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The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye, Volume 1

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I received this ARC from Kodansha comics via Netgalley, all opinions in this review are mine.
First of all this is an isekai manga( transmigration to another world) and I love Isekai mangas! This one is another unique addition to this trope. Tsuguto dies and wakes up in another world one were dungeons and adventures are the order of the day. On his first day he saves a young sheep folk girl Loulier who becomes his partner, and thus begins their adventure.
I enjoyed reading this, I think the pace of this manga is perfect and the way it ended leaves the reader expectant for volume 2. I am looking forward to that. I recommend this to people who love isekai trope. It's a good start to this series.
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I enjoyed this. It’s another isekai, which I do feel is over saturating the market right now. However, it’s got a good cast of characters, and Loulier is adorable. I worry that there may be some loli later, but so far any fan service at all has been tame. I’d definitely continue reading this. I really enjoy that the world has video game style stat tracking. That part is kind of fun.
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Rating: 4.25 🌟
First and first, I'd like to express my gratitude to Netgalley and Kodansha Comics for providing me with an e-ARC of this manga.

Loulier and Tsuguto's bonding is something I like to highlight. I admire how quickly they bond, despite the fact that they had only recently met. Tsuguto acts as Loulier's protective older brother. Loulier is such an adorable sheepfolk, ARGH!!!!
Furthermore, towards the end of the manga, the character has undergone significant character development. They grew in strength and boldness.
Altogether, it's an enjoyable read 🤍🥰
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Anime Death Eyes but make it a super power.

I at first thought I'd be super interested in where this series could be going by the dialogue. (I mean a world where the towers of babel never fell, so cool)
Disappointingly it quickly fell into the ruts that every other "modern" Isekai trudges along in and honestly it got worse when the "tag" system was implemented. Especially because there is no logic as to how this Heads Up Display happens in this medieval-isk world.

While I honestly loved Loulier and didn't mind Tsuguto. I don't think I will be continuing with this series specifically because it is just one more isekai in the trash trap that is the market right now.

My first nitpick is the lack of consistency in the currency. The choice of only describing the denominations as Copper Piece, Large Copper Coin, Silver Piece, Large Silver Coins. Which are all part of the currency called "Rahks" (the breakdown being further highlighted in this section.)
But the very next page we already see these four denominations being used inappropriately as the shop keep says a night at the inn would cost Five Silver Coins (5000 Rahks). but in the  very next panel the protagonist breaks this down to 500 Rahks telling us that this merchant should have said Silver Pieces.

The logical choice would be to ask for payment in the form of "2000 Rahks" rather then Two Large Silver Coins
My second problem is with the fact that sheep people don't have kinky hair, more similar to the wool of sheep. hair that is wool is unlikely to look like Loulier's runway curls.
Since we are talking about Loulier, we should talk about her change in elocution from in the cave to after waking up at the apothecary.
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The Girl, the Shovel, and the Evil Eye, Volume 1 is a delectable,  adventurous, imaginative graphic novel, the exciting first in a series which explores bullying and conversely,  the power of the underdog.  The hero suffers and dies without dignity, but instead of going in a splatterpunk gore-laden direction craving for vengeance, he instead demonstrates integrity,  curiosity, determination, and the power of friendship, as well as a desire to right wrongs and bring justice.  I'm eager for the next installment!
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