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What's in the Bible?

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This is part of the Keywords Series and brings out the history and meaning of the tome known as The Bible in explanations clear to most English readers over the age of eight as well as ESL readers.
The Christian Bible plus the Jewish Bible = 60 individual books which are further organized into chapters (in the 13th century) and verses (16th century). The Old (up to the time of Jesus) and New (the Good News) Testaments are divided into history, laws, prophecies, poetry/psalms/songs/prayers, wisdom, letters, stories, and the apocrypha. The original languages in which the books were written were Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Later there came the Latin translations, and the committee ordered by King James, still later come the translations into all modern languages. There are illustrations and photographs which make the information more readable, as well as a simple glossary, and an index for easier referencing. This is a very readable presentation which is a good teaching tool for Jews, Christians, and those of other religions who have questions about the Bible, which is the best-selling book of all time according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
I requested and received a free temporary e-book on Adobe Digital Editions from Lion Hudson Ltd/Lion Children's Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
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I love the simplicity in this book-its goal is to be straightforward and easy to understand, without taking away form the depth of the Bible's message.
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Such a good resource for children and adults too. This is a book which covers all the bases of the Bible and what it tells us but isn’t written in childish language. There is learning for all with good content, clearly articulated that gives background to the various books of the bible as well as setting out clearly the connections and links. The set up of the book is clear with great colours and boxes to show the different bits of info. A good review of bases for an adult and a lovely learning book for a child.
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What’s in the Bible?
An Introduction to the Book of the Christian Faith
by Deborah Lock
Pub Date 19 Nov 2021
Lion Hudson Ltd, Lion Children’s Books
Children’s Nonfiction | Christian
I am reviewing a copy of What’s in the Bible through Lion Hudson Ltd, Lion Children’s Books and Netgalley:
What’s in the Bible is a great addition to the library of any child you know who wants to learn more about the Bible, this book tells its young readers of the different types of writings in the Bible from the Laws, Poetry and Wisdom, prophecies and letters. This book tells too of the known and unknown writers. As well as the three languages used in the Bible, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.
The book goes to tell its young readers too about the Old and New Testament, the Old Testament covers the times before Jesus, whereas the New Testament covers the time of Jesus conception when the Holy Spirit impregnates Mary.
The Keywords series is written and designed to support children develop good reference skills through asking questions and clearly identifying key terms, so that the information needed is quickly found on a page. Facts are presented in easy-to-read bite-size explanations with visuals.
If you’re looking for a book to help explain to your young child what the Bible is, I’d recommend What’s in the Bible from the keyword series!
Five out of five stars!
Happy Reading!
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