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Love Meghan Quinn so much. I totally believe that you should go into this book completely blind! That’s what I wish I did because wow! The six POVs was brilliant and so seamlessly woven and kept me wanting more. I could almost imagine it as a little mini series with the great banter and humor throughout :)
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Always love a good Meghan Quinn book and loved this one just as much. So much family drama and hot relationships.  Meghan has done an amazing job bringing all the characters together and drawing you in to be a part of their lives! 5 stars!
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This book is funny, heartfelt and has Author Meghan Quinn's signature memorable awkward moments that happen to her characters that leave you going OMG.
I liked the development of the Martin and Peggy's relationship. great build up and loved the ending.
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4 1/2 STARS

If you're familiar with the early books of Meghan, then you know she would write several POVs and I actually missed it. It always puts so much more into play this way. I was excited to read this book and she didn't miss a beat.

The family dynamic was great. It showed its normal to have problems. All that matters is how you handle it. I'm not sure which couple I enjoyed learning about each couple and their chemistry.

This book made me happy and I definitely recommend it.
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Meghan Quinn is one author that I know isn't afraid to tackle more than one relationship journey in a book. In The Reunion, she tackles three! From the first page to the last, I couldn't stop reading. I love that Meghan Quinn knows how to balance heart & humor.

I voluntarily reviewed this book.
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This was a very ambitious book for Meghan Quinn to write because of the 6 POVs and 3 couples featured here, but it worked really well! It was a little confusing at first to see who she was talking about, but it got easier as I got more invested into the story. 

Other things I loved?
❤️ the quirky parents, Peggy and Martin. Their sense of humor made me LOL at parts and I loved how they tried to get their kids to learn from their mistakes on their own. 
❤️ Ford and Larkin 😍😍😍 out of the 3 couples, they were my favorite! I want them to get their own book, because I could read about them all day long. 
❤️ the messages of family, acceptance, and forgiveness. I am super close with my family and I could resonate with many of the characters’ struggles, especially with sibling dynamics. All 3 siblings showed a lot of growth during the story which was nice to see. 

Overall, if Meghan Quinn writes it, I’ll devour it, and this was no exception. Now I’m off to read the novella prequel featuring Cooper and Nora’s one night stand!
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I am a huge fan of Meghan Quinn books, they always manage to make you laugh and you always get that contented feeling after. 
I’m so unsure on my feelings for The Reunion. 
For me this was missing that light hearted fun that we always get with Meghan Quinn books. 

What I liked: 
The setting
Ford and Larkin 
The parents 

What I dislike: 
The constant fighting between the siblings.
The 6 POVs

This was a disappointing read for me. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all. I couldn’t really connect to the characters because each chapter we constantly switched POV. Which then in turn made it hard to enjoy the story. 
Hopefully the next Meghan Quinn book is better!
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For me this was a unique read!! I have never read a book with multiple point of views, multiple storylines but guess what? It worked!! 

I felt like I was part of the Chance family and following all the drama and the adventure!

Cooper, Ford and Palmer , together , represent for real what a family reunion looks like! Laughs, arguments, drama and so much more. 

You need to go and grab this book! Loved it! 

Arc kindly provided by Montlake on Netgalley
Was this review helpful? hadn’t read a book by Meghan Quinn yet & my friend @literaticlari kept urged me to do so, so I snagged THE REUNION when it was available as a Read Now title on NetGalley from Montlake. I had forgotten about it sitting on my shelves until I saw it at my local library when I was searching for backlist books for a readathon I've been participating in - focusing on grabbing physical copies of titles on my shelves to get read + reviewed!

I am SO glad I picked this one up, I absolutely LOVED all the different characters and points of view. SIX! Which seems so crazy, but I was blown away at how well Quinn wrote each and every character with enough personality to make each one different as she kept the story moving along scene by scene.

For me the concept of the book was spot on, three siblings returning home for their parents anniversary, each bringing their individual problems and insecurities forced to work together to plan their party. Laugh, cry and get all caught up in their feelings as Chance, Cooper and Palmer navigate life, love and growing up. What I loved most was how each of the characters had flaws that were impacting the whole family, and how Quinn created settings and scenes that gave us glimpses into those problems and how to move on.

"It's about time you stopped dreaming and started creating. Don't wait for things to happen for you- make them happen ..."

Each of the points of views shows the family dynamic from their individual perspective, how they see each other, what they wish the others would see from them and it made them all endearing and relatable. So many noteworthy moments that made me feel a part of the family, as they fail one another and learn to pick up the pieces to grow forward in their personal and professional lives. For me all three siblings have the perfect match in their love interests, and reading it all come together was just beautiful.

Can’t wait to read more by Quinn, this certainly made me want to check out more of her work!
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Meghan Quinn took you through 3 siblings falling love and making peace with childhood scars.  The story was cute and the ending made my heart verry happy..  Thank you for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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Beautiful reunion with amazing characters and a love story that I just couldn’t get enough of throughout the book. I loved the steamy scenes and the family interaction overall. It felt so good and real everything in this story and I loved that
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The Reunion was a heartfelt romance that made me laugh, smile, and swoon!  I love anything Meghan Quinn writes and The Reunion did not disappoint!
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I've had mixed feelings about Meghan Quinn's books, and yet I keep trying them! So many friends rave about her books, but unfortunately The Reunion just didn't hold my attention. With all the different POV it didn't feel like as much of a romance as I prefer.
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As Martin and Peggy celebrate their fiftieth anniversary their children must come together and get over their dislike for each other. They may even find that lasting love that their parents have found along their journey.

This book is full of steamy scenes and getting past old family disputes and falling in love. I would recommend this book for any romance lover who wants an easy read with a little bit of substance.
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I loved The Reunion. Meghan Quinn is one of my one-click authors so I jumped into this one without reading the blurb. The first thing I noticed was that this one was a long one and got a little scared because I'm not a big fan of long books but I was hooked on the Chance siblings right from their email exchanges in the Prologue. We get six POVs in this one with 3 couples and it just flowed perfectly. I loved all of the characters. This family was fun and seeing the relationships between the couples build was great.
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I was introduced to Cooper and Nora in the novella The One Night. Along with these two there were also his parents which were hilarious. Cooper’s brother Ford and sister Palmer appeared as well but via text. 

The Reunion is all about the Chance Family. Every member plays a part in this story. I was most invested in Cooper and Nora and it’s mainly because I got the beginning of their story in the novella. I felt a connection with them already. 
The other characters, members of the Chance family were great too but I didn’t care as much about them. 

The 6 POV definitely played a part in the lack of my enjoyment of The Reunion. It was too many for my taste. It ruined the flow of the story. I would get into a part of the story and then the next chapter would change to a different character. That’s a personal preference. 

Overall I liked The Reunion but it wasn’t my favorite for the author.
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I  have been so excited for the Reunion and the minute Brilliance Audio sent me my early copy I was ON IT!! This story held more emotional elements than most of Meghan Quinn’s books. Having 3 different relationship perspectives didn’t overwhelm me at all. I found myself falling for each and every one of them. Ford, Cooper, and Palmer are all siblings (the Chance siblings) and are tasked with putting on an anniversary party for their parents. Old rivalries pop up and everything begins to fall apart for each of them. Can they put aside past dramas, old jealousies, and self-doubt to fix their issues? Quinn was brilliant. This story is bursting with tenderness, an emotional element that I didn’t expect from Quinn… funny since I’ve read The Blue Line and The Perfect Duets.

So, it isn’t as light and as fun as some of Quinn’s other books but this one is just as brilliant. I felt something from this novel with the siblings all struggling to find their place. It resonated with me. I loved that each of the 6 perspectives had their own narrator. The narrators Lidia Dornet, Teddy Hamilton, Laurie West, Rock Engle, CJ Bloom, and Stephen Borne all did an excellent job. They really seemed to get the characters they played and brought them to life.
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I really enjoyed the prequel novella to this, The One Night so I was super excited to read this but I ended up not loving it. 

This story is told from 6 different POVS. The constant jumping around and cliffhangers were very irritating at times. 

The bickering between the siblings and all the family drama was such a hot mess but it was pretty entertaining. If you aren’t a fan of family drama, I suggest skipping this. 

Palmer was honestly so annoying. Like all of the siblings were pretty terrible but she takes the cake. 

The last 40% of this book was so irritating and I almost DNF’ed a few times.
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Having got a taster of what was to come in The Reunion when I read The One Night I was keen to get started. Reading this book reminded me of when I first started reading Meghan's work over 5 years ago. Her writing has progressed a lot and she handled the multiple POV's this book has with ease. As the plot is centred around the Chance siblings they pop up in each others chapters and there is a running family party plot that links them all together. So I found the switching between 6 POV's quite easy to follow here and cohesive overall for the book's structure.
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This wasn’t one of my favorites from Meghan Quinn, but it still was good.  I think there were too many POV’s for my taste.  It became a little overwhelming when chapters changed.  You would get into a part of the story and then the next chapter would switch you to different characters/stories.  It made it hard to fall in love with the characters fully since they were continuously changing.  I feel this book would have been better as three separate books.  I have heard that the audio has six different narrators so I may give it another try in that format.
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