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Myths Reimagined: Troy Trilogy, Dionysos & more

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This is a really fantastic collection of audio dramas. They’re all really well produced and have a brilliant cast of voice actors.  

Six plays are included in this collection, the first three tell the well known story of Troy while the last three are a collection of Ancient Greek and Roman tales detailing struggles between religion and state. These last three were less familiar to me.and I found them particularly interesting.

Myths Reimagined is a great way of making these stories more accessible and are perfect for those who are new to Greek mythology, as well as those who are more familiar with it - I only wish there had been more!
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Myths Reimagined was brilliantly written, and the length of each section was great for listening to. 
Sometimes the background music was louder than the spoken words, but all the actors delivered their lines clearly and well-acted which created a great listening experience.
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My thanks to Penguin Random House U.K. Audio/BBC Digital Audio for the unabridged audiobook edition of ‘Myths Reimagined: Troy Trilogy, Dionysos & more’ by Andrew Rissik in exchange for an honest review.

This is a BBC Radio collection that presents six radio plays by Andrew Rissik. First broadcast between 1998-2004, they are full-cast dramatisations that feature a number of well known actors.

The collection is comprised of two cycles each containing three linked plays. The Troy Trilogy focuses on events leading up to and following the fall of Troy. It highlights the personal journeys of key players on both sides of the war. 

The second cycle examines the conflict between religion and state in Greece, Rome, and Judea via the cult of Dionysos, the poet Ovid’s ideas about love and freedom, and the teachings of itinerant preacher Yeshua Ben Youssef.

While I was more drawn to the Troy plays given my interest in Greek mythology, the other three were well presented and thought provoking, especially the links drawn in them between the cult of Dionysos and Christianity. 

I felt throughout that Andrew Rissik was respectful of ancient religion, including the mysteries, as well as the roots of Christianity. The music used was very evocative with special appreciation for Mia Soteriou, whose singing brought an extra dimension to the Troy Trilogy. 

Overall, an excellent collection with high production values. I am very pleased that BBC Digital Audio have been recently releasing these themed collections of their radio dramas.
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I really enjoy listening to audiobooks which I mainly use during walks and chores but I have never listened to audio plays. My experience of this selection was a split one. I enjoyed the Troy Trilogy a lot, but I know the stories well so the numerous actors (and therefore changes of narrator) were entertaining and easy enough to follow, in the main. The sound effects were wonderful and really added to the atmosphere; the music was hauntingly beautiful. The other three plays were stories that I did not know so well at all and I found these quite difficult to follow and enjoy. The changes of voices meant I struggled at times to work out who was speaking and what was going on. On reflection, I wouldn't watch a play on the move, and think this audiobook requires the same sort of attention. If you sat and lost yourself in the production and story, they would be very entertaining and interesting. I like to use audiobooks while I am on the go, so I didn't get the same experience.

I am giving it four star as the quality of the cast and production is excellent, but you will need to pay attention!
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Thank you to Andrew Rissik and Netgalley for this audiobook (if you can call it that?) in return for an honest review.

I love mythology and was really looking forward to listening to the stories reimagined and performed by some of our most well known and loved actors.

I loved this and so enjoyed listening to each tale - I would definitely recommend this to anyone to has an interest in mythology!
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Fantastic ‘Play for Today’ style BBC plays of Greek myths packed full of famous actors. Discover the secret lives of the Gods, kings and their wives. 
No need to say more. 
Thanks to #NetGalley for the opportunity to listen to this audiobook in exchange for an honest review
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What a genuine delight! I am an avid reader of the classics and so whenever there is a 're-imaging' or a 're-telling' of any myths I am instantly drawn to them. I have read some good ones and some not-so good ones. However 'Myths Reimagined  by Andrew Rissik was in my opinion just brilliant.

This adaptation of Troy Trilogy, Dionysus and Ovid is really well-written and the spoken performances together with the music and sound effects were amazing and made for a truly immersive listening. The performances by some well-known actors just add to the enjoyment of listening to this and if you enjoy classics, this is highly recommended. 

The key components and lessons of each of the myths from the classic texts is all there and made fresh and in presented in more accessible language. This idea of maintaining the heart of the original enriching it with authentic syntax and tone further enhances the experience and makes these classic stories more accessible for a wider audience I believe.   

Entertaining, well executed and really enjoyable, you need to set about 1 hour 30 minutes for each interlude so make sure you set-aside some  protected time to listen, and so if there is one criticism I can level at this, it is that perhaps the interludes could have been broken into 45 minute segments instead. Notwithstanding this, this is a fabulous audiobook experience and I would thoroughly recommend it. Just read it, you will love it.
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This collection of radio dramas based on Greek myths and performed by numerous seriously accomplished performers is absolutely superb.  It’s many years since I read the accounts but to hear the events portrayed in a dramatic reconstruction is incredible.

In each tale, the actors narrating the parts really bring the characters to life.  Although it’s narrated, it actually feels as if the performance is visual and that, I believe, is down to the acting talent of those concerned.  This is mire than just a narration of a handful of myths; this is legend brought to life.  It’s memorable, entertaining, well imagined and I found the whole audio totally captivating.  This is the stuff of audio performance and even if you have no interest in myths or history, I recommend this title without reservation. 

My thanks to the publisher for a review copy via Netgalley.
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This is an absolute masterpiece of an audiobook. These incredible stories are given the treatment they deserve, with superb actors who give the tales such an immediacy, such presence. I loved every moment and there's no doubt i'll listen to this many times again. Highly recommended.
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I have been fascinated by the Greek myths, Homer etc since childhood and still can't get enough of them in any form.  These are excellent retellings with an absolutely dream cast of voices.  Thanks to Netgalley.
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Having been a fan of mythology ever since I was a teen, particularly Egyptian with Greek coming in a close second, and after being spoilt by the fabulous Greek Myths series from Stephen Fry, I was eager to get my hands on this new audiobook. 

This is a series of radio retellings of various Greek and Roman myths; including the Troy trilogy, the story of Dionysus, the story of a Roman poet sharing his ideas of love and freedom and finally a preacher who’s challenging the Roman governor of Judea. 

There’s a whole host of narrators lending their voices to this audiobook; some you may know (Michael Sheen, Diana Rigg, David Harewood, Chiwetel Ejiofor) and some you may not know - well I certainly didn’t. These are more like mini audio plays, and for me I didn’t think they translated well into audiobook. I also found some of the sound effects (that may work well in a more traditional play) a little distracting. 

The narrators do well with their scripts, written by Rissik, and whilst I knew a fair amount of the Troy story, I was only vaguely aware of  Dionysus and knew nothing of the Roman stories. 

Other listeners may gel with this more than I did, so do give it a listen if you’re interested.
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This anthology contains 6 plays, featuring varied mythology with an all star cast:

- Trojan trilogy
- Dionysus
- The Art of Love 
- Resurrection 

Personally, I felt that the first 3 were compelling and a definite 5 star listen but was less enamoured with the other 3.

If you are at all interested in the story of Troy this really is a must listen and brings a familiar story to life in a new way.

Dionysus  - eponymous really

The Art of Love - Ovid

Resurrection - Jesus after the crucifixion 

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an audiobook arc in exchange for an honest review.
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This wS a well written and well performed audio book. There is a very large cast which meant each very distinctive character had their own unique voice. Really bring the stories to life, will definitely use foe teaching The Illiad as a good way of getting to grips with the characters
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The first trilogy of plays in this collection centres around the myths of the Iliad and the Trojan war, and I loved the way it fleshed out the characters involved (Helen, Paris, Eonone (Paris’s first wife)), making them complex and their motivations more understandable and sympathetic. As Helen says, “Men do not go to war over women. They go to war for reasons of their own.” These plays were what I wish the BBC adaptation (“Troy”) had been. Incredible actors. Beautifully written and produced.
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I could listen to stories on myths all day long and this adaptation of some well written myths was fab. Amazingly written and acted. The performances were seriously amazing and it made for very easy and enjoyable listening. 

Including the Troy Trilogy, Dionysus, love and resurrection, these audio stories are an immersive experience and a great delve into myths reimagined. 

If you’re a fan of myths, this is a must listen. Entertaining, well executed and really enjoyable. 

My Greek and Trojan history is rather lacking so I have to admit, I was occasionally easy lost within the story and confused the characters and struggled to follow some of the stories but that was more of a fault with me and my lack of prior knowledge that wasn’t fragmented or bitty in regards to these myths. 

The stories included in here definitely helped to bring together some of the things I previously knew but I definitely need to listen to this again! It’s something that would benefit from a re listen too as it’s in depth and intricate enough to keep you listening again and again. 

I got to know more of these stories as it went along and got a feel for the characters throughout the performances. It was a really well done reimagining of some of the greatest myths and stories out there.
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I personally found this to be absolutely flawless. Incredible performances from some of the best actors and actresses you could ever wish to listen to. Sadly some are no longer with us, but their memory will live on in these breath-taking performances.
I did not think anything would ever come close to the BBC's Lord of the Rings dramatizations, but listening to these classic tales takes things to a whole new level.
My personal favourite has to be Dionysos. Listening to Chiwetel Ejiofor, Toby Stephens, Paul Scofield, Diana Rigg, and Roger Allam literally gave me goosebumps. Unbelievable performances from some of the stage and screen greats. 
There is always something magical and spellbinding about the audio versions of classic tales. They seem more alive, and these dramas are passionate and emotionally charged, full of life.
Thank you, Penguin Random House UK Audio, BBC Digital Audio, for the opportunity to listen to them.
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