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Christmas at the Village Sewing Shop

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What an amazing story. The thought of spending a whole book in a crafting shop sewing was what drew me in, I love quilting. Seeing the quilt take shape throughout the book was lovely and having the whole process explained and described really made me feel part of it. 

The three sisters each had a guilty secret that was eating at them, finally they get to share it with each other and mend past broken bridges. Fern was able to take a hard look at herself and her life and make changes that allowed her husband Everett to feel more an equal partner, and rekindle their love for each other. 
Daisy and Ginny are finally able to open their hearts to the possibility of a happy ever after and find true love. 

Returning to Lantern Square was wonderful too, seeing all the Christmas lights and the yarn bombing was amazing. 

A wonderful festive family read.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

Loretta runs the loves village sewing shop in Butterbury and she absolutely loves it. She’s got some lovely memories of stitching material pieces together with her three daughters, each having their own ideas, as well as listening to their hopes and dreams.

This Christmas, it seems the family is growing apart, Fern feels like she a failure being a mother and in her marriage, For Ginny, she loved her job as a midwife with a passion, but that passion looks like its not as much as it used to be. Daisy, she so wants to prove that she’s not like she was in her young days. But it’s Loretta, whose hiding something that could change everything……….

The three sisters are together after years apart, to make a new quilt, and they slowly begin to talk, of what’s happening in their lives and what happened in the past that made them grow apart.

As secrets are revealed by Loretta, will the sisters still be able to complete the quilt and and their family? 

Highly Recommend This Book.
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Christmas at the Village Sewing Shop is a beautiful, emotional story about the strength of family and knowing when to ask for help. 
I loved the relationships between Daisy, Fern and Ginny. They’d been through so much and when pulled back together that Christmas, I loved seeing how the three of them got together. The story of their quilting was one that resonated with me and brought back my own memories of my mum sewing. 
The village of Butterbury sounded idyllic especially with the Christmas festivities in full flow. 
As always Helen Rolfe has written a heartwarming story and I’d recommend completely.
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Oh I loved this book! I didn't realise how invested I was in the story until I felt the tears running down my cheeks at the end. A wonderful piece of Christmas fiction that I didn't want to end. A village I would happily return to again and again.

The characters are loveable, thhe sewing shop sounds divine and the village has such a community feel, it's making me smile just thinking about it. 

Absolutely 5 stars from me!
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The writer had made a lovely setting for the story in the village of Butterbury. The sewing shop seems to be the centre for the family. Love it when family comes together and secrets are revealed. Perfect Christmas read in October, getting you ready for all the festivities to come.
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With grateful  thanks  to netgalley and  Helen Rolfe for an early copy in return for an honest opinion. 
Helen  smashes it once  again, 
The Cosy setting Of Butterbury  is the setting  for a fabulous  Christmas  tale, its quite a family affair this year at the butterbury
Sewing  shop.
Loretta  has decided  she needs her girls altogether  this year so by hook and by crook  she has Fern Ginny and Daisy home all under one roof for a few weeks what is her ulterior  motive you may ask all is revealed  along with family  secrets  that some have known about  but said nothing.
Lantern Square  is looking absolutely  splendid  and all ready for the festivities, I just totally  adore this tale of its okay not to be okay and ask for help if you need it, this book flowed seamlessly  from beginning to end  and a few tissues  might be needed in the process  outstandingly beautiful and poignant.
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This is such a sweet little festive book. With so many characters, this could have been confusing trying to get your head round who was who and what their connection was, but Helen has made it very concise that it is clear what’s going on. The three sisters, Daisy, Ginny and Fern, are so different, but have enough shared history and characteristics that it’s clear they’re sisters, even if they have had their differences. The other characters of Loretta, Ivor, Lucas, Joshua, Carrie, Harry, Everett, Jacob and Cooper all bring their own individual personalities to the book to make the sisters’ lives in Butterbury just that little bit more interesting.

As someone who lost her father young, and just before Christmas, I know how difficult those days, weeks, months, even years of grief can be, especially when the remaining family members are all together for big occasions, such as the festivities. It’s hard to accept they’re gone and that you’re new future is the new normal. And whilst, the family in this book through slightly different circumstances than myself, I think Helen has got a really good grasp on how to depict different ways to cope with grief without being over the top or insensitive.

I love the setting of a haberdashery! I have always loved sewing machines and fabric and playing around with the idea of making my own soft furnishings and clothing. And then I remember I can barely use a sewing machine to sew a straight line let alone anything else. But I can really appreciate the magic that comes with browsing a sewing shop, touching all the fabrics and losing yourself in the wonder of it all. That combined with the inevitable feeling of magic and wonder of Christmas time, I think this is a beautiful book that, whilst touching on some difficult subjects, shows that underneath everything, family really is the most important gift of all.
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