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Night Sky Almanac 2022

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What a super book, one I will be picking up repeatedly this year. 

The book is set out month by month so you can read the whole of each month and then go out and see what you have read about. Its well set out and highly informative. Some of the information was a bit advanced for me but its made me want to learn even more about star gazing.  The illustrations are beautiful and I really like the night sky illustrated guides as well. 

Ive even got a teenage son asking me whats next to see in the night sky because of the book!!! 

Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins for the ARC. My review is my own opinion.
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Made me want to get outside and see the stars

The universe is a big place and looking at the night sky can be a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. As well as being full of fascinating information about our solar system and space the almanac helps sets out what you can expect to see each month and where and when to look for it. This makes the most of valuable stargazing time by maximising what we can look out for and the chance of seeing these marvellous astronomical phenomena for ourselves. 

My take away from this book is that the universe is a wonderful place and we should all make time to look up and see the stars.

I was given this book from the author via netgalley only for the pleasure of reading and leaving an honest review should I choose to.
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As I started to read Storm Dunlop’s The Night Sky Almanac 2022, I started to become irritated. Dunlop will make a statement, e.g. about the equinoxes when ‘[…] day and night are almost exactly equal in length. (There is a slight difference, but that need not concern us here.)’ That (or a variant) occurs four times in the first two chapters. I confess I’m torn: should a book like this, aimed at someone who’s interested in the night sky but who isn’t an astronomer, be precise and lose some of the audience? Or should it be silent about that missing detail and have the more expert readers dismiss it as inaccurate? Of course, it shouldn’t do either: Dunlop’s in-between solution is a good one but I wish the author had perhaps used footnotes, stating this wasn’t the whole story and referring the reader to an appendix where the full answer is given.

It’s difficult to assess the book from the electronic pre-publication preview copy I was given. There were no diagrams and the tables weren’t formatted. (I must emphasise that the version I have subsequently seen for sale is perfect in both respects: there are very helpful diagrams and the tables are completely understandable.)  There are chapters on meteor showers and other events in 2022; the Moon; constellations; and then the bulk of the book: a chapter on each month of the year. There are also lists of Dark Sky sites, although not many are in the UK.

It’s a good book, chock-full of facts and lists, but the biggest problem for many of us in the UK is that the sky is either too cloudy or there’s too much ambient light from street-lights etc. for us to see the fascinating scenes described by Dunlop. If you are able to see dark skies, though, this would be a really useful book to have available.

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Really interesting and informative, some bits were a bit advanced for me to understand, but I know I will be using this during the year and leaning from it.
Thank you netgalley
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A fascinating and very informative almanac about the night sky. I didn't realise how much I didn't know! Who would have thought there were so many different names for a full moon. Brilliant illustrations abound to support all of the information about our night sky. This would make an great gift for anyone with an interest in the night sky.
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This is such an interesting book. I must admit that I know very little about the stars but hope to learn more from this beautiful book. I will follow the book during the next year with great gusto and hopefully by the end of the year will be endowed with the knowledge I need to enjoy the wonders of our extraordinary night sky.
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Following on from a good introduction to the night sky and how to find the constellations in your neighbourhood, the book moves on to details for the sun and moon for each month of 2022.
Further detailed information for South and North views, along with more information about happenings and snippets for each month are also included.
Details of eclipses are included, whether partial or not, solar or lunar. Also meteor, comets and other space objects; plus details of space probes and scientific activity.
The book gives detailed information on a month by month basis, so that the reader can plan and observe the activity that interests them, subject to the weather conditions being sympathetic.
Where readers cannot see the sky from their own home, the book gives details of where dark skies can be found.
A detailed and interesting book, combining history, science and some mythology (from a naming perspective), making it an excellent gift for a friend or family member.
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I have been lucky enough to get these guides again as they give you and me the reader a guide to the night skies over the next year combined with star maps, calendars and notes on the history of space and stars in the book too that gives you something interesting contemplate for the next twelve months - The Night Sky Almanac is a quintessential guide to anyone with a love of astronomy, with a little more knowledge to boot.

The guide gives so much details on the skies with incredible maps of the heavens. Wil Tirion is a legendary Uranographer and his talents are put to incredible use in this book and any guide he works on as we are given maps of the stars but also given detail sky maps over a few days that will enable the reader to find exactly what they are looking for in any given month.

The extra details go a long way too, with moon phases for the oncoming year, dark spots that will enable you to see the stars whereever you are in the UK and in the world and there's also a glossary that enables you to figure out the language and guides for the skies at twilight in nine different cities - I think this book gives you everything you need to be as astronomically accurate as you want to be, and it makes for a must read for anyone wanting to see the stars!
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Thanks to Net Galley and Harper Collins for an advance copy of this book. The Night Sky Almanac 2022 is an ideal resource for both novice and experienced sky watchers across the world for the next year. It contains easy to follow information and diagrams with enough detail to guide a beginner or act as a reference book for the more advanced. It also brings attention to some interesting constellations and clusters.  This is a lovely Almanac to use to understand and enjoy the wonders of the night sky and celestial sphere in 2022.
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This would be a perfect gift for any amateur astronomer. It is set out well and easy to understand. 

Covering phases of the moon, meteor showers, explaining constellations, the aligning of planets and so much more.

There are chapters detailing all the major events due to happen in 2022 month by month. It really is comprehensive and you will be sure to not miss a thing (unless there is too much cloud cover, obviously)! 

There is quite a lot of detail with precise latitudes, which could look daunting at first, but I’m sure anyone who hasn’t used an Almanac before could soon get used to this. 

Many thanks to netgalley and the publishers for an arc. 

A 5 star read just for pure depth of content.
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My teenage son is absolutely delighted with this almanac. He's a hobby skywatcher, and this book is clear enough that he'll be able to follow the movements in the sky without my help. He's very excited to start using this in 2022.
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An excellent book! It guides the reader into the wonders of the night sky. Month by month, it sets out precisely the movements of the moon, planets and stars, as well as meteor showers and eclipses. It also shows both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Even if you don’t have the advantage of seeing both, it is still interesting to learn the differences in the night sky.

An excellent gift for the budding astronomer, but perhaps not suitable for someone who already has a good knowledge of the night sky.
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Well one Christmas present is sorted! What a fascinating book. Will be buying this for hubby who had an interest in astronomy as a child, but also for me to share too! This book has something for everyone at every level of interest.  It has details for both southern and northern hemispheres, details of what to look for in the night sky for each month, details of moon phases and various extra information each month. This book will really give us a new interest and enjoyment of a free resource - the sky! Just a brilliant book! 
My thanks  to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me access to an ARC in return for an honest review.
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This is a beautiful guide to help people enjoy the nightly and seasonal events occuring in the cosmos. From meteor showers to comets to eclipses, with guides for identifying constellations and bits of the history and mythology surrounding the heavens, this is both a lovely and useful book
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