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Another brilliant story by one of my favourite authors - I cannot fault Joy Ellis's books!
I loved the storyline and the atmosphere on the fens has an eerie feel which, on top of already feeling on-edge keeps me engrossed and wondering what will happen next. 
I love every series by this author and I can't recommend them enough!
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This is one author I just love to read her books. So when Joy Ellis a new book out, I had to put the kettle on and make a pot of tea, find a quiet corner and open my kindle and enjoy Joys next book called Fear on the Fens. This is the WoW thirteenth book in the superb Detective Nikki Galena series and I have just loved every book within this series. 

WoW, This book was amazing with loads of great twists and turns throughout. Another great read.

I highly recommend all Joy's books they have all been a wonderful read.

Big thank you to netgalley and Joffre Books for an advance copy of this book.
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Great book, by an author I will read more of!  Thrilling plot, great writing and brilliant characters.  Highly recommend to others.
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Fear on the Fens by Joy Ellis.
I’m sure I did a disservice to this series by not reading previous books. I love the Jackman and Evans series and enjoyed finding Laura and Sam referenced in this book.  
I plan to go back and begin at the beginning of this series because I had a bit of a hard time getting interested in this book. I was not too much into the woowoo aspect of this story. Not as bad as Nikki but not as accepting as Joseph. If I had not read and loved the other series so much I might not have persevered with this book. Again, mostly my fault.
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I thoroughly enjoyed Fear on the Fens, which is an engrossing tale of secrets and lies and not only on the perpetrator’s part. This is a different novel from its predecessors, because it’s not a hunt for the identity of the killer, which is established early in the novel, but more a search for him and an understanding of why he has become a killer. Obviously there is a lot more to it with the security services involved, but if I told you I’d have to kill you. 

I guessed one of the main mysteries early on in the novel, but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the novel one bit!
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Nikki and Joseph have a new case that is different from anything they have done before. Lucas has been killing those who hurt nature in the same way they have destroyed the ground or trees. This man has a past that has been hidden and the detectives feel they need to know what happened to know what makes him act as he does now. This book has some very interesting twists in it right up to the end. Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read the story.
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I had not read anything else by this author but after finishing this book I am hooked and was glad to see there are other titles from this detective series. Was such a brilliant book so good I think these books could be made into such a great television series. Could not leave this book down it was so will written with so many twists to the story and the characters were just brilliant and will be memorable, it had everything to make such a good read. Would really recommend this book.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Joffe Books for the ARC of this book.
Another fantastic book featuring DI Nikki Galena and her team headed by DS Joseph Easter. This book was intriguing as it covered a totally different character of killer. As always Joy’s storytelling drew you in and twisted and turned around the killer and his brother. These books are always easy to read alone if you wish even though they feature recurring members of the team and Nikki’s family.
Eagerly awaiting the next one now.
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I really liked this book even if some of it was a little far fetched. The writing was up to Joy Ellis'usual high standard and the characters were well crafted. I would definitely recommend.
Thank you Netgalley and Joffre for giving me an advance copy and allowing me to give my unbiased opinion.
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Fear on the Fens – Joy Ellis @NetGalley #DetectiveNikkiGalenda Book 13
‘A gripping crime thriller with a huge twist’
Okay!  So I was utterly glued to this story; it was tense, gripping and wonderfully written.
I guessed at the twist when I started reading and I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. 
This was beautifully in-depth and filled with lore and great references to the Fens, being Scottish I like the reference to Kirkcudbrightshire as I used to work in that area, I assume Crossbannock to be a literary invention as I’ve never heard of this village!
Thoroughly enjoyable.
#Thriller #Murder #Fens #Gaia #Brothers #ESP
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This is a great book! So many twists and turns make it unique and super interesting. I love all the different characters, even the strange ones. I’ve enjoyed this whole series, but this book just blew my mind, it’s so good! I couldn’t stop reading!
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I really enjoy Joy Ellis novels and this was no exception. Lots of twists and turns, leaving you guessing throughout. The plot was complex until the end. Great read. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance read copy!
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A brilliant addition to the Fens series of books from Joy Ellis.  Excellent characterisation - professor Rory Wilkinson is amazing - and a intricately woven plot.  Thoroughly enjoyable and I would highly recommend this book.
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It seems to have been far too long since the last Nikki book so I was very excited when this was released and settled down for another brilliant read from a talented author.
In this book there is a lot more focus on Cam (the DCI) than usual he has always been there in the background active with his total support for Nikki and her team so it was lovely to have him more in the limelight and learn more about his character and life.
The story begins many years ago with the death of a scientist who was working on top secret projects for USA and UK but died leaving his wife and 2 sons.  Cam tasks Nikki and Joseph with talking to one of the sons; Harry.  What they learn is mind blowing. However, due to the father, Julians, highly sensitive work they are going to have to investigate with their hands tied behind their backs.  Not only that but they are being watched by a Security agent; Hackett who misses nothing.
The chat with Harry focussed on his brother, Lucas who disappeared many years ago age just 14 and no sign of him has been seen since until recently when Harry got a message.  Lucas suffers from a personality disorder which makes him see life forms in nature.  He is very sympathetic towards nature and sees life in plants and trees.  Basically he lives in a fantasy world.  
Now we all know and love Nikki and expecting her to believe in Fairies was never going to happen but Joseph is more open minded.  This banter between believer and non believer will bring a smile to the face of any reader especially me.
However, the situation, fantasy or not, becomes reality when the first dead body turns up.  It soon becomes clear that Lucas has enacted revenge that fits the crime committed against his beloved trees and plants.  The potential for many more people to be murdered rings alarm bells with everyone in the team but with a person who on paper doesn’t exist and the past of the family locked away never to be seen again how will Nikki and her team even start to track down the killer?
An absolutely stunning read that had me on the edge of my seat and turning page after page.  Intrigue, suspense, adrenaline pumping crimes all wrapped up in secrecy with skeletons coming out of closets left right and centre I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
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Book 13 in the Nikki Galena series is creepy and surreal with a mystical vibe.  That made it different from the earlier books and made it harder to get into the story.   More details of Nikki and Joseph and the team's personal developments were forthcoming.  Such a mystery, with twists and turns and that ending!  Another good addition to the series, looking forward to the next book. 

Thank you Joy Ellis, Joffe Books and Netgalley for the opportunity to preview the book.
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I can easily see how Joy Ellis has sold over two million books. Fear on The Fens is another winner.

I love stories where the central mystery is tied to events in the past and this book delivers. Nikki is a strong female lead character who the reader can root for.

It’s fast-paced and scary in parts. One section describing the discovery of a body is particularly vivid! 

I read this book as a standalone but can see it would be fantastic addition to the Nikki Galena series and probably even more enjoyable for readers that have read the whole series. It’s a gripping read, and Joy’s prose is smooth and compelling. Her characters talk like real people. I feel as though I know Nikki. An absolute rollercoaster of a book and a pleasure to read.

My thanks to NetGalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of this book.
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Joffe Books for the electronic copy.

This is Book #13 in the Nikki Galena series and I've read and enjoyed them all.  Set in the Lincolnshire Fens, always well-written with believable dialogue which flows through Nikki's team in this latest police procedural.  This is a murder investigation from quite a unique perspective with lots of twists and intrigue.
Julian Hopwood-Byrd was a British scientist who became involved in a CIA special project exploring the scope to which the human mind could be exploited as useful intelligence against an enemy.  Returning to the UK with his two sons Harry and Lucas and their mother, Julian's state of mind had, and continued to, deteriorate until he inexplicably murdered their gardener and was confined to a secure facility;  apparently he was himself killed there by another inmate.

Lucas was always "different" - a very troubled child, and ran away from home when he was 13yrs old.  Nothing was heard from him until Harry received a letter - he wanted to meet.  Harry explains to Nikki that he fears Lucas has the propensity for killing; Lucas also lives in his own magical world - a kingdom of plants and fairies.

Of course, Nikki is having none of this "fairy nonsense" it's simply a fact that Lucas is a potential killer where anyone who deliberately harmed plants could become a victim.
Then she's called to a crime scene at Shelley House where Sean the head gardener had discovered a burned body in a wheelbarrow in the Arboretum. This could be Lucas's first victim, but if it is then where's he been for the last 20 years - who looked after him - who mentored him?
Nikki and her team are in a race against time as they try to get to grips with Harry and Lucas's fantasy kingdoms as the body-count rises.

There are moments of humour within the dialogue, but the murders are gruesome - beware, next time you cut down a tree there just might be a deranged avenging goblin on your trail!

Excellent read.
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The 13th in the Nikki Galena series and in my opinion the best one yet. A real crime thriller, fast paced with plenty of twists and turns!
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Book 13 in DI Nikki Galena series, and this is the first I read, and I am wondering why I never read the other 12! 
Great solid detective work, I love how the team works together, each having their own strength. 
An arboretum and smell of BBQ is not the best combo, especially as the smell turns out to be human remains found in a wheelbarrow. The teams research takes them back 20 years, and their hands are being tied by a Special Service Officer watching their every move.
Excellent reading! Looking forward to reading the previous 12 and new ones to come!
Thank you NetGalley and Joffe Books for a change to read this book early!
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I enjoyed the murder mystery element of this book. The police team were believable and likeable and the police procedural storyline was engaging. There were plenty of twists and hints and leads and the pace of the book was good.
I was less engaged with the faery theme of the book although the outlook from the perspective of the murderer was interesting.
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