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This book, while ADORABLE and colorfully illustrated with cute and funny characters, had a few issues for me. For a book aimed at kids, the use of the words "brat, fat, lazy, old, dumb" to describe both Santa and the reindeer just wasn't cool. I wouldn't feel comfortable reading this to a young child. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Santa's lost his new reindeer Bucky. He enlists the help of a little boy and his mom. This story has great flow and rhythm, and fun illustrations. It's a great story to read as a family.
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This is a delightful rhyming book that kids will love!  Santa is upgrading his reindeer team as his old herd has gotten fat, is slowing down due to back aches and failing eyesight and complaining of the cold. Poor Santa has no choice but to recruit some younger deer that are full of vim and vigor to help him out on that long Christmas Eve journey around the world. 

The young new leader is clever and fast and his nose shines bright yellow.  Unfortunately during the flight he panicks and flees when a jet spooks him and now he is MIA ( missing in action.)  Oh dear, Santa needs to find him because all the presents have not yet been delivered.  A frazzled Santa barges into a local home and asked if he could use their four-wheel drive to help him find his beloved missing Bucky.  Will Bucky be rescued in time for Santa to complete his Christmas Eve mission? 

The illustrations are fantastic, full of humour and fun.  The story has wonderful cadence and kids will be engaged in the story from beginning to end with lots of laughs in between.  It's a wonderful Christmas tale that will become a seasonal favourite.  I highly recommend the book.
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This book was a cute, fast read. My 11 and 8 year old thought this book was cute and funny. I read it with my 4 year old niece and the language and vocabulary was better suited for elementary age, not toddler. Fun book, great for looking forward to Christmas!
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I liked the story. I think kids may laugh at some points in the story, but it feels more like a Christmas adventure story than a funny book.
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What a cute Christmas story for the little ones. It is well illustrated and my grandson found it to be funny. Perfect bedtime story as it will give sweet Christmas dreams. Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC e-book that I received for free in exchange for an honest review.
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A great read for younger children as we enter the lead up to Christmas.  Funny and full of heart, this really has the Christmas spirit.
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Then here is a funny read for kids & for the kid in all of us.

-It is a picture book with wonderful illustrations.
-The writing style is easy and simple.
-Rhyming words are used which brings a rhythm, flow and fun to reading.
- It is fast paced.

The story is an adventure of finding (not Rudolph the red nosed reindeer😅)but Bucky the bright yellow nosed reindeer that goes missing on Christmas Eve. Santa is in trouble now without Bucky & has to find him soon!!🧐

 This is a nice Children's Book!🤩
I recommend it to all who wants to have a very light Christmas read and especially to children below 5 years.
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A cute Christmas story with great illustrations. I found the story to be touching as Santa searches for his missing reindeer and even sheds a tear. Everyone chips in to help find Bucky, even the family dog. However, I do wish insulting words were not used to describe the reindeer.
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Read this with my 3 year old son, and I found this to be a very good Christmas story! Some parts of the tale and a lot of the illustrations had us both laughing as we read about Santa and his search for his reindeer Bucky. I can see myself reading this to my little one over and over, and it’s short enough that we are both not falling asleep trying to get to the end. Plus, it’s easy to read and get through with all the rhymes. We loved it!
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Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the ARC of Santa’s Lost Reindeer.
The cover and fun illustrations drew me to this book, and while there are some fun elements, it ultimately missed the mark for me. Santa is having a bad day but does not deal with it in an appropriate, adult manner and chooses unkind language to describe his reindeer. The attempt to make every sentence rhyme was ultimately at the expense of the story. Overall, I feel this portrayal of Santa, an adult figure children look up to, does not align with being a suitable role model.
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Oh this is brilliant. Lots of pictures and lots of fun.

It rhymes and is about Santa losing his head reindeer Bucky who has a bright yellow nose.

My niece called Santa a meanie. But I think Santa was panicking. Christmas Eve and no Bucky. 

We ended up giggling together and her refusing to tell her mum why?  She's writing to Santa to tell him to be nicer.  So indignant yet so funny.

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My word, how cute is this book? 
I am going into a Christmas book binge lately, I can't get enough festive fun - which is a little odd for a person who is known in the family as Scrooge 🤣
So, yes I was instantly drawn to this even though it is a children's book, but hey it's all good fun and I am so pleased I read this, its the perfect five-minute lift you need to relax.
The story is so sweet and very funny, and the illustrations are vibrant and eye-catching, anyone reading this adult or shield will fall in love with this sweet little story. 
It's written in rhyme, imagine the night before Christmas and you will get the idea.
It's the perfect little book for parents to read to their little ones on Christmas eve to really get everyone into the festive spirit and up the excitement for the big day. 
Overall, I can't say a bad word about this, it's fun and festive and with a great message of kindness and friendship.
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This sweet book will be perfect for Christmas! I enjoyed the illustrations and the funny adventure of Santa. Lovely book.
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Such a cute l Christmas book. My 4 year old enjoyed this book a lot . I say 10-10 for great Christmas book . Recommend to anyone with kiddos.
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I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My daughter said she loves how it looks like Santa and Reindeer ripped the pages trying to get out of the pages. The story itself about the new young Reindeer leader with his nose a bright yellow is funny and entertaining. 

Also, I always enjoy a book that rhymes, it makes reading out loud extra fun.
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Santa is supposed to be a jolly, friendly soul who children look upon as good. Kids light up when he is mentioned however thàt is not the case in this book. I don't know what the author was trying to do but this is not the Santa kids should read. No child should approve of this behavior

Thank you for allowing me to read this arc.

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I loved the cover and wanted to read this to see if would recommend to children however unfortunately for me I think the message is lost somewhat for a children's book. 
Santa has had a bad day and acts somewhat cranky and not friendly to the house he finds himself in. Although I think there is a message that could be done well here "even Santa has bad days". This book failed to achieve that for me with a message that because his reindeer is a "brat" that is why he would act this way. 
This book may have been better suited being edited to an adults parody book about an annoyed Santa and a bratty reindeer rather than a children's book. 

The illustrations thought the book were beautifully done. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.
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Santa’s Lost Reindeer by Rachel Hilz is a fun rhyming book about Santa’s new lead reindeer, Bucky. Bucky has a bright yellow nose. Unfortunately, Bucky is naughty and he ended up getting lost in the blizzard. 

Then, Santa stopped at a house to ask help finding Bucky. The family was happy to help ole Saint Nick. 

I thought it was funny when the rest of the reindeer were relaxing and warming up in the house like they were on vacation. The expressions on their faces were hilarious. 

This is a very funny rhyming book, and I love rhyming! The rhyming was done so so well. The illustrations are great, too! Each character has unique facial expressions and the illustrator really brought them to life. 

This is a unique take on Santa but keeping in with some traditions, too. I really like this book and I enjoyed it a lot. I think anybody would enjoy it, too!! 

I just reviewed Santa's Lost Reindeer by Rachel Hilz. #SantasLostReindeer #NetGalley #RachelHilz
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I did not like this book and wouldn't be recommending it for kids because Santa is portrayed as someone who is mean and insulting rather than joyful. I know he's had a bd day, but it sends the wrong message to kids, that it's 'ok to be rude if you had a bad day'. It's not and as adults we know better.
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