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I feel like this book in theory checks all the boxes of a perfect Christmas read, but in reality it fails to deliver.
It has wonderful winter wonderland scenery, love story, a bit if a drama, estranged father, aurora borealis, reindeers. But in reality even all of these could not save this book from being a bit of a chore. What really disappointed me was the father-daughter relationship and the father in particular. It was sort of resolved in the end, but I hated the father and I wanted him to just roll down the hill and freeze to death. Honestly.
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Officially adding dog sledding through the forest with the northern lights over head to my bucket list! I am loving all of the Christmas books this season that describe the setting with such vivid details! 

The Post Box at the North Pole by Jaimie Admans was an absolute joy to read! This story was filled with holiday charm and I loved everything about it from the setting to the characters. 

As a child, Sasha loved Christmas. But after the tragic loss of her mother it had completely lost it's magic. Her father was estranged from her, always traveling the world. So one day when she gets a call from him all the way in Norway because he has had a heart attack, she decides to make the journey to see him. Turns out he has been running a Christmas Village and on doctors orders to slow down, Sasha -  who would love to reconnect with her father -  is forced to help out. Enter Taavi, a drop dead gorgeous man who is also helping out her father. The chemistry between the two is almost immediate and together, by answering letters to children writing to Santa, they may just be able to capture some Christmas magic! 

This book had everything! A vivid, winter wonderland setting, an adorable Christmas Village complete with Santa's grotto and themed Christmas cabins. Igloos for viewing the northern lights, an actual Reindeer sanctuary and of course, a post office where letters to Santa come from all over the world! And don't forget, the perfect amount of holiday romance! If you are a fan of everything Christmas, this book was a delight and will fill your heart with holiday magic! Add it to your reading list this season because you won't be disappointed!
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Short Review: Sugar, spice, and everything nice. A feel-good cozy Christmas read that will have you believing in love and Santa all over again. 

Long Review: They say don't judge a book by its cover. However, for this book, go ahead and do it. They match perfectly. Completely feel-good and adorable. Just like the characters. 

In this story, we follow Sasha who is down on her luck, just lost her job, and due to sad family history doesn't like Christmas. Then out of the blue, Sasha's estranged globe-trotting father, calls and begs her to come to come to help him at.....the North Pole. You see he's suffered a heart attack and needs her to come to Norway and help save his Reindeer sanctuary/North Pole village. Sasha has her reservations, but agrees and hops the next flight or rather flights to help her Dad. 

What she doesn't plan on is finding children's heart-felt letters to Santa that melt her Grinch heart and her father's handsome right-hand man Taavi. For Sasha and Taavi, sparks fly as bright as the Northern lights. Will that be enough to overcome her past and save the village? 

This book will have you craving hot cocoa, wishing for snow, and wanting a pet reindeer. A perfect holiday read.
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This author had been recommended to me a lot. Not my usual genre of book and not my usual choice to read a Christmas book. However, based on the recommendations, I gave this a go and I am so glad I did. 

The descriptive language made visualising the Christmas village easy. Admans really had got a Christmas Village down to a T. I really want to visit the village she described and I'm usually a bit of a Scrooge. 

It was a typical chic lit - easy to read and full of typical movie style romance. It was a little bit predictable, but I think that's the joy of books like this. I will definitely read more by this author.
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If a book could be a warm hug, then this would be the book. By the time I had finished this book I was packing my bag and mittens to leave for the North Pole, this read was absolutely delightful!  Jaimie Admans is hands-down my favorite Christmas author!
Sasha Hansley hasn’t hasn’t a good Christmas since her mother passed away. Her absent father, who while loves her very much, is always away globetrotting and too busy to come visit on Christmas. This year everything changes though when she gets a call from her father saying he’s ill and needs help running the land he bought also known as “Santa’s village”. Too worried about her father to even question what on earth that means Sasha books her flight immediately and in no time is on her way to the North Pole Forest in Norway to get her dad’s affairs in order and bring him home with her so she can nurse him back to health.
At the airport she's greeted by a tall, handsome guarded man named Taavi and a sleigh of huskies ready to mush her back to her father. When she gets to the village she finds that her ill, old dad isn’t doing quite so bad after all, in fact he’s the villages’ one and only santa that all the town’s children come to visit. Despite having so many little ones visiting him to give him their Christmas list, the former winter wonderland that once was booked solid with reservations is now nearly empty. Sasha believes that this will help her father see that it's best to say goodbye and sell the land quickly, however he doesn’t have the same dream. He sees it as it once was, complete with reindeers, Christmas themed cabins, igloo huts under the Northern lights, baking classes with Ms.Claus and the elves workshop of course!
As the days go on of Sasha staying in the candy cane cabin, she realizes just how lucky her father is to have Taavi and his dedication to the village. She also starts to believe maybe there is still such a thing as Christmas magic as Taavi works hard to fix up the village all around her. As Sasha realizes that Taavi is running everything nearly on his own without a single complaint she searches for some way to help. She quickly finds that Taavi refuses asking for help no matter how tired he is and while he takes care of everything himself, he isn’t one for letting himself be taken care of. While searching for a way to help out, she finds out that the village has an old post office filled to the brim with letters to Santa. Quickly realizing lots of the letters are way more than just a toy wishlist Sasha begins writing responses and while blessing children and their families with a little magic, she too realizes you are never too old for the magic of Christmas.
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This was my first book by Jaime Adman’s and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have read it. I simply loved the relationship between the characters. There was a lot of deep emotion that really drew me in. It was a slow burn type of romance. While it started slowly for me, it really picked up midway through and I had a hard time putting it down! I would’ve loved more of Sasha and Tav.
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Thank you Harper Collins and NetGalley for the ARC, this review is my honest opinion and completely unbiased.

A tale oozing full of Christmas happiness.

Sasha's mother tragically died at Christmas time and the festive season always brings back sad memories for her. She's astonished when her globe trotting, absent father Percy phones from Norway with a plea for help. He's suffered a heart attack and needs her assistance to run his Christmas style village. Sasha has just become jobless and there's nothing to stop her immediate dash to his aid, except she's never flown, before preferring to stay close to home. 

After a long journey Sasha lands at a tiny airfield and is met by a mountain of a man, Taavi, her father's business partner. He conveys her by dog sled through the deep snow to her father's village in the North Pole Forest. 
Sasha intends to convince her father to return to England but when she sees the village she's awestruck by everything Christmassy around her. 

Her father's plan, with the help of Taavi and Sasha, is to turn the ramshackle village once more into a financial success. This will definitely require a plenty of work and Christmas magic.

The author lost one point from me by making Sasha walk around in deep snow for a day wearing trainers. She even chases a runaway reindeer through the snowy forest wearing trainers. No no no. That would be in agony.

Apart from my one complaint this is a Christmas book ideal to give yourself.
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If you are struggling to get in the festive mood this Christmas, then look no further! This book is brimming over with Christmas spirit and magic, so much so, that I felt addicted to it. I absolutely loved this story and it has to be one of my more favourite Christmas reads that I have read this year (ok, we still have several weeks to go before the big day). This was one book that I could not rush through: addicted to the euphoric high that the story gave me, I wanted to prolong this feeling for as long as possible.

Sasha is a sceptic when it comes to Christmas. Having an absent father for most of her childhood, it would seem that her belief in Christmas magic faded with the death of her mother. When her father phones from Norway to say that he has suffered a heart attack, Sasha is determined to bring him back to the UK once and for all, to reunite them as a family and to spend quality time with her aged parent. However, arriving in the North Pole Forest, Sasha is completely unprepared for the magic of such a wonderful place. With plenty of Christmas cheer, Sasha cannot resist the pull of reindeers, wishes and the Northern Lights. In just a few weeks, Sasha comes to question her attitude towards this festive time of year, with a little help of Tav, and soon realises that the magic of Christmas should not just be for the little ones.

I love Christmas and I thought this book had such a beautiful story. I was captured by the writer’s imagination and loved the concept of the North Pole Forest. It sounded like a dream come true! Admans’ writing is vivid and it felt like a child’s Christmas fantasy all in one place. From the themed log cabins, to the workshops and the loveable reindeers, I felt transported to the snowy climes of Norway. It was a book that I loved to snuggle down and read in the evenings because it was so atmospheric, particularly the descriptions of the Northern Lights. All in all, it felt like I was living vicariously through Sasha and her wonderful experiences.

Tav and Sasha develop a growing relationship over the novel; for the majority, the focus is on friendship and not romance. The background of both characters is interesting and I liked watching how Tav eventually grew to trust Sasha. It takes a long time for him to open up and, like Sasha, I also felt worried about all the work he was doing to keep the North Pole Forest open. He is presented as such a loving, warm and genuine character that I really hoped Sasha would be able to help him relax in the knowledge that she was around to support her father. Tall and brooding with floppy hair, Admans has created a true hero of the story and his personality added to the charm of the story.

Each chapter opens with a child’s letter to Santa. They were equally entertaining and sweet. This adds another element to the story as Sasha takes it upon herself to reply to the thousands of letters that are received at the Forest. I looked forward to reading another letter as each chapter began but was slightly disappointed by how long the chapters were – it meant it took quite a while to read these extracts! The letters range from desiring specific, expensive gifts to concerns about Santa’s health, and I loved how they reinforced the magic that children feel at Christmas. It was truly special.

This is definitely one of my favourite Christmas reads this year and I think it is perfect for the week leading up to Christmas. It has so much magic and sparkle that it will have you reaching for the tinsel and mince pies in no time!

With thanks to HQ Digital and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The Post Box at the North Pole
Jaimie Adman’s

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … and the most wonderful Christmassy festive book I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. 

Sasha is a singleton struggling through city life. She dreads every Christmas following her Mum’s death.  Her Mum loved Christmas and Sasha can’t bear to be alone. Her Dad, Percy, promises to be there every year but let’s her down time and time again. But Percy takes A bad turn and Sasha (who hates to travel!) has to go to The North Pole Forest to talk him into coming home…… Sasha slowly falls in love with the magic of Christmas with her new friend Tav along with Percy and some reindeers helping her spread some Christmas cheer. 

What a magical story, I absolutely loved it from start to finish and literally struggled to put it down. Such a feel good festive book that made me want to curl up on a cold night and read it with a hot chocolate in my hand!

The only one thing I didn’t like…. The book ended! I wanted to keep going… I want to know what happens next and have everything crossed for a second story on Sasha, Tav and Percy!

I cannot recommend this book enough! If you’re looking for a few good, festive, wonderful story of friendship, love and all things Christmassy then this is definitely the book for you.
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Nothing makes me happier than snuggling down with a Jaimie Admans book. Particularly a Christmas book. She just manages to make me smile and giggle and weaves Christmas magic into the pages. The Post Box at the North Pole is definitely one of her best yet. The setting was utterly magical and Taavi absolutely to die for. My heart was melting as I fell as much in love with him as Sasha did. This was a brilliant Christmas read and I adored every minute I got to spend with it!
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When Sasha loses her latest job, she finds herself at a bit of a loose end, until a phone call from her Dad finds her on the next flight out to Norway. When she arrives, he is trying to maintain his ramshackle North Pole Forest, but she is detemined for him to sell up and move back home with her. Despite her best attempts though, it seems fate, and a little bit of Christmas magic, have other ideas!

This was a lovely, funny and warm Christmassy tale with some lovely characters thwt will warm even the biggest Grinch's heart!
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What a lovely little feelgood Christmas tale, beautifully written around only three main characters. will admit I did find it a little long winded in some parts, but all in all lovely
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I really enjoyed this book.  The location was so magical and I enjoyed the characters.

Although I received a complimentary copy of this book from HQ Digital through NetGalley I had already bought and read the book by the time I received the complimentary copy.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.  Thank you, HQ Digital
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I really, really loved The Postbox at the North Pole by Jamie Admans. Read in a day I could not put it down. Definitely deserves more than five stars!! Do you believe? Do you look up to the skies on Christmas Eve? After reading this book you will feel all Christmassy and believe in the magic of Christmas.
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A Christmas pick to get us in the mood as the festive seasons approaches.

The Post Box at the North Pole reunites Sasha Hansley with her estranged father and her love for the magic and whimsy of Christmas.

A phone call from her eccentric father results in an unexpected trip to Norway where he’s running a Christmas Village, working as Santa, while he’s meant to be recovering from a heart attack.

Shocked by the cold, the beauty of the northern lights and a desire to reunite with her father – Sash believes the only thing to do is prepare the village to sell. Even if the handsome Taavi Salvesen, owner of the reindeer sanctuary, is single handedly keeping the village afloat and wants to keep it up-and-running.

Then Sash finds the letters to Santa. Thousands of letters from children asking for toys, asking for help for their families or loved ones and generally updating Santa on their lives.

Suddenly, Christmas feels fresh again and the magic seems possible.

What I liked: The story was very sweet and the setting was magnificent. Admans did a wonderful job of giving me all the fun and excitement of a white Christmas – like the first time Sash sees it snowing or when she sees the reindeer escaping the Sanctuary. Everything has the sheen of a magical Christmas experience.

The description of the village 😍. I want to visit and meet Rudolph Number Three, stay in the Candy Cane Cabin and visit Santa’s Grotto. It was described as the perfect mix of festive cheer and good taste – without crossing the line into tacky or annoying.

What I didn’t like: The one problem I had with the Post Box at the North Pole was the characterisation speed. Tav is described as a bit taciturn, untrusting of people and devoid of expression and the very next morning he’s singing carols and slipping pancakes. The character development felt a little rushed, it also meant that the usual relationship tropes (misunderstanding, unintended betrayal) feel forced into the narrative – but it’s an easy thing to get over when you focus on the story itself.

Conclusion: A lovely snowy Christmas tale to enjoy with a glass of wine by a twinkling Christmas tree.
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Sasha has just been sacked…..and then her Dad, who she hasn’t seen for years, calls to tell her he’s recently had a heart attack.  He’s living in Norway, running a reindeer sanctuary by himself and REALLY needs her help.  Despite the fact that she’s never flown before, and she hates Christmas she agrees to fly out and help….. When she arrives and is met at the airport by a somewhat grumpy, but gorgeous giant of a man and taken to her Dad by Reindeer Slay, she wonders what she’s let herself in for.  Determined to get him to sell up and return home, she knows she has a battle on her hands.  The reindeer sanctuary is much more than that – a lapland style resort, and she’s blown away when she finds the abandoned post office full of letters to Santa.  As she starts reading them she realises how important Christmas is to kids and hopes she can add a little magic to those that needs it.  But will she find her own Christmas spirit and believe in the magic of Christmas again?

I absolutely adored this.  As I said above, this is definitely up there and in the running for my favourite of the year.  This has pretty much everything I love in it – Christmas, reindeer, Santa, snow, festive food, Christmas magic and romance. I didn’t want to put it down EVER! I wanted to live in Norway (and even had the conversation with my husband!), visit the reindeer, make snowmen, eat the food, drink hot chocolate and watch the northern lights in an igloo.  It’s literally the most magical book and I could feel it seeping out of every single page.

I knew I was going to love this from the very first line, it pulled me in straight away and made me want to dive in.  Each chapter begins with a letter to Santa from a child and it will bring out all your emotions.  As Sasha reads through them, I was laughing with her and crying.  There is so much emotion in this book and if you can get through this without a least one tear then well done to you!

Sasha, her Dad and Tav are the most amazing characters.  Sasha is so caring and thoughtful but has her own insecurities.  Tav is brooding and grumpy at first but slowly, as she spends more time with Sasha, starts to open up and its so heartwarming to read.  Watching their friendship unravelling into something more is just wonderful.

If you love Christmas you will absolutely adore this book.  There is Christmas magic in every page and it will blow you away.  Honestly, I could carry on writing about this all day but it would be the longest review ever! So what I will say is, if you want a massive dose of Christmas magic in a beautiful, heartwarming and amazing story with the loveliest characters, then you NEED to check this out.  I’ll be buying this for myself in paperback as I NEED this on my shelf to read every year.  I honestly cannot recommend this enough.  An absolutely magical wonderful tale – highly highly recommended my me…..NOW GO AND GET IT!!!
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The Post box At The North Pole brings you back to a time where you still believed in magic.

Jaimie Admans sprinkled her story with the holiday spirit, her writing was enticing and her depictions so real it feels like you are under the enchanting spectacle of the northern lights.

Sasha has just lost her latest dead end job when her father calls her from Norway asking her to join him at the North Pole Forest. When she arrives she only wants to shut down the Christmas village and take her faher back to Britain, but fate has other plans for her. Sasha meets Tav, the handyman and the reindeer saviour, who will help her to find again the Christmas magic.

Sasha and Tav are strangely drawn to each other, even if the first is disillusioned and the latter maybe believes in magic too much. They are lovely and it was a pleasure to see them grow and change little by little at every turn of page. Their relationship is heartwarming and it was a pleasure to follow them in their journey.

If you want to read just one Christmas book this year choose this one, you won't regret it.
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A 5 star review from me for this Christmas tale.
 Full of important things that many of us strive to have. I clouding love, helping others, making memories, friendships and  above all Christmas cheer.
Thanks to#NetGalley for the advance copy in return for an honest review
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Possibly one of the best Christmas novels i've ever read. 
If this isn't made into a film it would be a travesty.
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Jaimie writes the best Christmas books ever. I thought the Nutcracker one was great but this one was even better. 

They really put you in the Christmas spirit. No matter what time of the year you read them! 

I love Christmas books where snow and lodges and involved. 

The characters were excellent. A truly lovely story all round. Thank you so much.
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