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I really enjoy this kind of read. Getting to know the in's of a forensic psychologist. As with her first book this has plenty of accounts of her own experiences from sad to shocking. A good steady read and I enjoyed it more than her first.
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I think I'm definitely going against the grain here but I just found this so bloody dull.

Now I absolutely love reading anything about forensics and forensic psychology but this just did not excite me at all.

Whilst there were parts within the book I wholeheartedly agreed with, for example the way and the NHS treat people with mental health issues the overall book was just boring.

This is when it's obvious that some writers and amazing at having the knack of building tension and using the correct narrative to engage with the reader. Sadly this just fell short on both aspects.

Thanks to netgalley and Octopus Publishing for the ARC.
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I enjoyed the first book and can be nervous with sequels at times as you want it to be as good as the first. Thankfully this was - a powerful read with real insight. I would recommend it to everyone
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Another fascinating insight into forensic psychology and the stories of the patients Kerry has treated.
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I really enjoy Kerry’s books! This one I actually enjoyed more than her first book. 

Very interesting and if you like non-fiction, crime and mental health issues then you may like this one.
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What Lies Buried is a fascinating book. One which I will think back on after reading it. Not all is what it seems with some of the cases that Kerry Daynes has worked on through the years.  With her skills and care she helps work out the underlying issues of some troubled minds. 
Ive watched a few shows with Kerry Daynes on them and so when I was reading the book I felt like she was talking to me through it. Professionally written with a good deal of humour scattered through. (I think to work in this field you need a good sense of humour to carry you though all the trauma you have to hear about and witness.) 
Once I started the book I couldn't put it down. Its a real page turner. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Octopus Publishing for the ARC Copy. This review is my own opinion.
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This book gave a fascinating insight into hoe a forensic psychologist works and how the legal system may not be as cut and dried as we think when dealing with the work of such professionals.

As a true crime fan I really enjoyed the perspective of the psychologist and how hard it would be at times to remain objective and professional. Some of the cases referred to in the book made me feel sad and others mad which is probably just a microcosm of what Kerry Daynes felt when actually working the cases.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to any fans of true crime that have ever wondered might be going on in criminal minds,
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This is a fascinating book! Entering the psyche of murderers and what makes them do what they do is tremendously interesting, when told by Kerry who drops in her own brand of wit in the book to make things seem very light hearted when really it's the stuff of nightmares!!!!. 
This is a must for all bookshelves
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I absolutely loved Kerry Daynes’s first book, so when I was given the chance by NetGalley to read and review this book I knew that I was in for a treat. 
Kerry Daynes gives us an insight into the world of forensic psychology and the different settings that she has worked in, from hospitals to her own private practice to a mother-and-baby unit. Her job is so varied and she talks about a wide range of characters that she has met throughout her career. 
Kerry Daynes doesn’t pretend to be a robot and is the first to admit that sometimes her prejudice or feelings do appear during sessions with some of her patients. She says the most important thing is to realise this and to try to put them to one side at that moment in time. I have always been interested in psychology and it is the career I want to go into in the near future, and this book has ignited that passion even further but also put some of my doubts to bed. 
I really did enjoy this book, and while I know that statistics and studies are important to back up facts in the book, I did feel that at some points the references and statistics were a bit too heavy, especially if you are not someone who likes to go away and read up on them afterwards. While they didn’t bother me too much, I did sometimes find I was skimming over them a little, so I wonder what people who don’t have any experience of psychology would think of these parts.
Overall, I really did enjoy the book and I enjoyed reading about the patients that Kerry Daynes included and felt satisfied when we found out what happened to them afterwards.
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Sensational! In her new book, Kerry provides an unflinching, enlightening and provocative insight into the minds of her clients, shedding light on the root causes of their behaviour and challenging our notions about who, and what, is dangerous.
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Another really interesting read from Kerry Daynes, I truly find reading about her work just fascinating! In this book she shared many sad and shocking stories but she manages to bring in a sprinkle of humour.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me this arc ahead of the release date

I have read Dayne's other book The Dark Side of the Mind and I have to say I think enjoyed this one more than her first, the people she has encountered within her work life have some extraordinary things happen to them and I like the idea of her diminishing the idea of 'mad' or 'bad' as it is so easy to get caught up in this when there can be reasoning behind why someone acts in a way that they do and they should be able to get the help that they need.
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Another fantastic book by Kerry Daynes. 

This book provides an absolutely fascinating insight into the life of a forensic psychologist.

I enjoyed how each chapter was based on one specific case, covering a wide array of the clients and work Kerry deals with on a routine basis in her job. 

This book does a great job of breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions people have of forensic psychology especially the mad vs bad debate, something which I was already aware of having studied forensic psychology at university. 

The writing was incredibly easy to read. Psychology concepts were explained with ease. 

I really like Kerry's sense of humour. At no point during this book was I bored or uninterested. 

Kerry has had such an interesting career. I believe people have a lot to learn from the work Kerry does and the lessons she has learnt in her long spanning career. 

I highly recommend this book and previous book, dark side of the mind. I can't wait for her next one.
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Excellent follow up to her first book a look  at the world of a forensic psychologist.The author writes so well involving the reader in her cases and the people she deals with.will be recommending both books.#netgalley #octopuspublishing
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I really enjoyed reading this and getting an insight into the author’s profession. I particularly enjoyed her first book and this was a great follow up. Great read.
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Kerry Daynes does an amazing job of telling the stories ofcases she has worked on throughout her life as a forensic psychologist.  She highlights many flaws of the system in regards to laws surrounding mental illness, stereotypes seen within them aswell as setbacks that made her job even more challenging.

This is written in a similar style to the secret barrister books, which I really enjoyed. It is nice to see someone who works in the industry notice its flaws and things that could be changed,  as well as speaking about budget cuts which created tighter purse strings for people who needed help the most.

This book in my no means lets guilty people who have committed crimes be let off the hook, because of their mental illnesses, but instead helps the reader to understand the whys that can be explained. 

A great read for someone who enjoys detailed stories of someone who works with the mind!!
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Forensic Psychologist, Kerry Daynes, is brilliant in her professional field, as well as being an outstanding writer!  The book: "What Lies Buried: A forensic psychologist's true stories of madness, the bad and the misunderstood", contains interesting case accounts of individuals she was assigned to interview and assess that had committed crimes. It was at times a dangerous assignment, for at one point, she became a stabbing victim of a patient.

I was captivated by her warmth, even temperament, empathy, wit and profound wisdom, when she interviewed a person. She sought the greatest good for the individual without prejudice and/or being swayed by the more popular opinion. In the prologue, Daynes says that she wanted to write this book in order to "give some compassion and humanity back to those who are often denied both." No doubt, some of the cases are quite shocking, some sad, but always she seems to have the ability to relate to the person so as to gently dissect their history to insightfully ascertain their present or future mindful state.

A treasure chest of interesting case histories, interesting people, and thought-provoking dialogue, I'm pleased to highly recommend this publication, especially those who are interested in true crime or psychology.

5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My profound thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and Kerry Daynes for an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.
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Having read Kerry's first book, I was keen to get my hands on the second. I really enjoyed it. Kerry gives the reader an honest and fully informed look into forensic psychology, She holds no punches and I really like the fact she will challenge things even at a cost to herself. Definitely a 5* read for me.
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I loved Kerry Daynes first book, but I really did not enjoy this one.
I found the cases she spoke about to be a little dull, and she spoke about herself quite a bit - I wanted to know more about the prisoners. 
I feel like she repeated herself quite a bit too from things she spoke about in the first book.

I found this incredibly disappointing! I love hearing from Kerry Daynes on TV shows and interviews, but this book just didn't do it for me.
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Refreshingly honest and detailed we are given insights into the world of a forensic psychologist. The case studies are presently openly and honestly with the feelings of the author as she tackles each case sensitively and entirely objectively. She is not afraid to question commonly held views or broach the more politically sensitive issues that are raised along the way and does so with a unique, slightly dark and intelligent sense of humour.
It took me a couple of chapters to warm to the writer’s particular style as at first I thought she was a little too blasé and cocky but I am pleased to say she gained my thereafter and I was quietly impressed by her willingness to go against the grain and her compassion and work ethic to go the extra mile. Definitely a recommended read.
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