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What Lies Buried

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Refreshingly honest and detailed we are given insights into the world of a forensic psychologist. The case studies are presently openly and honestly with the feelings of the author as she tackles each case sensitively and entirely objectively. She is not afraid to question commonly held views or broach the more politically sensitive issues that are raised along the way and does so with a unique, slightly dark and intelligent sense of humour.
It took me a couple of chapters to warm to the writer’s particular style as at first I thought she was a little too blasé and cocky but I am pleased to say she gained my thereafter and I was quietly impressed by her willingness to go against the grain and her compassion and work ethic to go the extra mile. Definitely a recommended read.
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This was a hard book to read.  People are crazy.  Forensic Psychologist Kerry shows us, What Lies Buried, I think it should of stayed buried.  Very creepy.
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Love the way Kerry writes and the stories she has to tell. Gives you a good insight into what people say and try on! Really enjoyed this one. I have read her others aswell and this one certainly didn’t disappoint me
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What Lies Buried is a collection of more stories from forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes' career following on from very successful previous book, The Dark Side of the Mind.
Ms Daynes writes with humour,empathy and insight, actually listening to people with mental health problems when others have written them off ,often with surprising results. Usually in these stories that results in people being seen as the victims they are rather than bad people but in one case she exposes a ruthless ,controlling  and potentially dangerous individual seen by others in a totally different light.
A great read that teaches us not to be judgemental and to look past the labels society puts on people
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What Lies  Buried by Kerry Daynes

Another great read by this author .  She takes you into the mind of us with the most complex  ( and dangerous ) problems , and gives us a great insight to her world .
Whilst I'm sure some of the cases / stories are probably a mismash of characters it doesn't detract from What I think must be a very challenging profession .
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