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All That Will Remain

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This book was a little "different", but not in a bad way.  I didn't realize at first that is the 6th book in a series. But it reads easily as a standalone. 
The Lyle family are a unique and quirky bunch. You have Malcolm, now the patriarch of the family since his father's passing, devoted to his legacy, Keystone Steam Works and conflicted as to whether he should devote his efforts to stable war projects or take a huge risk backing his son, Gus, and his new invention, a steam-powered automobile he calls the Lylemobile.  Then there is his other son who ran away to join the war in Europe and his twin sister Mary Lydia, who has, it seems, become pregnant without ever having a boyfriend.  Malcom's wife spends most of her days laying on the couch in the living room, so much so they now call it her room, in her nightgown, eating bonbons and reading fashion magazines.  There is his mother, Libby, who always seems to be judging his every move, and finally you have Libby's maid, her personal paid companion, Perpetual who grows mysterious herbs in her window and seems to know all the going ons in the family before they even happen. 
Perpetual is the glue holding this family together, and also the grease that keeps it running smoothly. 
This book explores what it means to make choices and how the choices made influence your life and the lives of those around you. It is about making the right choice. 
I really enjoyed this book and now want to go back and read the previous novels.  The writing is excellent and entertaining.  It kept me engaged throughout and the characters are very well developed, you feel as if you know them.  They are entertaining and even humorous at times. 
I would recommend this to historical fiction fans who are looking for a quick, entertaining jaunt into the past. 
Thanks to Calling Crow Press and to Net Galley for the free ARC, I am leaving my honest review in return.
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This was pretty interesting to read about. Honestly at some point it really did feel like I was reading about choice and how that can effect us as people. Do we do the right thing and give up  on our loves ones? Or do we do the right thing and keep our relationship with our loved ones balanced: this was super thought provoking and the writing made this even better. I’ll for sure look into this even more in the future!
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