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Yes I have been impatiently awaiting a new Gilly Macmillan book for a while now and I can 100% confirm that this book did not disappoint. Another really well written, immersive, gritty, dark, physiological thriller, that will have you completely gripped and trying to guess what was happening all the way through. I enjoyed the twists in this book and enjoyed the storyline and the great cast of characters. Another great job. Amazing.
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I had already read this by the time I was approved on netgalley but I thought I would add my review anyway. This was a slow burn initially but really picked up pace in the second half and then I couldn't put it down.  It's told from multiple perspectives, a format I really enjoyed, and it was executed really well.  The characters were unpredictable, unreliable and unlikeable which gave the storyline an added edge as I really couldn't work out what was going to happen next.  The only thing I didn't like was the lack of chapters and it not being clear whose POV you were reading.  Other than that I was really pleased with this one.
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I'm quite torn with this book. Initially, it didn't really grab me and I found it quite hard to get going. It didn't help that not many of the characters were particularly likeable. It was also not helped by the fact of not having chapters. So you'd be reading about someone, then a couple of paragraphs later, you'd realise the story had moved on to another character.  

Just over halfway through it really picked up and I couldn't put it down. 

I do feel (in my uneducated opinion), that a few tweaks and this could easily have scored higher. 3.5*
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Thre couples were supposed to have a relax weekend  but a letter let in the cottage by a four friend unleash chaos among the friends who it seems they all have something to deal with. I liked the twist and turns of the book and it was fast to read.
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This was another fantastic read from the author.
Three couples going to a rural retreat for a weekend of relaxation.   The women arrive first to a gift and note saying “By the time you read this, I’ll have killed one of your husbands” and do the mystery begins.  The wives are stick with no contact and a storm.
This was fantastic, I loved the fallible characters all who had their own issues.
It was at times difficult to figure the chapter and character changes as each was a different character POV.   I was gripped though and couldn’t put it down.
 Thanks to Random house UK Cornerstone and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review #TheLongWeekend #NetGalley
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Well this was a fun read! 
Three couples go on a weekend away to a remote cottage in the middle of nowhere but only the women turn up… Where are the husbands and who wrote the note that was left for them?
The story is told from different perspectives and each character is as unreliable as the next, you literally don’t know what’s going on until a good way through. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s really well written, suspenseful, twisty and full of secrets and paranoia. 
I was left guessing throughout. 
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It’s a long weekend for three couples at Dark Fell Barn, an isolated retreat - it sounds so ominous! The ladies arrived ahead of their husbands and find a letter claiming that one of their husbands will be murdered signed by the wife of the fourth couple. The premise sounds great, but the missing chapters and names of the POVs - there’s 4 wives, 4 husbands, and the married couple who runs the retreat, drove me nutty. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a gifted copy.
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Thank you to Netgalley, Random House UK, Cornerstone and Gilly Macmillan for an ARC in return for an honest review.

This is the first book by Gilly Macmillan that I have read and I was thoroughly impressed. The long weekend is the perfect psychological thriller. It is gripping, intense and utterly thrilling. The plot is enjoyable and the characters are likeable. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who enjoys thrillers. It would make a great TV series!
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Deep in the Northumbria moors, three women arrive for a weekend getaway.  Their husbands are joining them in the morning. 

Or so they think.

When they get to their accommodation, the women find a note that claims one of their husbands has been murdered. being so remote, there's no phone signal nor internet. They're stranded, its a long twisty route back to the owners of the property and a storm's come in.

The situation spins out of control as each wife tries to find out what's going on, whilst trying to persuade each other its just a hoax and which husband has been targeted.  Each is dealing with their own personal demons: one is an alcoholic new mum, another suffers PTSD and the other...who knows.

Whilst overall I enjoyed the story, it was let down largely by having no chapters, just one continual narrative and lack of large paragraph breaks when point of views were swapped.  This often made it hard to keep up with who you were with and jarred me right out of the story.  Though it had you guessing right to the end.

I received this book from netgalley in return for a honest review.
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i wasnt too keen on this one. I felt likei it wasnt what I was expecting from reading the description and it really didnt deliver.
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I found this so frightening I had to stop reading one evening so I didnt have nightmares! 
Piling up our darkest fears and twisting them into a night of terror, written so well with a horrible underlying 
sense of deep unease that more is to cone if you turn your back.
Fantastic, superb writing and really well thought out plot, just dont read it before bed.
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Everybody should read this book. The twists and turns were unpredictable, the story was a rollercoaster of emotions which kept you guessing to the very end. This was full of suspense and unputdownable.
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I requested this one from netgalley as its premise really captivated me. A friends’ getaway, secrets and a dark location. It sounded like my perfect read.

Unfortunately, this really didn’t work for me. Although it started slow, I stuck with it expecting it to pick up as the plot developed but it never really seemed to. 

I struggled to like any of the characters but I guess with their secrets at  the heart of the story, that is to be expected. However, I would have liked more character development. 

Having multiple narrators can make for an interesting narrative, however, with this, it was too many voices to keep track of and they were all unreliable. 

With no chapter distinctions to identify who the narrator was, it was very hard to follow this confusing plot. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK for a copy of this title. Unfortunately, it just wasn't for me.
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A great book with lots of twists and turns, I always enjoy a book where I don't figure out what has happened. I will definitely read more by Gilly in the future.
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WOW!!!!!! I am a big fan of Gilly MacMillan and love her books.   The narration of the book changes a lot, which initially takes some getting used to. Aside from that the book is brilliant and the twists are genuinely jaw dropping and surprising. A great read once again from this brilliant writer.
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I did enjoy this book however felt it was quite slow in places. It was well written and good insight into characters. It does keep you turning pages as you want to find out what happens as everything is not what it seems

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an Arc in exchange for an honest opinion
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Really enjoyed this book, I thought I it was obvious who the killer was but the twist was fantastic,really keeps you on your toes
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As a new reader of Gilly Macmillan, I wasn’t sure what to expect when starting this novel but what I got was a whirlwind of betrayals, hidden back stories, murder and mayhem. The Long Weekend has so many layers, it’s like an onion! Each layer becomes more fiery, until it ends in a crescendo of excitement and shock! There are so many ‘ I didn’t see that coming!’ moments, it gets harder to put it down, the further you work your way through the book. I loved it and I’ll be looking out for more Gilly Macmillan reads in the future!
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The premise of this book is that the wives of three close friends go to a remote cottage, ostensibly expecting their husbands to join them the day after.  The weather is bad, and they are pretty much cut off from the world, although the couple who farm and own the cottage live at the bottom of the track.  Sounds like a standard horror movie!  But instead of them being bumped off, they arrive to find a package on the table with a threatening note that one of their husbands will be killed.

The first two thirds of the book were very tense, as the three wives, each with their own issues, try first to make the best of things, and then attempt to ring their husbands, but the storm prevents any mobile signal.   Do they stay where they are or try to get down the hill to the farm?

Meanwhile the reader is taken to the daughter of the female friend of the husbands, who rings someone to take her out of the music school she is at, in order for her to sneak to a party with her friend.  And that's where it all starts to unravel.  The author is clever, not revealing essential identities and leading the reader to believe one person is acting, whereas another is the perpetrator.

However, I found the final third rather muddled and fairly unbelievable.  So many clues and loose ends just weren't followed up, and people behaved in very uncharacteristic manners.   It all felt a bit drawn out, which was a shame as the first half was very tense.

Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK and Cornerstone for allowing me access to the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The Long Weekend by Gilly MacMillan is a story full of twists and turns and is a fascinating psychological thriller. The storyline revolves around Edie, who went to College with the four male partners of the other women in the story. Eddie married Rob and he was drowned  over a year ago . They are all supposed to meet up for a long weekend in a converted barn but all of the men and Edie drop out. Edie to go on a yoga retreat whilst her daughter  Imogen, is away at a music weekend. The other three men for various reasons that eventually become apparent.
 How many of the couples will still be married or even alive after the long weekend?
Highly recommended
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