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This is a lighter Christmas read than Always, in December, but still covered some heavier topics. I really wanted to love Poppy, but there are so many times in the book that I wanted to shake Poppy and be like WTF is wrong with you?!?! RED FLAG!!! She is sweet but also seems very selfish and immature at times. I hated George and the whole group of friends they had together, as I think you are supposed to. I wish we could have gotten to know Theo, Marie, Aran and Avery a little more in the book. They were great characters that deserved more development and time with.

Bottom Line: This one was cute enough with the Christmas theme, but I think I would only really enjoy it this time of year. The story itself was a little lacking for me with Poppy’s personality.

**I received a copy of Twelve Days to Save Christmas from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are of my own.**
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Twelve days to save Christmas tells the story of Poppy who is dumped a month before Christmas by her long time boyfriend George. The novel follows poppy as she plots to get her boyfriend back and get things back on track before their holiday getaway. During her journey however she discovers what is important to her and where her passion truly lies. I enjoyed reading Poppy's journey through self discovery and appreciated that she found herself without falling back into her relationship. In terms of the  romance with her new potential suitor I did not feel the chemistry was all there. I felt that if a romance was going to be added it should have been a bigger part. However at the same time I understand why the decision was made to not make the love interest the whole focus because its important that poppy find herself without focusing on the romance or else she would fall back into the same patterns as her previous relationship. Overall really enjoyed the story and look forward to reading more by the author.
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This is a cute Christmas read with serious themes underneath the romance.  Poppy’s boyfriend George breaks up with her just before Christmas, and she figures she’s got 12 stars to win him back.  Poppy lost her job and has been trying to freelance, so when George breaks up with her she decides to try something different, because he didn’t like the old Poppy.
She goes on a date and makes a friend, starts volunteering at a homeless shelter, and joins a choir, and realizes that the new Poppy might not want the same things as the old one did.
I liked the characters, except George is a self-centered guy who wants her back after she’s not paying attention to him every second.  Poppy is a good character, but it frustrated me that she thought her background as a foster child would change the way people thought of her.
Overall it was enjoyable.  3 stars.
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Poppy has been dumped but she's not giving up yet.  She has 12 days left until her ex moves out of their apartment and 12 days to convince him he's made a mistake and they should be together.  He thinks she's too needy and dependent on him so she strikes out to have a life of her own and starts volunteering at a community centre. 

I have to admit I have super mixed feelings about this book.  The first half of it I really struggled to like and relate to the main character and the plot line of trying to convince her ex to take her back was kind of manipulative and sad.  Her ex was also really unlikable too and so were all her 'friends'.   But then the later part of the book I really enjoyed as she started to be more herself... but I think that's maybe the point.... we needed  her to be herself and stop trying to change herself and others for us to truly like her as a character.    In addition, as more of her backstory is explained we understand why she felt the need to change herself and depend on others which I enjoyed... but Im not sure this was enough to overcome my grievances with the first part of the book.  So yeh... I have mixed feelings ha

So Im giving this book 3.5 stars (I liked it... but parts of it were hard to like).
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🎄🎄Review: 12 Days To Save Christmas ⁣
“Do you know how brave it is to even stay and try to fix something? Most people just walk away, don’t risk the heartache. ⁣
Poppy and George have been together for 5 years. That’s why, when George decides to break-up with her, she will go to far lengths to show him she is the one for him. To keep her mind occupied she throws herself into work & new hobbies to initially impress him, but ultimately leads to her carving out her own life. All twisted in with a little new romance brewing throughout the novel. ⁣
 ⁣🎁 Poppy (how cute is this name) is both terribly relatable and equally annoying. Her lack of insight drove me CRAZY throughout the novel. I’ve given this part a lot of thought and I think I ended up enjoying her lack of insight. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say my head and insight have been clouded before by “love.” This is more of a break-up recovery, coming in to self-novel than a romance. The buildup of the romance was really good but left unsatisfied (but again more of the above than romance). Also, felt like her “ah-hah” moments came all at the end with little buildup growth.⁣
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Thanks to the publishers for sharing this one. I liked the ending a lot. It's nice to read a book that shows that getting the guy isn't necessarily the only or the best way to be happy. My full review appears on Weekend Notes.
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Loved it. The story was great, I felt the characters really were balanced and it was the perfect read on the lead up to Christmas.
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What can I say? I just loved this book!

Poppy loves Christmas and Poppy loves George. But George isn't in the spirit this year and she finds out why. He doesn't want to be with her anymore. 
To prove that she can live without him and secretly also doing everything to get him back, Poppy stars volunteering at a local community centre and finally finds herself. 

This story isn't just a love story. This story is about finding yourself and outgrowing people who were good for you but aren't anymore. Poppy does everything to get George back but at some point finds out that being with him isn't want she wants anymore and that her priorities have changed. 

Throughout the book you root for Poppy to finally find her happiness but I also found it heartbreaking at some points. 
If you want to read a light Christmas romance, this might not be the book for you but if you are prepared for some serious topics, go for it. It's a great book!
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Who doesn’t love a Christmas book at this time of the year to get you in the mood for the festive period 

I am poppy. I love Christmas and everything that involves Christmas. I could just picture her with the jumper at the beginning of the novel, as this is something that I would make my boyfriend do. 

I liked the way that the chapter titles counted down to Christmas. 

This book is the perfect book to get one into the festive mood. 
I will Defintely re read this one next year
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It’s Christmas, Poppy’s favourite time of year. However,  this Christmas is a little bit different. Her boyfriend of five years has decided he no longer wants to be in a relationship with her. But she’s determined to make it work and she has 12 days to remind him of all the reasons why they should be together. During this time Poppy comes to realise that everything isn’t as it seems and maybe what she wanted and what she’s fighting for isn’t what she needs at all.

This is a heartwarming Christmas story.
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This was such a heartfelt Christmas story - a perfect setting in London and Cotswolds (complete with a Christmas market, hot cocoa, and caroling), hard but beautiful lessons learned, some romance, and well-developed characters. I loved following along with Poppy as she uncovered her authentic self and finally began to process her past family issues which led to her realizing that the current relationship she was in (and was fighting for) with George wasn’t very healthy. Some female empowerment, some love, and lots of Christmas cheer made for a fun holiday read!
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I unfortunately couldn’t bring myself to finish this book, whilst I was excited for the Christmas vibes (which there was) I found the book dragged on way too long & the main character I couldn’t read from anymore. 

It definitely did provide the Christmas vibes I was looking for & i did have a few giggles
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Poppy and George are perfect together, or at least that's what Poppy thinks until the moment George breaks up with her right before their couples Christmas vacation. With 12 days until Christmas, Poppy is determined to show George that they belong together.

Poppy is a cringey character; she's based her whole life and personality around George and his assessment that she's needy is entirely correct. The reason lies in her family life as a child, but the reader still may be turned off by her devotion to George instead of herself. George isn't a winner either -- he's using their break to date other women but misses Poppy because she takes care of him.

Poppy tries to be busy without George by volunteering at a local community center and joining a choir. The friends she makes there are better for her than George, but Poppy doesn't see their value to her and is ready to ditch them all once George comes crawling back to her.

Recommended for readers of holiday tales that enjoy forced proximity stories.
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I really loved this book!
The writing style is excellent and I really felt close to the characters. 
If you want a heartwarming christmas story, you should definitely read this book!
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This just gave me all the warm Christmasy feels. While Poppy could be frustrating at times, I understood her. Following her journey towards self love was incredible. I also appreciated that this wasn't really a romance but more a journey of self discovery. So many amazing side characters as well!
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Poppy and George have been together for five years and Poppy has never been happier.  She is planning a  Christmas vacation with their group of friends and one month before they are all to leave, George dumps her.  They agree to stay in their apartment until the New Year.  Poppy makes it her mission to make George realize he wants her back and that she can be who he wants, but she only has twelve days to do so.  In her mission to get him back, she may just realize that she's not who she wants to be when she is with him.

This book is much more than a festive rom-com.  I really enjoyed Poppy's self-discovery during her mission to get George back.  Poppy is so sweet and kind.  She's also so obsessed with Christmas.  I loved that she discovered the real meaning of Christmas and family, while also becoming her truest self.  

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I usually like to start all my Christmas reading Dec.1 but the world is crazy, so give me all the feel good holidays books now! I thought this book was cute and the author had me hooked when she put in the Southbank Christmas Market. I want to go there!!! All the baked goods, homemade gifts, ornaments galore!
Poppy is left speechless when the love of her life breaks up with her. Just twelve days before Christmas. They are suppose to be getting engaged soon and spending the holidays celebrating with family… least that’s what Poppy thinks. George on the other hand thinks Poppy is amazing, but too dependent on him and a break will do them good. After many tears Poppy pulls herself out of the funk and decides she has 12 days to convince George they are perfect for each other. She’ll start dressing different, volunteering at the shelter, even start working out! Will all these things George back? After Poppy makes so many changes will she want something more? You’ll have to read the book to find out!
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If you're looking to get into the Christmas Spirit immediately, look no further! This book has everything you want in a Christmas story; hot cocoa, a Christmas market, romance and a dash of Christmas conflict. That being said, this story skimmed deeper topics like abandonment and alcoholism and shed some light on it while still being a light read, it couldn’t have been written better, truly.
      The book starts with Poppy and her predictable relationship with her boyfriend of five years, George that is until George dumps her a few measly weeks before Christmas, claiming she’s lost herself after losing her job. Poppy, devastated and having only twelve days left till Christmas and their big couple holiday getaway, launches a full scale Christmas action plan of how to get the love of her life back. After all, George and his family is the only family she has. By the time she’s done with it he’ll be begging for her to take him back, at least that’s the plan. As Poppy throws herself into helping others and once again becoming the kind of woman George would want she finds herself in the thick of joining a Christmas Choir and helping out the Church Community Center. In the beginning, the man who runs the Church Community Center, Theo sees her as just another girl who stops by once in a while to make herself feel good and leaves everyone there sad after getting attached to yet another person who will ultimately abandon them. While Theo may have hit the nail on the head of what kind of woman came in the doors, Poppy is definitely not the same woman who walked in a few weeks ago. Her heart has grown ten-fold and she cares deeply for the eclectic bunch with their very own struggles that make up the Church. As Theo starts to fall for Poppy and her kind heart, George also notices all the effort Poppy is putting in to get him back and can’t help but be flattered. Will Poppy be just another person who makes the Community Center just a stop on her map or is there something or better yet, someone who keeps her coming back to help out?
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A bittersweet yet uplifting story based on a festive holiday read, to enchant readers who are looking at finding themselves, new friendships, love and family. Poppy is extremely thrilled as Christmas arrives but finds Christmas Day depressing for reasons unknown and she’s kept this a secret from her boyfriend George and their friends. George tips Poppy’s life upside down so when Poppy heard a choir sing the Twelve Days of Christmas she hatches a plan to win George’s heart back in twelve days. During the next few weeks Poppy begins to find herself while forming new friendships and relationships with the community church and choir. Poppy is determined that what she’s doing is for George with hope that he’ll notice what she’s doing and how she’s changing. The book at times has laugh out loud moments and moments of complete sadness and times of needing to shout out to Poppy to listen to her new friends and let someone in on who can help her. Great book for fans of a Christmas Rom Com…A great ending but leaves this reader wanting to spend more time with them all.. 

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What happens when you put all your energy into saving something, but discover that it was the wrong thing to save?

In Elizabeth Neep's "Twelve Days to Save Christmas' Poppy fights to save her relationship with her boyfriend of five years George by reminding him of all the good things in their relationship.

In the process she finds herself, including reconciling her scarred childhood.

At times this book can be excruciating (but in a good way). The opening chapter has an oblivious Poppy desperate to get George to wear a couple's jumper (e.g. a jumper made for two people to wear) and doesn't see the cracks in their relationship. 

It's also clear also that Poppy is oblivious to the changes going on in her, while she finds community in the wake of her break up. 

While she is motivated to do things, such as volunteer, to show George she's 'the woman he fell in love with', she doesn't realise that she's enough, but also that she deserves more.

To Neep's credit, while we know where the story is going to head, she still manages to write George not as the bad guy either. They were simply two people in a relationship that ran its course, and maybe if they had therapy to deal with their individual issues it would've stood a chance.

Ulimately, the real romance of this book is Poppy's romance with herself and her internal growth to do this. In forcing herself to do new things, and making new friends, she learns to reconcile her past and find her own tribe (as previously her friends were George's friends).

If you like your Christmas stories that doesn't shy away from the tougher things in life, this is well worth a read.
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