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This is the 13th in the Fens series which I can relate to as I live in the Fens, this one is when DI Nikki Galena and team are sent to a local arboretum with beautiful gardens and landscape to find a burnt body in a wheelbarrow.  Where to start as it soon turns out there is yet another murder and one young lad a bit of a trouble maker on all accounts gets let off lightly so it seems and turns out they are looking for a lad that worked at the arboretum and has since left and he was into nature and trees plants etc in a big way even a college degree,  and a brother that is desperate to find him as he had been missing since the age on 13yrs, is he still really alive and well and where has he been?  A Mr Hackett has turned up at the police headquarters and is taken a rather torrid look at all the preceding going on looks a bit like the intelligence service has their nose in it, and Harry brother of the missing lad eager to find him only the tale he spins makes his brother sound mental perhaps he is apparently he is in tune with the faeries etc, which can make him very dangerous as whoever destroys plants and living organisms he will destroy you.
Different from the normal Fens novels the usual crew is at the ready to detect and the characters are well thought out makes the reader feel as if you know them intimately.
I would like to thank Netgalley & Joffe books for a copy to read and here's my honest and personal review.
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This is a nice pacey read.  A man has been found horrifically slaughtered on the site of a burnt tree in an arboretum.  It is quickly established, with the help of his brother, who is responsible for the killing. DI Galena and her team start to work on the case and are quickly hobbled by the arrival at the station of Mr Hackett from the intelligence services.  Is there a lot more to this case than meets the eye?  Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster!
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Another excellent book by Joy Ellis featuring Detective Nicky Gallena and Joseph Easter who are sent to investigate a murder in the gardens of Shelley House.   This leads the reader to a family of secrets and the killing of a scientist's gardener twenty years ago.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe for an advance copy of Fear on the Fens, the thirteenth novel to feature DI Nikki Galena and her partner DS Joseph Easter set in the fictional Fenland town of Greenborough.

A burnt body left in a wheelbarrow on a country estate gives Nikki her first clue that she is hunting a pitiless killer. What it doesn’t tell her is that she is embarking on the most difficult case of her career, trying to excavate the history of a troubled family while negotiating the parameters imposed by the security services.

I thoroughly enjoyed Fear on the Fens, which is an engrossing tale of secrets and lies and not only on the perpetrator’s part. This is a different novel from its predecessors, because it’s not a hunt for the identity of the killer, which is established early in the novel, but more a search for him and an understanding of why he has become a killer. Obviously there is a lot more to it with the security services involved, but if I told you I’d have to kill you. 

I guessed one of the main mysteries early on in the novel, but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the novel in the slightest as there are so many threads I didn’t guess and the author keeps it fresh with twists and developments, none of which I foresaw. I was impressed by her easy command of the narrative, although some of the subject matter is straight out of the conspiracy theory manual. I am interested in them, not saying I believe them, so I could recognise many of the allusions and while the premise of one plot angle seems far fetched, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility because the background to it is real. I think it will depend on the reader and how far they can push their credulity. Still, it adds to the fun and games of a novel I found hard to put down.

Fear on the Fens is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending.
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Once again a good read from Joy Ellis. It was a little far fetched but nonetheless once I got into it I couldn’t put it down. I like the characters in the Nikki Galena series and look forward to the next one.
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Another brilliant instalment from Joy Ellis with her Nikki Galena, this one was a little different as they chase down a killer who lives in a fantasy world of woodland spirits but Nikki and her team have their hands tied by the secret service who will not let them release any information about their presumed suspect. As always the story flowed really well and I love the dynamics between Nikki and her team. As always I look forward to the next instalment.
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My thanks to Joffe books,  Joy Ellis and Netgalley.
I found this to be slightly different than most of Ms. Eliss's.books. 
Everything that I expect in an Ellis book was there, but this story had a sad side to it. It ended up with me.thinking too much of how.things were felt. 
It was a good story. But, I was sidetracked.with the feelings of others. I did enjoy the book, but the feels were too much.
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Number 13 in the Nikki Galena series and another belter of a read
The characters and the subplots continue to develop brilliantly, it’s amazing to witness the change in Nikki since the first book and the developments of the relationships of all the characters. I particularly enjoy the crossover of characters from the other series set in the Fens too. 
Really unique main plot this time, none of the usual murder plots that seem to plague police procedurals here. A great ending too that promises to make number 14 all the more interesting
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This is the latest in the DI Nikki Galena series and the best so far of this excellent series. The main protagonist is a truly haunting character with an unusual gift. The plot twists and turns as the team try to unravel the web of misdirection they find themselves drawn into, whilst also being restricted in the investigation by a dark presence from national security watching their every move. Highly recommended.
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Wow what a fantastic read, I loved this book.  Joy Ellis at her best!   Kept me engaged and captivated right the way through, it was a real page turner that I found hard to put down.  Excellent book, worthy of 5 stars
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This is new territory for DI Nikki Galena and her team at Greenborough when a man turns up looking for his brother who disappeared over a decade before. It appears that the security services are also taking more than a passing interest in this man and his family too. So when the strange murders start happening everyone sees the urgency in capturing the killer to prevent further deaths but finding the truth is hard when every turn seems to be blocked.
A good read which leads in different directions and not until the end reveals the whole story. Definitely worth a read.
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My thanks to NetGalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of this book.

Can’t believe this is book 13 in the series, it is fantastic to read how much Nikki has developed from book 1.  She was a real loner, one-woman crime fighter, but now she has become a true team player. She is not the only one, all of the characters have been developed over the series.

To me this could be the best one so far, one of the most horrific. Not for the faint hearted. Very difficult to put down, the pace and twists , keep you hooked with the exceptionally strong, and balanced characters.

I highly recommend this book (and the whole series) to anyone who likes a strong police procedural series and is not too worried about reading some horrific murders.
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Nikki Galena is back and this time, she’s got a doozy of a case.  “CIA psychic spies and bloody fairies.  It’s like the X-Files meets Tinker Bell around here.  Whatever happened to good old bumping someone off to get their money?”   A young man with Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder is thought to have set a young hoodlum on fire after he harmed a tree.  Then, a second man is brutally murdered after he attempts to cut down a tree.  
It’s been so wonderful to see Nikki’s transformation from the initial book.   She’s gone from a loner to a true team player.  As Nikki says more than once during the book, “Oh, hell! I really am getting soft in my old age.”  And she does have a great team, starting with Joseph, her sergeant and her partner.  
There’s a great sense of tension to this book and the book is aptly named.   It was an interesting plot line to know the killer but for there to be all sorts of other questions and roadblocks thrown in their way. The team is prohibited from looking into the father’s background, in a sort of “he who must not be named” kind of way.  <spoiler> Although, I wasn’t sure I could believe that MI5 (or whoever) would prohibit putting out a picture of a suspected murderer who was actively killing folks.  </spoiler>
I recommend this book (and series) to everyone that likes strong police procedurals that feature strong, balanced characters.   The book flows at a nice pace with enough twists to keep the reader engaged.  
My thanks to NetGalley and Joffre Books for an advance copy of this book.
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Fear on the Fens, by Joy Ellis, is another great read. This murder mystery kept me hooked from beginning to end and what an ending!  I was able to almost guess at one of the main twists but I was absolutely floored by the last one. I also enjoyed getting to "know" most of the main characters even the opinionated DI Galena. 
A terrifying discovery is made n the peaceful gardens at Shelley House. A charred hand hangs over the side of an old wheelbarrow. 
Detectives Nikki Galena and Joseph Easter are called in to investigate the gruesome murder 
What they don't realize is that this murder is related to twenty plus year old family secrets. There's the father, a scientist, that murdered their gardener and was then, murdered himself. Then there's the brother who vanished an was never seen again.
Nikki and Joseph are determined to find the brother who’s been missing for twenty years and  to discover the past of this broken family before  one more person is murdered.
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Grips you and holds on - a fantastic spin into a psychotic fantasy world and the team of investigators submerging into it to find a brutal killer.  Great series with strong female lead that has history but isn't broken - reminds me of Angela Marson's Kim Stone series, so those fans will thrive on this one.  Great as stand-alone if you haven't read them all - but the series is definitely worth the time
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A serial killer is loose in Greenborough. His victims are also killers but their victims are trees, shrubs and grass. This odd case becomes stranger when DI Nikki Galena and her team learn that the murderer vanished from his home twenty years ago, shortly after his father killed the family gardener. There’s more. He’s Lucas Hopwood-Byrd and suffers from Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder. He lives in a world of make believe, of fairies and auras and is on a search for the Elf King. Nikki learns all this from Lucas’ brother Harry who is desperate to find him before he kills again. Oh, and one other thing. Their father, Julien Hopwood-Byrd was a famous scientist who studied clairvoyance and was recruited by top secret government powers in both the US and England. So top secret, in fact, that a secret agent sort of officer is assigned to supervise the case. Joy Ellis mixes all these elements with great, well described characters and an atmospheric setting to create a captivating, if unusual, mystery. 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Joffe Books and Joy Ellis for this ARC.
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Another excellent installment of the DI Nikki Galena and DS Joseh Easter series of murder investigations.  This time they are called in before the first murder - just.  Two brothers - one sane - and one off with the faeries - quite literally.  The old adage of an eye for an eye is brought to bear in how people are dying.

Loved it.  As is usual with Joy Ellis books I read it in one sitting.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher I read a free advance review copy of the book.  This review is voluntary, honest and my own opinion.
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Book thirteen Nikki Galena Greenborough CID along with DS Joseph Easter, are called into Cameron Walker's office he has worried lines with a tricky problem, the late Julien Hopwood-Byrd his son Harry wants a word that could leave them with a massive issue all concerning Lucas who has a propensity for killing, this is all they need. also a male burnt body has been found not far from where they are on Arthur Morton private estate. Luca Hopwood-Byrd was in complete control when he left the family home all those years ago never been seen since. This is the most gripping book in the series for me and I could not put it down never get tired of reading this authors work every book is always full of massive twists and surprises, may she continue to thrill all her readers with many more.
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Joy Ellis has an innate sense of the macabre which helps to produce these classic murder mysteries. Although this particular effort from the author is a little bit out of the ordinary, it is still an enthralling read.
Detectives Nikki Galena and Joseph Easter are characters with realism about them. It makes them easy to get to grips with and find believable in the way they proceed. Having likeable main protagonists goes a long way in whether you are likely to enjoy the book or not.
The supporting cast of characters is pretty good, and the location of the Fens is brilliant. The content is a little darker than what the reader is used to, in my opinion, and extremely weirder.
This novel has far-reaching ramifications for the team, and they definitely have their work cut out this time. (What do you expect when the CIA are involved?).  So, expect plenty of twists and weird goings-on, so pretty much like the usual fare from the author.
The writing is spot-on and well-crafted and the usual edge of the seat stuff. Nice to have a bit of the strange and unusual now and again.
I really enjoyed Fear On The Fens, and I look forward to the authors next offering.
Thank you, Joffe Books and NetGalley, for the ADC of the book.
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Fear on the Fens reads like an adult fairy tale with sinister consequences.  We know who the perpetrator is - Luke, a fascinating character and we get an insight into his reasoning/thinking for his actions.
Joy Ellis is so imaginative and inventive.  I thought it made a nice change to have this book [13 in the series!] mostly set in a wooded oasis in the flatlands, with an epic and unexpected ending on the marshes.
A very enoyable read and the author has done her homework.  I loved her references to nature, specifically to the Bowthorpe Oak, near Bourne.
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