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This is a really interesting collection of Sunday times investigations spanning many decades.
It covers groundbreaking journalism as diverse as the Thalidomide scandal, Bloody Sunday and the truth behind the rationing of healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
The latter was particularly shocking.
Inevitably you’ll find some topics more interesting, and skim others, but I enjoyed learning more about events with an emphasis on the truth behind the official spin. 
Recommended reading for anyone who likes their journalism to be hard-hitting scoops.
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This was a really interesting and informative read. I recognised a lot of the incidents talked about in the book, but some I didn't so I felt that I had learned even more about those. Some of the incidents talked about especially ones that have had an impact on my life were so compelling. I enjoyed this book way more than I thought I would.
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My thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins for a copy of “ The Sunday Times Investigates “ for an honest review.

A really well written, detailed and informative book investigating  many issues that have made headlines over the years.
The section on the mismanagement of COVID I found particularly interesting, emotive and thought provoking.,.
Highly recommended .
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A really informative book and a must for anyone keen on journalism. This book really improved my knowledge on the topics, especially the news stories I wasn’t around for at the time they happened.
A very good book, and a real eye opener!
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A comprehensive account of major investigations carried out and reported on by The Sunday Times investigators. An excellent read. Recommended.
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This brought back memories some clear and others faded of some of the biggest disasters and scandals of the last 50 years all brilliantly researched and investigated by the Sunday Times Insight team who were well ahead of the time and the game. 

An incredible read and highly recommended for anyone who has an interest in the key events of the past few decades.
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If we acknowledge the British view point, this is nonetheless an interesting book on some of the major events in UK social history. Covering over 50 years of reporting from the Insight Team at The Sunday Times. 

It ranges from the Kim Philby story in 1967 through Bloody Sunday, Colonel Gadafi and the miner’s strike in the 80s, the 90s Cash for Questions - twelve major stories up to the present day reporting on COVID-19. ‘The Sunday Times Investigates: Reporting that made history’ edited by Madeleine Spence covers the major news breaking stories published on the 200th anniversary of the newspaper.
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Who knew that I was so clueless about the world? A phenomenal book that was unsurprisingly well written. I learnt so much was engaged throughout.
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This collection of investigative journalism - spanning several decades - from the Sunday Times Insight team made interesting reading, exploring the sorts of subjects about which I assume I know but actually know less than I thought I did (e.g. the thalidomide scandal, Bloody Sunday) and some I know nothing about at all (e.g. the 1974 Turkish Airlines disaster). To be fair the last one did go into rather more detail about plane door mechanics than I necessarily wanted to know, but I applaud the meticulous research in this and all the other articles. 

A long piece on 9/11 is a highlight, but 
perhaps most hard-hitting, because most topical, is the detailed investigation into Boris Johnson's government's (mis)handling of the Covid-19 pandemic (anybody heard of that?). It makes for horrifying reading, providing in retrospect a sense of perspective which is harder to achieve at the time but badly needed. A full public inquiry is certainly indicated.

An interesting, informative and at times enraging read.
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