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The Most Courageous Sailor in the World

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Well-illustrated book! The story is precise and interesting. I like the sailor's character and I also like the main protagonist and her quest for bravery. This theme is quite inspirational for young readers and it is well-complimented by the pictures. I also loved the exploration of mythical element of sea creatures, especially how the sea monster actually mimics a Aladin's genie. Overall, it is an adventurous read!
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Thank you so much to Chouette / Crack Boom Books and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Zoe is fascinated by the sea captains stories but terrified of doing it herself. The sea is too scary for her from all the sea captains stories. Then he tells tales of an elixir to help you always be brave. She sets off on an adventure to find that elixir and be scared no more. 

It’s so sad this was rushed it was really cute, but the sea adventure part was so rushed and didn’t give us much detail at all. I would have loved a few more pages so it could have told more of her battles with the sea creatures she came across. 

The story was really sweet though, she became brave without even thinking about it, so determined to not be scared anymore she set out and literally faced her fear and didn’t think twice about it until she was where she wanted to be. 

I liked that there were a few mythology facts at the end also, always good to learn about different myths and legends.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the advanced electronic copy of this book. This beautifully illustrated book is about a girl names Zoe who was afraid of the sea so after hearing about a bravery elixir from the old captain, she went to the end of the oceans to get it only to learn that “true courage is daring to make the journey.” Along the way, we “meet” the Loch Ness monster, pirates, and the guardian of the bravery elixir. I really enjoyed the beautiful illustrations that greatly added to the story.
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Story and illustrations by author known for his illustrations.
The illustrations are clear, fun, and colorful. The storyline is simply that you never know what you can do until you try, even if it means waiting for what seems a long time. Loved it!
Excellent for ESL.
I requested and received a free temporary ebook from Chouette Publishing/ CrackBoom! Books via NetGalley. Thank you!

"Do you know what owl is in French?" Chouette. It also means nice, lovely.
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I loved this story! It is essentially a tale of the ruby slippers. In The Most Courageous Sailor in the World, a girl named Zoe challenges and tests herself in order to obtain the key to great courage, but it turns out she had courage in spades all along. The illustrations were vibrant and imaginative, illustrating Zoe's drive, tenacity, and the hard work she put into her goal. This story has a wonderful lesson about finding what you need inside yourself, rather than searching for it elsewhere.
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Overall a good book and easy read for children.  The premise of the story centers around a brave and determined little girl called Zoe, who has a fear of the sea but challenges herself to become The Most Courageous Sailor in the World.  Each page is primarily made up of detailed illustrations with a few lines of narrative. A lovely story for children on overcoming fear, visualizing and having adventures.  Thanks to NetGalley and Chouette Publishing for an advance copy of this book.
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The illustrations were really cute, I just wish there was more visible diversity in them. The story overall was okay but didn’t really draw me in. I did like seeing all the different creature that popped up though.
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Zoe's (our titular character), journey to becoming the most courageous sailor in the world, starts with a story from an old sailor returning from a long journey. It was of the a magic bottle with an elixir that would make one the most courageous sailor in the world, the catch was that it was located at the end of the oceans. 
Zoe decides that she wants to embark on this journey to get the elixir, as she has always been afraid of the sea and she wants that to be over.
This is a great story for showing children that fear should not be a deterrent to going after something that they truly want.
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Zoe is an ordinary girl and love to be with her imagination. When the old captain is telling a story about the incredible of sea, she's become interested and curious.

Then, come the story about an elixir in the magic bottle.

For a girl that don't really brave enough to face a sea, I quite impressed by Zoe. She's challenged herself to defeat a sea dragon and pirates until she reaches her destination, the very end of all of the ocean. She found the magic bottle. After she drinks, like a magic lamp, there's a gurdian of the bottle. He's surprised by Zoe's courage yet approved. He said, true courage is daring to make the journey.

I tought it's just a dream that Zoe's have but she's truely facing the obstacles like an experienced sailor. I'm quite adore by her braveness.

The illustration is brilliant too. Imagine if this is a pop-ups book. I give 5 ⭐.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.

Watch out for this publication on December 7th!
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Pleasant and nicely pictorial story of a young girl, determined to get to the end of all the seas of the world, find the legendary elixir there and become the bravest boat captain of all – even though up till now she's always been afraid of the briny.  Of course, the moral is 'to dare is to win', or 'to try is to achieve' - she doesn't need the elixir, with the journey proving her courage all along.  It's a very easy read, with only a couple of sentences per page, but the design of the monsters is fine, and the spread showing the boat graveyard she sails through will be most memorable. In fact, if the switch in the girl from curious sceptic about the seas to a determined sailor was at all realistic, this would get a very high mark indeed.
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"The Most Courageous Sailor is an amazing book filled with breathtaking illustrations. The story begins with a Sailor spinning tales of the sea. Zoe, the main character is inspired by the old man's stories to sail the seas where she meets monsters and perseveres. The book is a wonderful tale of hope, determination, and adventure. The perfect book for young readers and even adults looking to find a little bravery in their lives!
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