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The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye, Volume 1

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I did not expect this at first but Im not complaining, I absolutely love it and would enjoy to see volume 2 if there are any. I like the characters and the world they were interesting. the drawings are amazing! i would definitely recommend this.
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Its an isekai adventure manga with game concept. We have a male character who gets transported into a game like setting as he got killed in an accident. He who always get pushed around and was considered weak, decided to make his life better in this new world he entered. He met with a little girl who had sheep horns, known as sheep human that helps him throughout the game. They formed a bond, a relationship where they worked as partners to increase their game xp and as they fought monsters, there is an increase in energy and rank. I found the first volume entertaining and cute. Really like both of the characters presented here as i root for both of them to succeed. The foundation of the adventure are laid but still more need to be explored. So far, really liking the pace of the story.
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Such a good first volume. Good found family trope between this adolescence and the girl and magical powers like in a videogame. Such a cool beginning <3
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This manga isn't exactly what I expected and that's a good thing.
I attempted to read this story a few times, after the first initial chapter, I found the theme off-putting. How casual death and cruelty to others was.

That said, once the story starts and our character Tsuguto enters the new plain the situation of higher ground and fairness, in most respects, changes.

The bond of friendship we see between Tsuguto and Loulier really drives the story, as well as background characters that interact with them.

The cliffhanger at the end of this volume is BRUTAL.
Definenaty need more.

**Thank you to Kodansha Comics and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **
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I don't usually go for isekais (at least not in manga) but once in a while... why not. I wasn't expecting much from The Girl, The Shover, and the Evil Eye because I've never heard about it before. But you know what? It was a pleasant and quick read. Nothing too complicated either. 

Tsuguto Sumihara ends up just like any other isekai protagonist - he dies and gets transported to another world. Simple, right? He has pretty much nothing on him, so the only way to survive is to earn some money. On his way he meets a ram-horned girl, Loulier, who she ends up befriending. And here their adventure begins. 

The art is simple and clean and cutesy at times (especially with Loulier). The mining set up reminded me a lil bit of Meikyuu Black Company, but with a little twist... I am not sure wheter I'll continune with the series or not but first volume was interesting enough to keep me entertained.
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I'm a fan of the stories where the main characters end up in an alternate world, and this was no exception.
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This is a fun fantasy story that also has a really good message about discrimination and friendship. The story is very wholesome, but the characters do face some challenges that many of your readers will connect with. I highly recommend this for both teen and adult graphic novel collections!
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This isekai manga follows Tsugoto, a man who died from being too nice and wakes up in a new, video-game like world. Trying to navigate the mining camp he finds himself in and the new rules of this life, he meets Loulier, a little girl with ram horns who has a knack for finding the best mining spots. After discovering his hidden power, he teams up with her to try and level up and leave his weakness behind. 

I was delightfully surprised by some aspects of this book, and less so by others. Average fans of isekais will most likely enjoy this, but there aren't a ton of "wow" aspects that set this apart from the normal narrative.
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Hmph, I can’t believe I have to wait and see what’s going to happen. I really want to know now!!! I absolutely loved this one!! Loulier is just so adorable and I liked Tsuguto as a main character too. He kind of steps up into being a protector and hero.

The world is like a video game and I just got a huge kick out of the plot. Leveling up and becoming stronger was super entertaining. Throwing in Loulier was simply icing on the cake. She makes a wonderful little sister character. 

I recommend this to manga and graphic novel lovers who are also into video games. But watch out, you’ll want to know what happens next immediately after finishing this one!! I’m dying to read the next one now!!!

Thanks so much to NetGalley, Kodansha, and Chouchouhasshi for the opportunity to read this for my honest and unbiased opinion!!!

Will be posted on my blog and Amazon shortly.
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I was delightfully surprised. I was expecting something ecchi but I'm happy to say it stayed away from anything gross. The story is interesting and it gives me dothack or Sword Art Online vibes but with more of a LitRPG flare. There's the promise of a lot of action and an interesting story and I'd love to keep up with this to find out where it eventually goes.
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Thank you to NetGalley * Kodansha for this

Loulier is very cute with her horns and appearance. Everything about her is so cute and she is a shortie ugh!!! Tsuguto & Loulier looks like big brother and little sister. Well this is another kind of isekai manga. I've read plenty of isekai before and never get bored of them. Bonus point for this manga, it has Loulier the cutie and indeed a nice girl too. I also love Tsuguto, the vibes he  gave was the calm and dangerous vibe. He may look calm but HE IS DANGEROUS! Adding one fictional character to simp right away! I also love the settings of the manga.
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'The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye' by Chouchouhasshi with illustrations by Kayatamaru is a manga which depicts the afterlife as a type of roleplaying adventure.

When Tsuguto Sumihara dies in a bus accident, he wakes up in a mine where desperate miners try to find odd gems.  He finds an ally in a young sheep-girl with a shovel and learns he is tagless, or has no stats.  Before long, he is trying to find gems to survive and fighting monsters to try and level up.

I liked this strange story of dying and waking up as a D&D  character.  The main characters are fun as is the art. 

I received a review copy of this manga from Kodansha Comics and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this manga.
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There are three different categories you could place an isekai series. The first place is the unique pile, where series like KonoSuba and Saga of Tanya the Evil reside. Then there is the generic-yet-interesting category, where you’ll find series like Overlord or How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord. Lastly, there’s the uninspired one, where the dull and tedious series trudge towards a wasteful death. That’s where The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye unfortunately finds itself.

Its story starts out on a somewhat interesting path, as the protagonist Tsuguto dies on a bus rather than being run over by one. As he dies, a punk kid records him bleeding and making fun of him. The final moments of his life enrage Tsuguto, swearing that he’ll get revenge on the guy for laughing at his death. That’s when he wakes up in a cave, unharmed and feeling quite all right.

Tsuguto roams around and finds that he’s no longer in Japan, his surroundings being more medieval European than anything else. While working the mines, he befriends a sheep girl named Loulier, who shows him the ways of the job. After some bonding, Loulier convinces Tsuguto to join the adventurer’s guild and take some missions to earn better coin. There, he learns about his HP, MP, and even a special power: “The Accursed Evil Eye.”

One of the biggest problems with The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye is its overall presentation. Nothing about this series shouts out some sort of wow factor that makes it stand out from the rest of the isekai pack. Tsuguto’s real world death is the only moment that felt interesting enough to gain my attention. But once he’s in the new world, the entire narrative comes to a screeching halt!

It’s a shame, because at the very least the art style looks nice. While not standout-ish, illustrator Kayatamura does a great job showcasing the beauty and the grime of this new world. The character design of Loulier, crafted by artist Chibi, is also very cute, fitting well with her personality. Even the action sequence involving goblins looked pretty good, as it showcases their threat with great stride.

Alas, its writer Chouchouhasshi just can’t pen a good-enough protagonist to shoulder the narrative. Reading through Tsuguto’s day-in-the-life routines caused my eyes to become heavy, to the point where my iPad fell from my grasp and I found myself sleeping sitting up for two hours. Having to soldier through the rest of the volume felt more like a chore than an escape to a fantasy world. The volume ends on a cliffhanger, but the sheer boredom I felt reading through it left me with zero interest to see what happens next!

The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye is very run-of-the-mill. On top of that, its uninspired dialogue and same-as-they-ever-were characters amplifies the story’s blandness. There is a barrel-full of isekai series out there that do things light years better than this series. If you are suffering from insomnia, then reading the first volume of The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye will no doubt cure it!
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Thank you Netgalley and Kodansha Comics for the opportunity to read and review this.

This is a very cute and sweet story! Our main character and hero Tsugoto meets a tragic end and finds himself in a fantasy-like world, where he meets Loulier, a little girl, with whom he forms an alliance in order to level up and survive in this new world. 

I like the art style and the storyline, and definitely looking forward to the next volume!
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OMG! I just finished it and the end... the END! I need book 2 in my hands right now !!

I've been obsessed with Isekai webcomic, mangas and anime for a while now, so when I saw The Girl, the Shovel and the Evil Eye on Netgalley, I knew I had to request it. We follow a teenager named Tsugoto who spent his life licking the boots of other people to live a life without trouble. When a bus accident leads him to his death, he awakens in another world where he meets a Loulier, a little girl, with whom he forms an alliance in order to level up and survive in that world. 

I loved that volume, the drawings are very smooth and pleasant to the eye. Loulier is so cute, her design is lovely and her personality is adorable. Tsugoto is the stereotype of the male protagonist in this kind of story. He reminds me a bit of Naofumi from the rising of the shield hero (whom I'm in love with). 
The story is interesting even if a bit basic, but the end of the volume promise an awesome book 2! I nearly screamed when I saw the last image followed by "to be continued in volume 2". 

In the end, I think I would give this first volume 3.75 or 4 stars. I loved it but it wasn't all that original (so far).
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So I had no clue what I was getting myself into when picking up this book and it started interestingly enough but for some reason when digging, mana, and the whole fantasy world came into play my interests dropped. For some reason fantasy books aren't my thing but I wanted to see this book through though and once I got into it again I couldn't put it down. I liked getting to know Tsuguto and Loulier. Loulier was a eager character but was a slave so couldn't get far but with the help of Tsuguto who knows what could happen? Also with how this book ended I now need the next book immediately because I need to know what's going to happen.
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From the artwork on the cover, I was expecting that "The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye", volume 1 by Chouchouhassha and Kayatamaru, would be isekai manga full of fanservice that I would not enjoy, but it was far from it!

The artwork on the inside is a lot more accessable than I had thought it would be and I instantly enjoyed the RPG-style of the isekai land that the main character, Tsuguto, had ended up in. The way he ended up there is pretty traumatic but also gives his charcter purpose and a goal: to get stronger. Which also just happens to be the point of the RPG-style land he is in. He is helped in his endeavour by a young sheepfolk girl, Loulier, who acts as his guide and mentor in the first few chapters before it is clear that she is a solid friend. I adored Loulier by the end of this first volume and would kill for her, which Tsuguto may just end up having to do!

I liked the characters, the world building, the action, the friendship, and the small elements of comedy thrown in to this first volume, and I very much want to know what happens next!
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Not bad for another isekai. I find the world they built up to be interesting enough, and the general writing is well done enough. My main concerns lie with the main character-- He's as bland as they come with very little personality or quirks. His backstory is interesting but the personality can be easily interchanged. The girl on the other hand, while her personality is the deadpan troupe, she still has more personality than him. Considering the boy and the girl are the only two main characters at this point in time, I hope there's no implied romance between them and they remain platonically friends since she is way underage. There's certainly potential behind this series and I'll be keeping an eye on it, but future volumes need improvement.
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I really enjoyed this and really hope that there will be a second volume. The storyline was really nice and that ending left me wanting more.
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I received an eARC of this title through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

I thought this was a cute start to a manga. Tsuguto is an interesting character. Before his death, there is not a lot known about him. However, it seems like he has become tired of being bullied so maybe the second volume will add to this storyline. However, the way this "afterlife" world acts is like a DnD game. Everyone has stats and special abilities. Tsuguto knows nothing about this until he meets Loulier, a sheepfolk girl who is also in debt to someone. However, all she wants to do is pay off her debt and become a hero. These two team up and form a cute sibling bond. 

I think this manga introduced the series in an appealing way and explained what it needed to for the audience to somewhat understand the world. I think it is a great manga for those interested in gaming nods and fantasy action genre.
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