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This short book was split into distinct parts that covered the history of the northern lights, the science behind them, and how to best view them for yourself. I found myself interested in everything this contained even if, for me personally, the first two were of the most value. This might have been short but it packed in a huge amount of information and all of it was imparted clearly and in unambiguous terms.
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Please note that this is on the whole a scientific and factual book. I listened to the audio version on a car journey and must admit that I found it hard to take in much of the very detailed information. Personally i think I would much prefer to have a written copy and may well purchase this before going on a journey to the artic circle next year. Perhaps then I can use it better for reference as this book is certainly full of very interesting and useful facts about the Nothern Lights.
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I listened to this audiobook as I am due to go on a trip to Iceland soon to search for the Northern Lights. This books was so much more than I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did it give information as to the best times to search for the Northern Lights including the times around the phases of the moon but also hints and tips on how best to see them with your eyes and with the camera, for example reducing any light pollution before including from phones. 
The book gave information on the history of the Northern Lights including the mythology around them which although I am not that much into mythology was still interesting. It also gave information on the different types of Auroras which was interesting. The narrator was clearly and concise, at no point did I need to rewind to catch what was said as the narrator did not rush when reading.  I learnt a lot from this book and would read/listen to this author again.
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Narrator 5 stars

Book 5 stars

This was a fantastic educational book. I learnt alot from it and hopefully one day when the world is a little more calm I can visit the lights.
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Northern Lights is a guide to understanding auroras - formations, history, mythology and everything else concerning this phenomenon.  

My thoughts
Very interesting, knowledgeable and well presented. I enjoyed this educational audiobook tremendously. It's easy to only focus on the beauty of the northern lights and not give a second thought to other information concerning it.

 I enjoyed the etymology and mythology sections the most. I would imagine this book would be something anyone would enjoy and it's not just for space/astronomy/nature enthusiasts. Thank you for the ARC.
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This is an excellent scientific audiobook, which explores the Northern Lights, also known as Auroras.  I found this book very interesting indeed and I learned a lot of new information, which was fascinating.  The audiobook narrator did a great job at explaining everything in an easy to listen to fashion.  This would be a great book to have in schools and colleges, for children and adults to learn from.  The book goes into detail about how auroras are formed, their properties and the different types of auroras.  It also shows mythology and history and gives information on how to take photographs of auroras.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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