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Tiny Fox and Great Boar Book One

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Clever storytelling through beautiful images. I read this book with my four year old daughter and we both really enjoyed it. It's a relatively simple tale which leaves it to the reader to interpret its lessons. I think this is a really valuable reading experience for young readers.

The layout is like a comic strip which helps young readers recognise the progression of the narrative. There are many plot points which are lost if the reader skips discussion of the pictures so it actively encourages skills of interpretation.

The facial expressions of the two central characters are a key element of this developing children's sense of empathy and being able to read the feelings of others.

A warm and heartfelt book which will prove a valuable shared reading experience for both the reader and the child.
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I loved this delightful and beautifully illustrated story of friendship and more. Tiny Fox lives under an Apple tree and although alone he is quite happy. One day a Great Boar arrives and makes himself at home under the tree. Tiny Fox doesn’t know what to think of this as he likes his solitude. When Great Boar vanishes one day, Fox realises how much he misses him and is happy when he returns. 
The book also follows the seasons and how with a little help they can look out for each other, make choices together and overcome fears. 
It really is a lovely story.

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What gorgeous watercolour illustrations!

The story of the Tiny Fox and the Great Boar is not only about friendship. Sometimes we are forced to leave our comfort zone by external circumstances. Other times, even though it would be easier and safer to follow our daily routine, it's worth choosing the road less traveled. Tiny Fox and Great Boar can show a shy kid that amazing experiences await them if they are brave enough to explore new things.

A cute story with stunning artwork.

Many thanks to NetGalley and OniPress for an Advance Reading Copy.
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I enjoyed this little book about the friendship between a fox and a boar. Despite being a quick read, it's filled with meaningful lessons about strength in numbers, not knowing a good thing until it's gone, the importance of cohesion, and overcoming challenges together.

The watercolour-style artwork is beautiful as well.
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Cute and fun! I like the art very much and the friendship in it was adorable! Great picture book that I would recommend!
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The watercolor art in this book is extremely gorgeous and cute - the characters have clear personalities and the environments are lush and feel like a well contained universe.  The story abotu friendship and teamwrk and moving across boundaries is nice as well.
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A sweet tale of friendship and overcoming your fears, told with lovely illustrations that have a simple but warm quality to them,
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