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The Post Box at the North Pole

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I adore books by Jaimie Admans, especially her Christmas releases, and this new festive read did not disappoint!  In it we meet Sasha, who travels to Norway to help out her father, owner and Santa at a Christmas themes village.  Throw in letters to Santa, magical elves and a silent and brooding love interest and you have all the ingredients for a magical heartwarming treat.  Every year I think *this* is Jaimie’s best Christmas book yet, and then every year she beats her own record.  If you like made for tv Christmas movies, you need this hug of a book in your life this holiday period. Don’t miss out!
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If you are looking for a fabulous Christmas feel good story this is a must read., the Northern lights, snow, reindeer, childrens letters to Santa , Christmas  and a lovely man, what more could you want ?
I loved it
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I really loved this special festive read! Great characters, great story, amazing setting (it’s now on my travel bucket list) and just a really special, feel good story! The perfect book to curl up with on a winter afternoon!
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This was a fabulously festive read, and had all the makings of a Hallmark movie. It was just the thing I needed to read as we head into the winter season. 

The characters that Jamie has created in this book are full of warmth, love and create a perfect, cosy heart-warming novel. 

I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, so all I'll say is, this is the perfect Christmas treat to curl up with my the fire. Another wonderful read from a talented author.
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This is such a special festive read! Set in northern Norway, it has all the ingredients for a Christmas book. At the North Pole Forest, you will find lashings of snow, forests, the northern lights, reindeer, elves, Father Christmas himself and all the sounds and smells you associate with the season, right down to the delicious hot chocolate and pancakes. I loved the story. It is so warm and uplifting and captures the spirit of the Christmas season. Kindness and helping others are in the DNA of the place.

    It is the perfect setting for a festive romance. I loved how every chapter started with a letter to Santa. The letters captured the innocence of the children who had sent them and were full of humour. Tav is an interesting character with a few secrets in his past and the chemistry he shared with Sasha was off the scale. Sasha and her father's relationship has some issues to work through but her love for family causes her to take a massive step outside her comfort zone when she travels to North Pole Forest. It may need a bit of TLC, but enough Christmas magic to capture your heart.

In short: An enchanting Christmas read
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Easy read and a bit predictable but very enjoyable. Life turns around for Sasha when she dashes to the North Pole Forest to help her Dad. A strong, silent, handsome Norwegian, the Northern Lights and lots and lots of letters to Father Christmas. There's even a couple looking to find each other when their eyes met the year before.  The book captured the magic of Christmas and who doesn't need that?
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For everyone who still looks to the skies on Christmas Eve and hopes to see something magical.

Well, it was a tough ask but this is definitely on a par with, if not better than, Jaimie’s previous Christmas release. I’m not sure how any other seasonal book I read this year will top it.

I devoured the book very quickly as I found it quite unputdownable, and I finished it feeling bereft that it was ending and I was having to leave the North Pole Forest.

This is a sparkling and touching book where the warmth of the characters, their homes and hearts juxtapose the cold and brutal setting. That’s not to say these characters are perfect, as they’ve certainly got their issues that they need to overcome and grievances to face. Sasha is a reliable, generous character but she is also lacking in self-confidence and self-belief, which results in some sticky white lies in an attempt to make her father proud! Her father, is a proud old man who still seems to be struggling to find his place in the world. Tav is an independent, stubborn man but is also the most hard-working, thoughtful and beautiful man you’re ever likely to meet (real or fictional!). I just adored these lively, relatable characters.

“The lights above are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I have an overwhelming feeling of emotion. This is something I never, ever imagined I’d see in my lifetime…”

This is just one of the stunning descriptions in this book of the beautiful North Pole Forest setting. I don’t really know if this is a ‘real place’, but during reading this book I definitely felt transported to this magical, icy wonderland. Jaimie is clearly a talented storyteller and creator or perfect Christmas settings!

The story itself also carries you along and I definitely found myself lost in it. It is an emotional rollercoaster, a romance in some senses but also a beautiful exploration of home, identity, family, relationships, love and the meaning and relevance of Christmas in the 21st century.

“I’ve always thought that happily every after begins with happily – you’ve got to be in the right place to find it.”

If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I absolutely would as I adored it from start to finish. I would recommend this book to fans of festive fiction from authors such as Milly Johnson and Sarah Morgan.
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This book is absolutely delicious and I am so glad that I got to read it. The opening to the book did not slightly hint at the way that the story was going to go. I didn't want to put the book down.... falling in love with reindeer, and with Christmas again. 

It was inspirational and thought-provoking when Sasha finds the Post Office and what happens there. answering  children's letters to Santa and what they want to happen over Christmas or in the future.  

You cannot fail to want to snuggle up with one of the Christmassy breakfasts or coffees and keep reading. 

Can I go and see Santa now?
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The Post Box at the North Pole is a really lovely festive read with believable characters in a setting so well described it was magical. A definite feel good novel.

My thanks to netgalley and the publishers for my copy.
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This book was amazing, so beautiful and magical. I’ve fallen in love with Tav and can see why the book is a new favourite.
Sasha is a bit fragile, she has low self worth and when she receives a call from her Dad telling her he now lives in the Northern Norway village on a reindeer reserve but has had a heart attack it takes her all she has got to go to him.
She finds her self in a magical place with magical people.
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I loved this book. It’s everything you’d expect from a festive story and more.  It certainly put me in a Christmassy mood and I felt wrapped up in magic. 
The story is about Sasha who finds herself heading to the North Pole Forest to help her dad after hearing he had a heart attack. Sasha and her dad have a strained relationship. He is usually travelling the world and avoiding ever going home, especially at Christmas. She is greeted by Tav (a handsome man who works for her dad) who believes in Christmas magic and spirit. He cares for all the reindeer. 
Sasha can be described as a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas but could all that change when she spends time with her dad, Tav and after she spends time working in the post office.
This is such a heart warming novel. The characters are perfectly written, flawed but relatable. There is fantastic chemistry between Sasha and Tav. 
The backdrop of this wonderful story is amazing. I literally want to visit and stay in candy cane lodge. I was able to conjure up serene images of the North Pole forest. I felt the cold, I saw the snow and I smelt the cinnamon. 
This may be my first Admans novel but it definitely won’t be my last.
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I love Christmas books set in the traditional Christmas countries with lots of snow and hot chocolate and that feel good Christmas feeling and this did not disappoint!  From Santa's workshop and reindeer to the Northern lights, this book had me looking up flights to Norway in Winter and planning next year's holiday to a Christmas country!

Lots of good characters and lots of magical feelings.  A great festive read.
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Hallmark should be drooling over this book as I feel this could be their next christmas blockbuster. This book has the true meaning of christmas throughout. It is well written and I will definitely be reading this again as the festive season approaches.

The book starts with a typical scrooge feeling. Sasha Hansley lost her mother tragically and with losing her she lost her christmas spirit. Christmas magic is in her past even though as a child it was her favourite time of the year. Then she loses her job. Yep, you got it, she's at a lose end and doesn't know what to do. Then suddenly a call from her father who she rarely sees because he is always travelling on a new adventure. He has just suffered a heart attack and needs help.

He runs a Lapland style christmas village in Norway. Now for the snow, forest and views. Spectacular.

I can't tell you much more because it would not only spoil the story for you but also the christmas magic.

I have never read this author before but I will certainly be doing so in the future. Everything you need to truly believe is written on these pages.
Go on, spoil yourself. Give it a go. You won't be disappointed.  The book gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and puts you in the christmas mood. If it ever gets made into a movie I'd watch that too.

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I nearly wrote this when I was only half way through the book as the magic of Christmas was all there and the feeling was wonderful. I am glad that I waited as the magic continued but there was a twist to come. This is a real WOW story and one that is crying out to be read and enjoyed, I am sure you will feel the same way as I did. Well worth a great deal more than the 5 stars I can give this, grab a copy and curl up with a hot chocolate or a nice glass of wine.

Mant thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this e ARC
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When you pick up this book be prepared to be swept away in pure Christmas magic. I absolutely love books by Jaimie Admans and her Christmas book is always special and this year it is even more festive and magical than last year.

When Sash arrives to visit her poorly Dad she has no clue she is walking into a real winter wonderland complete with reindeer, Santa's workshop and a mysterious elf. From Sasha's arrival you are just swept along under the gorgeous glow of the Northern Lights as against the odds she starts to feel the magic of where her Dad has chosen to settle.  

A story rich in fantastic characters with the themes of candy canes, nutcrackers and steaming hot chocolate just as you would expect to find in a festive read by Jaimie Admans. Without a doubt one of my favourite reads by this author, it just sweeps you along in the magic of Christmas and leaves you with a gigantic gap as if you've lost a friend when you reach the end.
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Sue Moorcroft is fast becoming a favourite author of mine. This is a proper belter for the achristmas period. It is part of a series but this is my first visit to Middledip, and I am sad I haven't found these books earlier.
 We see Laura returning to her childhood home, in Middledip, to help Rea, her sister who is struggling badly. Her mental health is not good and her daughter Daisy is experiencing problems at school. Rea is unable to deal with the problems or her daughter, so Laura makes a difficult decision and goes to Rea's aid. 
 Laura has avoided returning before this issue due to traumatic events in her last year of school. Since then she has kept away. She is very aware that she will see her first love at some point, Gray...and that's not something she is looking forward to. 
 Sue Moorcroft has written such a lovely story. One that doesn't shy away from sensitive issues but meets then head on. I like that in a novel. The author has dealt with these things very well. An emotional story wrapped up with Christmas too. I thought the characters well drawn, with them all being strong and unique. The issues they bring to the book only serves to give them a greater depth and they felt so real I felt I could be one of them. 
 Daisy, Rea's daughter plays her own part within these pages too, which is a bit of a tricky one to say the least. 
 The underlying message is one of forgiveness and what it takes for someone to truly forgive others. We see some of the characters in this story being more about exacting revenge as they feel they deserve to get that chance, it also shows us that revenge is not always the better path. 
 The one thing I discovered about Sue Moorcroft books is that whichever book you read, you always come away with a little smile on your face, it's almost like being home when you read these books.  I didn't want to leave these characters the only saving grace is...I have more Sue Moorecroft books to read yet! 
 Thanks to Rachel's Random Resources and Avon and NetGalley for the copy of the book
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Oh heck! What a Christmas novel, it’s like a perfect festive movie, full of cheer, snow, emotion and everything I love about them.  Not only is the stunning location a character itself and I could imagine myself there happily Sasha is easy to relate to and Taavi with his childish wonder at the Christmas season took my breath away. I loved the descriptions of the North Pole village and as the story unfolded my love for it grew but it was the chemistry between Taavi and Sasha, and her troubled relationship with her father that drew me in. I needed to know how things could be resolved. 

Despite being full of warmth, festive spirit and sprinkled with the magic of nisse, there is an undercurrent of deep emotions, secrets and darkness throughout. Without this depth, the idyllic nature of the scenery and theme of this novel could have veered towards sickly sweet but instead was a joy to read. 

 I’ve still have a few festive books in my stash but this is an exquisite journey to a magical place with a swoonsome love interest and realistic heroine to relate to. With a stunning location that oozes the seasonal magic, this is pure Christmassy escapism with romance, family drama and Santa. It  has to be one of my top festive books on my forever shelf and I’ll be visiting Taavi, the nisse and the North Pole again and again.
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I don’t think you could really get any more festive than this feelgood story, it’s full of snow, hot chocolate and the spirit of giving. I think North Pole Forest is going on my list of fantasy locations I’d love to visit but I suppose the only problem would be getting me to leave! It’s as much about a dad/daughter relationship as it is a romance, and I just loved it, definitely gave me the warm fuzzies!
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I'm not big on the festive season per se but I adore Christmas reads for some reason. I think it's because you get all of the Xmas feels but without any of the hassles! The Post Box at the North Pole by Jaimie Admans was right up my street. The author has written a beautifully romantic story - from the Northern Lights to the Norwegian Christmas traditions this is a magical tale and you can almost smell the mulled wine and hear the reindeer's jingling bells with each turn of the page. One of my favourite festive reads so far this year.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from HQ Digital via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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I'm thinking that Lapland is a must for Christmas rom-com :) A sweet, festive and heartwarming Christmas stories that made me smile and root for the characters.
The descriptions are vivid and there's a film-like quality to them. The characters are well developed and likeable.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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