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Tiny Fox and Great Boar Book One

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The concept of forest animal friends intrigued me, and the fact that the book has 3 short stories in one.  However it was hard to envision the audience, as the text was written graphic novel-style, the sentences weren't necessarily for a beginning reader, yet the stories were truncated and more geared toward beginning readers.  The illustrations were well-done, but somewhat surrealist in style, with lovely art in tones of browns and oranges.  The characters weren't necessarily memorable and their adventures were not that exciting.

I think this one was a miss for me, but may work as a high-low reader.
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I read this book with my four-year-old daughter and I thought that it was great!

I loved the themes of the book and the underlying messages of trust and friendship, working together and taking chances.  

We read the book in the different sections over a few nights.  She did enjoy it but I think I was actually more impressed but I think if she was a little older the book would probably be a lot better and she would get more of the themes but she thought it was a good story so that really is all that matters – she loves books and stories and I love any that grab and keep her attention.

The illustrations were perfect for the book, quite simple in a way but very effective.

It is 4 starts from me for this one – highly recommended and looking forward to book 2 now!
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This is a fun little book. There are simple lessons mixed in, but mostly its fun adventures. I really liked the art style and found it fun and engaging. Great for early readers.
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SO many wonderful lessons in this sweet little book! The illustrations were darling, and the message of supporting those in your life was an important one. I enjoyed that rather than being told what they needed to learn, the characters lived and learned and reflected on what the experience had taught them. My son enjoyed the facial expressions of the characters and enjoyed their interaction. The style of the book was appealing, with an almost comic book layout. Overall, this book was sweet and amazing. It would make a great bedtime book.
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Tiny Fox and Great Boar is part picture book part graphic novel.  The format is that of a graphic novel/ comic book as well as the length.  However, the prose and art is more akin to a picture book.  The artwork is delightful and fun.  The use of color is a fantastic example of how to convey emotion and changing seasons.  The message in the book is that of being a good friend, confronting challenges, being brave, and working together.  

This book is a great example of how simple prose can still be well done and not simplistic.  Children and adults will enjoy this adventure.
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I got this on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

This is such a great story about learning to share your life with others! I also like how it didn't make it seem all sweet, but that it shows compromises, the Tiny Fox and Great Boar working on their friendship and changing their minds! I really liked the story, and the art was beautiful!!!
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This is such a charming story. I love the illustrations and the colour palette. The characters are lovely, and the lessons to be learned are priceless. Good work!
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One lovely autumn day tiny Fox is hanging out under his favourite tree.  He lives a solitary life where he is happy and very glad to do things he loves to do solo.  Along comes a Great Boar who decides he too would like to stay under the same tree!  Little Fox finds it hard to share his time and space with this intruder. 

As time goes by Great Boar disappears and little Fox has no idea where he went.  He begins to miss his tree-mate and comes to the conlusion that it's more fun having someone there with him than being alone. 

Finally Great Boar reappears and he too confesses that he missed little Fox.  They realize that life is better together, rather than apart.  The now two friends help each other to be brave and co-exist.  They  now experience the world and all the adventures it has to offer as a duo.  

The watercolour illustrations are beautiful and the format of this first book in the series is create in a graphic novel, comic book style.  I love the tender,  positive message and I look forward to more books by this talented author/illustrator.  I highly recommend "Tiny Fox and Great Boar Book One:  There! "
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I really loved this sweet story, but the illustrations looked more like sketches although other reviewers considered them quite 'unique'. The colour palette is beautiful though.
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A sweet beginning graphic novel about friendship and trying new things. Fox thinks he likes being alone, until boar leaves. Makes me think of my kids. Little brother's are always annoying, until they're gone.
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Tiny Fox was all alone. Then Great Boar came. Along with came little life lessons on topics like how things are often better with a friend, how to share, how to make decisions that benefit the group, and how to rely on each other for encouragement. Each chapter of this book is whimsically illustrated in warm earthy tones that reinforce the gentle, almost serene feel. While this book lacks the humor or adventure that many popular children's books focus on, its quiet charm makes it an excellent choice for peaceful children who are just beginning to become confident readers.
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Tiny Fox and Great Boar is a story of an introverted fox who learns how to share his life and forms a deep connection with a boar. Winter comes and they learn how to overcome the hardships together and even though they have a fight, they realize that they don't want to be apart. I really loved this and especially loved the watercolor inky illustrations. 

Thank you to netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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We couldn't wait till bedtime so read this immediately. Beautiful book ,fabulous illustrations and the story is so heartening and positive. Presented almost as a comic strip format and so easy to read. The positivity surrounding friendship, togetherness and bravery are simply but beautifully presented. This is certain to become an instant classic. Loved it !
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This was a cute illustrated book of friendship, curiosity and courage. It felt comforting, despite dealing with some less pleasant topics and overall it was sweet and I enjoyed the art
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A delightful tale about two friends who learn to share and rely on each other. The illustrations are consistently beautiful and appealing for children!
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Tiny Fox and Great Boar
Book One
by Berenika Kolomycka
A Review

*Thank you to Netgalley and Oni Press to providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review!*

“Together is always better.” 

This was a charming and simple story of the steps to friendship, that touches on loneliness and loss, adventure and overcoming fears. Everyone needs a friend, like the boar who only wants the best for you and pushes you past your fears, in to beautiful and lush new pastures.

The range of colours that the watercolor illustrations have are very inviting and warm.

My favourite scene is that of them on the lake with the brilliant moon and glittering stars, shining down on them. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this story and can see it becoming quite a fave with the little ones! I was really happy that this is book one of what I hope will be a lovely series!
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Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, loved it so much , I am tiny fox agonising over every detail ! Never mind being aimed at young readers, this is a great read together book, it’s going to enthrall child and adults alike. Like me over the last year Tiny Fox realises how important  friendship is, I loved the expressions on both tiny fox and great boar, they make the story, the illustrations are so fantastic. 100% recommended 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Delightful. I fell in, love with these friends. 

Tiny Fox is content in his valley home under the apple tree until the day Great Boar shows up. What? You mean I must share my things? This  is hard at first after all he’s been the only child his whole life, ,well so far. It doesn’t take Fox long to realize a friend makes life  more fun. 

Tiny Fox and Great Boar is a short graphic novel aimed at young and beginning readers. This is actually two books in one with the first about  Tiny Fox agonizing over every new change. Great Boar entering his neat little works  is a disruption, but soon enough he is sure doesn’t want live his life  without a friend's help ; should he cross the road, pick a direction, or stay under the apple tree? Oh what monumental problems! . But it goes to show how having  a friend can help one through such issues. 

The next book within the same book is entitled Together where they find a scarf as the seasons begin to change. This one is just as charming as the first instalment. 

I look forward to more adventures of Tiny Fox and Great Boar just as I have enjoyed Frog and Toad by Lobel for years and years.
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Something that I can surely say is  - it's gripping! I did not keep this down until I finished the whole story. Read it out to my niece too & she loves the tiny fox. 

1. A graphic book
2. The fox is cute
3. The flow of the story is so natural
4. Everyone needs a friend like a boar 🐗 who motivates you & pushes you out of your comfort zone
5. You don't come across such unusual stories often

1.  Not many details around how did they manage the whole winter without food
2. What was the role of that scarf?
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Tiny Fox is leery when Great Boar shows up and settles under the apple tree, forcing Tiny Fox to share his space, food, and activities. Slowly, Tiny Fox learns the importance of friendship and having someone to adventure with as he and Great Boar explore new areas.

First off, I really like the illustrations. They’re colorful and unique. The book trails through different seasons with a short story for each. The plots are a bit lackluster in my opinion, but still likely to be enjoyable to children. I doubt this is something I would read more than once, but it was nice for one read.
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