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First of all and foremost, I'd like to express my appreciation to NetGalley for providing me with this comic. On the whole, it was an easy read that instills also embraces several fantastic values.💛
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4.25/5 stars

An amazing story of adventure and friendship! We follow a group of kids as they fall through time and encounter various mishaps. But there's also the bully who fell with this group of kids! Through the book, the bully comes to accept these "losers" as he begans to trust them. The graphics are fantastic and the story is very fun. My only qualm is wrt the digital copy provided to me; the text of dialgoues is very small and when zoomed in, becomes blurry. Hence I found it difficult to figure out the dialouges.
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Content warning for fat phobia and ableism. I had a difficult time enjoying the graphic novel because of the casual fat phobia and the ableism. The plot was rushed and not grounded. Also there was a lack of character development which made it more difficult for me to connect to the story. There was a lot of exposition and dialogue that made the story drag on and ultimately fall short of a well rounded story. Lastly, I personally didn’t enjoy the illustrations.
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This was so adorable!!! I loved the art and color scheme here - very vibrant! The story was cute and funny and I loved seeing the friendships grow. The end was a cliffhanger and I'm excited to see what happens next!
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Quick Fun read!  About kids that travel to a different time and encounter different creatures and plants.
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Dearests, here is an adventure in a future with mutated plants, animals and escaped Knight Templars. 

Official title: Lost in the Future
My title: The Travelling 5
Author: Damian and Fuentes
Publisher: Europe Comics
Fav character: Brisa
Readability: Smooth
Type: Graphic Novel

Five students are caught up in the flux of time after some bullying and a stumble down a well. They wake up to mutated beasts and lush vegetation. It is only a matter of time before they are running, screaming and being hunted, until they are saved.

Now in a medieval looking town with 700 year old ancients and mysterious rules, the five children will have to keep their wits about them to make it back home. After scaling hills, walking through animal graveyards and finding the hidden, are they ready for home, or are there other stops to make?

The artwork is filled with heavy hues and adorable old people 😍. A tale about the old helping the young, bullying, differently abled bodies, the importance of friendships and childhood ingenuity.  

If you love graphic novels and stories filled with adventure, give this a read.
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Lost in the future is the first comic book of THE STORM series. 
It's a cute little book about a group of kids who went on a field trip in an ancient castle and accidentally fell down in a tunnel and time travels to the future. There they get trapped with monsters and a man named Antoine rescues them. But the people of the village are unwilling to let them stay. Antoine and his friends shows them a route to escape but Something tells them they aren't back home!?

I loved the illustrations and the characters. Piero was a bully but this adventure completely changed him. And i admire author for creating Sara's character.
The story was very basic, it ends with a cliffhanger. and i want to read the next book to know What happens with them.

Thank you @netgally for the E-ARC.
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This was a perfectly adequate graphic novel, and the first and what could be an interesting series. I did enjoy the art, but found the writing to be a little thin. I think this would be a perfectly entertaining story for kids as it is a real page turner with constant propulsive action, but the characters are thin and a lot of the character development seems shallow. I think it could improve upon subsequent entries in the series.
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This was a very fun story, with a lot of interesting concepts and characters. The overall design was very different and cute. Sometimes it felt a little bit rushed and the characters couldn't have such a great development, except for Piero, who we were able to see a little bit of his normal life, therefore creating more depth.
That said I enjoyed the reading, it was really fast and I am curious to see the next chapters of this story.
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. Although the colors of the cover are gorgeous, don't be fooled, the illustrations are awful.

This graphic novel tells the story of five children, one is the bully and the other four are his victims. On a school excursion, while it starts to rain, they have an accident and go through a portal where they travel in time; it is not very well explained if it is the past, the future or an alternate universe (Although the title says that it is the future), but they have to survive the dangers of that new land.

The story isn't interesting enough, the characters are stereotyped, situations go by too fast for you to care what happens to the children, and I'll say it one more time, the illustrations are hideous.
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Time Travel is my favorite type of science fiction storytelling, so when I realized this story fell into that genre, I was excited. The synopsis of kids falling into a rift in time reminds me of stories such as Time Slip, something I reviewed on here many moons ago, and may need to revisit sometime. This isn’t quite as serious as that story, but I figured I’d give it a shot – thinking that this would be a kid’s story of some sort. boy, was I wrong! Yeah this can be read by kids with no issues, but it actually has the meat on the proverbial bone that non-children like when reading.

“A group of students is on a field trip to an ancient castle when a storm erupts. As they are about to leave, four friends are cornered by the class bully, who tries to pull one of his usual pranks. Instead, they all get the scare of their lives when they fall down a tunnel that takes them into the future: a future where mankind has nearly disappeared from the face of the earth, and where nature has taken control. The friends will have to face up to this hostile new world—as well as their nemesis—if they’re to have any chance of making it back home…”

Aside from it’s relative brutality (monsters getting stabbed and the like), the tone of this book reminded me of the sort of cartoons you would see on Cartoon Network like a decade ago – things like Adventure Time for example. I will say that one of the characters, Piero, is insanely unlikeable and I basically rooted for his death for most of the book. He does soften up a tad, but he needs an incredible change in attitude pretty fast or I’m not sure how far I will get. He’s your typical bully character with a rough upbringing that takes his insecurities out on others. He goes as far as attempted murder of a disabled girl just to get a rise from his uninterested friends. If the authors can make me like this guy by the end of the story, it will be a testament to their storytelling ability.

I wasn’t sure what to think of this book at first – the art style is to off-the-wall for what I’m used to, that it took me a bit to get into the story. Once I finally did, I really enjoyed it, and felt that the style worked really well for the tone and aesthetic of the book. The book is surprisingly dark for its appearance as a kid’s book, and rewards readers that hang in there with a fairly deep story involving crazy stuff like time-traveling Knights Templar or magical portals that warp folks into the far flung future.

While not my favorite book of the year, I enjoyed Lost in the Future – Part 1 The Storm, and would like to read more if I can. The story takes a bit to get going, and it has an odd art-style that many will nit likely be used to, but it rewards those that give it a chance. This volume is pretty much self-contained, but ends on a hell of a cliff-hanger, so it’s one of those that I definitely need to finish. You guys know I love my time travel books, so a novel take on it that avoids some of the obvious tropes from other media is always cool for me. Another solid offering from Europe Comics.
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This story was so fun to read and the characters are enjoyable. 

The plot is pretty basic, but also fresh and entertaining. 

I adored the artwork so pretty and colorful.

 A very cute read.
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A story that felt a bit flat, just like the characters.

2.5 rounding up to 3 

The story and characters:
I think if this was an animated show drawn out over a few episodes I would have liked it a bit more, but the story itself seemed a bit too fast-paced and you didn't get enough of the characters. This is important because...
The Art:
I didn't think the art was that spectacular either. Sure, it was cute, but I felt like the art style would have worked a bit better with it animated.

This book is for: 
Kids who want a simple plot and characters that might be similar to a tv show. It personally didn't jive with me but I can see there being value in it for reluctant readers.
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The cover art drew me in but I was not a fan of the characters. While it was a fairly diverse cast, I found the characterizations to be pretty stereotypical. It's a fun idea, an entertaining adventure, and the book has vibrant art. But I didn't find myself connecting to the characters nor really caring about how things turned out for them.
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Often the illustration style of the cover is what draws me in to a graphic novel and the artwork on this one completely reflects the contents. Following a group of friends (and a school bully) on a field trip gone wrong, this graphic novel includes time travel and dealing with your emotions. 

On paper this sounds great but I do think that the plot was a little confused. I liked the idea of this more than the execution but I did enjoy how it wrapped up.
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This was a short and fun graphic novel about a few students who accidentally fall into a portal to the future which is not. at all what the students had expected of the future. The art style was amazing and the story kept me intrigued. The characters were also very distinct. My overall impression of "Lost in the Future" is very positive and I'd recommend this to anyone wanting a quick and light read!
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What can I say about this?
I don't have an opinion. It was good. The story, interesting.
I didnt like the relation of the kids and the bully.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the Europe Comics for providing me with a copy of this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

I found this a fun, fast paced, quick read. I read this in one sitting. The plot was enjoyable and I loved the vibrant colourful artwork.

Lost In The Future is about a group of school children on a trip to a castle who accidentally fall through a hole, ending up in a dangerous, apocalyptic and strange future. They have to embark on a journey to discover how to get back home.

I really liked the style of the illustrations and the bright colour palette. The style felt like an homage to older classic comics and cartoons.

I am keen to read more work in this series and see what new adventures the characters go on.
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Lost in the Future is the story of a group of students on a field trip that are magically transported to the future through a tunnel of water. The plot moves nicely along as the students try to find their way back home and run into some interesting characters along the way. However, while we get small glimpses of the main character's personalities, they are only developed at a surface level. The only character that we get a tiny deeper look at is Piero, the class bully, who is incredibly mean to the other members of the group and picks on them for their disabilities. I didn't feel like this character arc was fully developed since the book ends in a cliffhanger (leading in to book 2 in a series). But at the end I really didn't feel like he had become a part of the group as he was still very hesitant to be with them. Overall it was a fun story but I would have liked to see more character development.
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Rating: 4.5/5

Synopsis: After a class group of five kids fall into a pit, they subsequently find themselves in the future and embark on a journey back home.

My Thoughts:  Plot (5/5) – Most futuristic stories tend to take the following approaches to envisioning their setting:
    1.	A utopian future (think The Jetsons) where the state of affairs and life is perfect for the most part has just about anything one can fathom.
    2. Its dystopian opposite rife with corruption, technology gone haywire, and a general sense of bleakness (most cyberpunk narratives).
    3. Post-apocalypse where the remnants of civilization are thriving in a cruel survival game within a barren landscape (Mad Max)
    4. A delicate balance between the former two (Futurama).

Not to say any of these aforementioned narrative options are objectively good or bad, but I loved how Lost in the Future said nuts to any of these and decided to paint a society that feels like a regression from what’s considered a modern society where the technological advancement hasn’t seemed to evolve past the medieval era. This ends up creating more mystery surrounding the formation of this civilization whose inhabitants are hinted at being aliens who settled on Earth after human societies were either abandoned or destroyed. After all, they would need to possess some form of technology (or magic if the series ever venture in the fantasy direction) to be able to find this planet.

Characters (3.8/5) – Due to the volume’s length, some of the main cast’s personalities are not fully developed, but they are given enough characterization to be distinctive, particularly Piero, the assertive bully who started the entire conflict, and Mei, the resourceful, sharp-witted one of the crew. Moreover, the villagers were pretty amusing including the mildly whimsical but helpful and caring knight-like character Antoine.

Art (5/5) – This is easily the most unique part of the book. The character designs came in a variety of shapes and sizes that, to an extent, reminded me of Cartoon Network shows such as Clarence and the 2d portions of The Amazing World of Gumball. The lineart followed a curvy, clean, and thin aesthetic that felt visually pleasant and a bit surreal with what I can best describe as zig-zagged arches during the scenic scenes. Furthermore, there were some nice examples of silhouettes, lighting, and shades which, in combination with the occasionally unconventional panel composition, heightened the various moods conveyed.

Pacing (4/5) – It was mostly fast-paced in a positive way that made the story progress smoothly, leaving me invested in what comes next. However, I thought the beginning could have been improved if opened a few pages before the end of the school field trip and gave the kids a little more background. Perhaps bits of their lives will be unraveled in coming installments though, so I wouldn’t consider this a major offender.

Final Thoughts: Lost in the Future: The Storm had me looking forward to this series’ future. I would recommend it to middle-graders and older who enjoy quick-paced sci-fi/fantasy with kid ensemble casts.

Thanks to Europe Comics and NetGalley for providing me with my first advance ebook copy in exchange for an honest review.
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