letters to Father Christmas, a vulnerable giant of a reindeer whisperer and a twinkling lit forest. Embrace the story for what it is, and awaken your own Christmas beliefs and childhood memories whilst curling up with romance and an array of hot chocolate flavourings.
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A truly magical book to lose yourself in.  This has to be one of my favourite Christmas books and I would love to stay in one of the themed lodges watching the Northern Lights while drinking hot chocolate.  There is so much detail of reindeer’s and the Christmas post office where letters arrive for Santa as well as the blossoming relationship between Tav and Sash.  Sash and her father have lost their way in their relationship but the magic of Christmas gives them a chance to talk and heal.  I loved the book and am now looking for other books by Jaimie Admans to enjoy.
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The perfect festive read, one to snuggle up with by a fire, with a mug of hot chocolate and a blanket, and sink into. I love when Christmas books really capture the spirit and the feel of Christmas, rather than just telling a story that just happens to happen at Christmas time, and this was a perfect example of that. It felt exactly like Christmas should feel.... magical.
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My thoughts :

A magical Christmas wonderland transported to Norway and gets you really in the festive mood.

Perfect to snuggle down under the blanket with a hot chocolate.

Loved watching the feelings for  Sasha develop again for Christmas.

Will Sasha open up her heart whilst she's out there and fall for the beauty of North Pole Forest.

Loved this magical read.
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Sasha Hansley hates Christmas, and has ever since her mother was killed in a car crash, and her father, Percy, after recovering from his injuries in the crash, left England. He calls, but he doesn't come home, not even for Christmas, not even when he has promised to do so. Instead, he asks her to join him on one travel adventure after another, and she refuses, having no desire to travel. Sasha occupies her time with one dead-end job after another, feeling unimportant and unvalued. Her father, though, thinks she's now the manager of a major hotel, and turned its fortunes around. She didn't tell him that; it was a misunderstanding when she applied for the job, told him, and he decided that she obviously got it. Now, she feels he's finally proud of her, and can't bear to tell him it's not true.

Right now, she's just lost her latest job, with a dog-walking business, because the owner's sister needed the job.

And her father calls from Norway, sounding old and frail, and telling her that he's had a heart attack. He wants her to come to the Christmas village where he's living and working. He's insistent. He's already paid for her tickets. And he needs her.

The woman who hates Christmas finds herself at the North Pole Forest. It's failing business that her father wants to save--wants her to save, his daughter who turned a major hotel around.

Her father owns it. He bought it from the former owner. His only staff now is Tav, a tall, handsome, powerful, very closed-off man. Not silent; he's full of stories about elves and knowledge about reindeer, and he runs a reindeer sanctuary. He talks about the magic of Christmas and the value of the North Pole Forest for children. What Tav doesn't talk about is himself.

There is something especially charming about the place, even for someone who hates Christmas, but all its income-earning parts except Santa's Grotto are in poor repair, and Tav is trying to do all the repair work himself. Despite her determination to persuade her father to be sensible and sell the property, Sasha finds herself being drawn in to the necessary work, including reading the letters to Santa that still arrive in quantity, and answer the ones where it seems appropriate.

Sasha is also getting drawn in by Tav's reindeer, and by Tav.

But all three of them, Percy, Sasha, and Tav, have secrets, and those secrets are going to collide in an emotional blow-up.

I really enjoyed the story, and the characters. Sasha's feelings of not being important to her surviving parent, and therefore not important to anyone, were all too familiar to me.

Recommended if you enjoy a satisfying, magical, Christmas romance.

I received a free electronic galley of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and Rachel's Random Resources.
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Just what I needed to guide me towards the festive season. Set in the North Pole Forest, there couldn’t be a better place for this Christmas story is full of magic, sparkles, reawakening and a bit of elvish nisse, as they say in Norway. 
The main character, Sasha is in a dead end job, not living her best life when she receives a calls from her mainly absent father. A daughter and father reunited and he turns out to be Santa Claus, not even the Christmas fairy could grant that wish! Alongside this she discovers the other half of her own slightly broken spirit and true romance has a chance to click its magic fingers.
I loved the Christmas spirit and the magic that is woven through the story and twinkles amongst the branches of its beautiful setting. Bring on the festive season, I’m ready now!
Thank you #netgalley and The Post Box at the North Pole.
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This is a cozy, feel good, Christmas family and romance story with a lot of holiday magic sprinkled in.
The story centers around Sasha, who hasn't seen or spent time with her dad in almost five years.  Her life is not at all what she had hoped it would be.  When her dad calls from Northern Norway to say he has had a heart attack and needs her help, she drops everything and goes.  But she never could have predicted what she was about to see and experience.  
Very cute plot, loved the characters and the real life feelings they all had.  My only down side is the story starts out a bit slow and seemed to be a bit repetitive in the beginning.  So glad I stayed with it.  Truly enjoyable, and really gets you in the holiday spirit. 
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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One of my favourite lines in the story...."The happiest people are those who embrace things they love without shame." I absolutely adored this story, it's so full of feel good moments and humour, your heart will be brimming with the magic of Christmas. How wonderful it would be if the North Pole Forest was an actual place, I'd definitely be there!!! Just the themed cabins alone would have me packing my bags to stay in one of them:) 

Sasha and Taavi are so perfect together but they each have their personal issues and it might just take Santa to make things right between them:) I loved how Sasha got into the letters from the children to Santa and started to answer them, as well as send little gifts. I would so enjoy doing that too!! As for Taavi, well he's such a swoon worthy hero and there's not much he can't do!!! All in all, a truly lovely story.

I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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The perfect festive read - a brilliant, magical sleigh ride of a feel good story which made me want to put out the mince pies for Father Christmas and put the tree up. Jaimie Admans has once again written a beautifully romantic story - from the Northern Lights to the Norwegian Christmas traditions this book has all the feels. You can almost smell the cinnamon and hear the reindeer bells with the turn of every page. One of my favourite festive reads for sure.
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I absolutely loved this book! I have read all of her others and get excited when I see she has a new one out.
It’s a proper curl up on a sofa and step into a romantic fairytale type of story, the characters are all flawed in some way but the magic of Christmas sorts everything out! Having spent two Christmases in Finland with my family, the descriptive writing took me straight back, it sounded as perfect as I remember. 
I highly recommend reading this book, just switch off from everyday stresses and get lost in the snow and the magic of Christmas, you won’t regret it!!
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I have read Books by j. Admans before, and really liked them. This book started very slow for me, but It picks up about halfway. I liked the relationship between father and daughter.  I liked the romance between sasha and Tav. It was sweet and warm, but too unbelieveable at some parts. I liked the book, but some parts were a little bit to cheesy for me. A good Christmas book in september
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What can I say other than another excellent book from Jamie.
I loved the story from the beginning to the end and read it in a day.
Sasha after losing her mum years ago and with a dad who makes plans but never upholds them. Sasha feels alone, unloved and on top of that unemployed. An unexpected call from her dad explaining that he has recently had a heart attack and he needs her help, changes everything. Knowing Sasha is a homebody, never going anywhere and doesn’t fly. Her dad books a flight to Norway the next day giving her no chance to say no. Arriving in Norway, getting greeted by dogs and seeing the northern lights is the start of her visit. She always loved Christmas but over the years this has dwindled due to being alone. Never in her life was she expecting to be staying in the middle of Santa North Pole in freezing temperatures with her Dad who thinks he’s Santa with full fluffy beard and costume. Is all as it seems?
Will her Christmas magic reappear?
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Oh gosh!! if you love Christmas (I do) this is the cutest, most magIcally Christmassy read ever, it's set at the North Pole! it has reindeer! I loved it, its so cosy, warm and sweet. 
If you want a warm, magical and festive read you have to curl up with this one, its gorgeous! Sasha's dad is SANTA CLAUS! you can't not love it!
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such a cosy adorable read that swpet me up in the magic of christmas and made me wish I lived in a lapland inspired village and that the cosiness of christmas was all around me. I loved it
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If you're looking for a book filled with snow and reindeers, this is for  you.  Otherwise it's all just a  bit too unbelievable even for a romance novel.  The three main characters are unreasonably broken and flawed in spite of the traumatic backgrounds the author has given them.  The spirit of the book carried me along but I was working very hard to suspend my disbelief.
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