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It was a fast paced book, which was very intriguing. Lots of twists and turns, but I felt detached from the characters.
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I was definitely interested in reading this book, but my mind wasn’t really in it. From what what I did read, I found the story to be very interesting and loved the idea of its premise.
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I didn't hate nor love this book, it was so-so. I really liked it in the beginning but then it started to lose my interest a little. There were a few parts where I felt that it seemed to just go on. Also there was a character that had a southern accent and instead of writing what the accent would sound like, the author wrote what the character meant to say and then after the characters line the author wrote what it would sound like in the characters accent. It was like a reverse translation.

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I love how gripping the opening scene. All the mystery and and the anticipation of what will happens next. I thinks this is just a so-so read for me. As someone into mystery/thriller this is a very cliche crime. I thinks Its more enjoyable for someone who is a beginner in mystery genre. This on will be it. I will recommend it for someone who wants a light mystery/crime genre.
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I AM ALWAYS HERE FOR SOME DARK NET / MYSTERY STORIES!!!! scary but very entertaining. I keep mostly my head in romance books but it’s always a pleasure to get out and read some cop/thriller/polar fiction
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC for an exchange for an honest review. 

Interesting read, definitely recommend it.
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The love this brother has for his younger sister is so incredibly heart-warming. This book has so much to offer. It has a wonderful sibling relationship, action, murder, FBI, and so many things in between. I absolutely adored this book!
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Serpent Loop is really imaginative and interesting. It's a really great read and the content is well-written and action filled.
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This read was SO fast paced. I almost struggled to keep up with how fast this plotline was because things were happening left, right and centre! It's action packed, clever and flows nicely, and despite how quick and short this read is, you as the reader still feel as though getting to know the characters wasn't too rushed and you had a good sense of them. 

Short quick chapters make reading this a breeze where there are no boring info dumps, rather action, action, action. However where you'd expect at the end, a huge crime and bloody battle that spans for pages, you really just get a closing scene that lasts a page. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. I think I would've preferred a more elaborate ending. 

Thanks to NG for the chance to read this copy
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Serpent Loop is the third novel by American author, Lynne Lipinski, and is a sequel to Bloodlines. In an effort to support his fifteen-year-old half-sister, Lettie, Zane Clearwater is working two jobs: maintenance at the zoo in Tulsa, and security for the xx carnival at yy. It’s at the latter venue that he is too late to prevent the stabbing murder of Wally Zittman. It reminds him rather too much of his father’s death, but what worries him most is that Lettie seems to know the victim. 

After a bit of internet searching, he sees a clip of the knife attack that shows the murderer, so goes to see the only cop he trusts, Detective Angus Poster, who recognises him as a known felon. When it becomes clear that said felon is looking for Lettie, Zane whisks her away to safety, wondering all the while just what she has gotten mixed up in, and feeling guilty for not raising her better.

When Lettie goes missing, Zane teams up with her boyfriend, Angel in a chase through the seedier areas of Los Angeles that entails encounters with characters benevolent and malevolent in equal measure, the exposure of the façade presented by a past friend, being tailed by a killer, and making a deal with the FBI that could be quite dangerous.

Lipinski’s characters have depth and appeal, with Zane’s Cherokee heritage adding interest. Her plot is imaginative, with plenty of action leading up to a tension-filled climax. While there is sufficient recap of events in the first book to allow this book to stand alone, there are necessarily many spoilers for Bloodlines, so reading the books in order is recommended. The ending leaves plenty of scope for further books featuring this cast. Enjoyable crime fiction.
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An unpredictably woven wrongdoing show thrill ride with a ton of heart, Serpent Loop is a completely engaging perused that gives rushes and dramatization in abundance. Creator Lynn Lipinski burns through brief period in getting the plot going and fills it with a lot of exciting bends in the road to keep you inundated all through the pages. The characters are complicated people confronting clashes that are grounded in all actuality. Zane's relationship with his sister and his assurance to ensure her no matter what is the essential clash that drives the account forward. I tracked down their dynamic reasonable, and it adds an additional a layer of profundity to the story. I would prescribe Serpent Loop to anybody inspired by character-driven wrongdoing show thrill rides.
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Serpent Loop by Lynn Lipinski

Zane Clearwater witnessed a man being killed at a carnival. 
Seeing this kind of evil was a reminder of the dark past he wanted to forget about. 
Even for his teen sister Lettie. 
Seeing the look on his sister's face he knows she is somehow involved.
Seeing how he is her sole guardian and all she has left he has to protect her no matter what is takes. 
Even though it could compromise his future as a police officer.
Lettie is basically a genius with her computer skills and used those skills for some dirty work on the dark web. 
Now that they are in jeopardy and some serious trouble bad things have come for them. 
Lettie leaves for California and Zane plunges on a venture. 
Has trouble caught up to him or can he finally put it all behind him? 

This was absolutely intoxicating, from the first page too the last.
A fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat tale that quickly grabs your attention and keeps you captivated through til the end.
This book is filled with interesting characters that have a flaws and struggles that are very believable.
I found the descriptions very realistic, the dialogue believable and interesting and clearly carefully written and edited. 
I would gladly read another novel by this author. Highly recommended!
Thank you again Publisher, NetGalley and Lynn for this eARC!
I will post to my platforms closer to the pub date!
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This is the second book in the series.

Zane Clearwater is working at the carnival. A fight breaks out and a man is murdered. This brings Zane painful past to the forefront of his. Zane was hoping to put the past behind him and his sister Lettie. Zane is Lettie's guardian. Somehow Zane knows Lettie is involved in what went on at the carinval. Zane will protect Lettie at all costs even that means giving up his idea of becoming a police officer.

Zane knows Lettie has genius computer skills and was hoping it would get her into college but Zane discovers Lettie has being using this skills for questionable schemes on the dark web. 

When Lettie decides to run to California. Zane decides to go after her but he isn't the only person after Lettie. Will Zane be able to protect Lettie and will their bond break for ever. 

I didn't know this book was the second book in the series. I would advise to read the first book as I felt that I missed out on a lot of Zane's and Lettie past.

This is mystery/thriller but also character driven book. 

The relationship between Lettie and Zane is heartwarming at times. Zane is now Lettie's guardian and at times has his doubts at how well he doing as her guardian. Even though Lettie is in trouble the first thing does is protect Lettie at all costs. By the end of the book Zane and Lettie is stronger than every as brother and sister. 

There is plenty of tension and action in the book as we join Zane, Lettie and Angel trying to solve the predicament  Lettie and Angel find themselves in. There are twists and turns and one big suprise in the book  but I won't go into detail about that in case I spoilt it. 

I did like Angel as well, who is Lettie's boyfriend in the book. At first we see him from Zane's POV at the start of the book and he doesn't paint a great picture of Angel but the more you read about Angel the more reader and Zane can see how much he cares about Lettie. 

I'm not sure if we see the characters again in another book as this one ends up on a mostly happy note for the characters. 

I will be keeping my eye out for more books from Lynn Lipinski

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Book Blurb) Witnessing a murder at the carnival he works for was a painful reminder of Zane Clearwater’s dark past. He had hoped all that was behind him, but one look at the fear on his sister Lettie’s face and he’s right back in the thick of it. Even if means jeopardizing his dream of becoming a police officer, he’s desperate to protect her at all cost.

But Nettie has a secret .. one she's keeping from her brother. She's been working on the dark web in questionable schemes that have landed her in serious trouble.

There's plenty of action, a murder, a cross-country chase, with cops and FBI following every step of the way. Bedlam and confusion keeps all the characters on the move ..... with resulting twists and turns leading to a most interesting and satisfactory conclusion. The characters are finely drawn. Although 2nd in the series, this can easily be read as a stand alone.

Many thanks to the author / Independent Book Publishers Association / Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction. Read and review voluntarily, opinions expresses here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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The Review

The author did a fantastic job of grabbing the reader's attention with a gripping opening scene. While this book seems to be a continuation of the author’s first book, Bloodlines, this narrative does an amazing job of connecting the two books while still allowing new readers to jump into the story headfirst without having read the first book. The suspense and atmosphere are adrenaline-fueled as the reader is treated to twists and turns galore and the original crime spirals into something the protagonist could not have seen coming.

What was captivating the most was the balance the author found with this twisted narrative with the emotional and realistic journey the protagonist went on. Between trying to solve the mystery of what caused this violent altercation to turn into murder, to trying to bond and figure out the complicated issues his little sister has gotten into in her teenage years, and the struggle to find his life’s purpose all at the same time is something many readers are going to be able to identify with and makes for truly engaging reading overall.

The Verdict

A marvelous, entertaining, edge-of-your-seat thriller, author Lynn Lipinski’s “Serpent Loop” is the must-read crime thriller you have to be reading this fall. Beautifully written and highly creative, the author has delivered a narrative that feels real and magical all at once and brings a true depth of emotional development for these characters that readers won’t be able to help themselves from feeling a bond with them.
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A lovely blend between character and plot focus, Lynn Lipinski has a natural gift for storytelling! I was riveted from page 1 and pulled in by the cutthroat universe. A fantastic read for both fans of thrillers and those looking to dip their toes in.
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Really liked the writing style and the descriptions are immaculate! Would definetly recommend it :)
Looking forward to read more from this author!
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I really enjoyed this book, it was suspenseful  and full of mystery as well as at the same time having a certain  level of hope and felt at times heartwarming, which was a different element than other thrillers and one that I think really worked. I found the characters endearing and had to know what haooened to them, I devoured it.
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this was a great mystery novel, the setting for the mystery was well done and the characters were well done. I'd be interested to see where the author goes from here as I really enjoyed this book.
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