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The Sunday Times A Life in the Day

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Was exactly as it says on the tin. 

A glimpse of the day of a 'celebrity'.  I suppose it was an ok read if you're nosy like me. If you have no interest in any of the celebrities included then this probably isn't a read for you.
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Just like original people celebs all have day to day life just like all of us
Get find our about all the celebrities you know and love 
Very interesting worth reading
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Interesting read…. Meet 100 of the most remarkable people from The Sunday Times Magazine’s acclaimed column, A Life in the Day. Wonderfully intimate, often humorous, sometimes profound – these colourful portraits make for addictive reading.

Begun in 1977, a Life in the Day has provided a unique take on the lives of the famous, the rich and the notable over decades of changing attitudes and lifestyles. This collection gathers the best of more than 2,000 interviews, bringing you characters from Nelson Mandela to Ricky Gervais, Muhammad Ali to Marie Kondo, Oprah Winfrey to Captain Sir Tom Moore.

It makes irresistible reading as you discover how world leaders start their day and what celebrities really do away from the cameras.
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An excellent retrospective of a much-loved (and recently much-parodied) feature in the Sunday Times. From fascinating historical insights into the daily lives of the likes of global icons such as Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela, through to the weird and wonderful lives of modern celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and Kim Kardashian, this wonderfully curated selection of participants gives the reader a great peek behind the celebrity curtain. Sadly for me, the key secrets to success seem to be getting up at 3am and drinking a lot of coffee, so I'm clearly not destined to join their hallowed echelons!
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I'm really sorry I have been unable to access this? It doesn't seem to work on any of my devices - if the publisher could make available a kindle version I'd be really keen to read it as the other feedback who have been able to see it seem very positive
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The Sunday Times A Life in the Day gives you a sneak peak into the lives of people from all walks of life, their routines and habits.
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A joy to read - I imagine this would make a great coffee table book to dip in and out of as I ddid on my commute to work. Really enjoyable.
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, What a wonderful compilation.  It’s difficult to believe that these columns have appeared weekly for some 40 years; they remain fresh and are a fascinating glimpse of people, places and changes over the years.

I think at heart we all like to snoop a little; peek round the curtain and see what really goes on.  These essays by all sorts of people; entertainers, po,iticians, designers, world and religious leaders, the famous and the infamous allow the reader to do just that.  The format is very simple, an account of a single day.  But the results are often quirky, revealing, surprising and amusing.  The subjects appear to be honest and forthcoming in their stories and reading between the lines, we learn of violence, abuse, unexpected privilege, obsessions, fears, failures and so much more. It’s a book to dip into. Arranged alphabetically, it’s easy to select the person who takes your fancy.  All entries are dated too.  

I’ve really enjoyed revisiting this compendium of people, many of whom have died since they offered their thoughts and some whose circumstances have changed.  It’s a real gem of a book.  Every time you turn the page, there’s another surprise in store.  

My thanks to the publisher for a review copy via Netgalley.
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Absolutely loved this book getting a peek into a day in lives of these famous people was fun and entertaining.I will be giving this book as a gift and recommending,Stars like Orlando Bloom,,Beckham who does the family shopping and cooking .,Kim Kardashian who is obsessed with shampoos and body lotion and so many more.#netgalley #harpercollins
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Unfortunately I was unable to read this book as it was only available as a PDF , and I couldn’t access this on my Kindle.
This was unfortunate as it sounded like a really interesting book .
I’ve given it an average  score and hopefully , if I get chance to read it , I can amend this.
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