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It Can't Be True! Human Body!

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Because I can’t read this on my kindle I cannot read/rate it! I really think it need to be advertised if a book cannot be downloaded to a kindle.
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This book is perfect for younger students and adults alike.  Packed with so much information but layed out in an easy to follow way.  Text is to the point but interesting. 
Amazing graphics.  I personally loved the photos from the electron microscopes.  A perfect gift for any child. 
Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC
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I love DK books and this one didn't disappoint! To start with the cover is catchy. I love how the book is set out in sections. The colours are all bright, the illustrations are cool and the facts are amazing! This book is definitely one for the bookshelf. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This is highly pictorial, as pretty much all DK books are, well produced, as pretty much all DK books are... and yet not really pitched right.  I guess it's still for children, but for an older audience than their normal well-illustrated books, and it's blatantly trying to convey science through the wacky data, the factoid to befuddle and the allusion to amaze.  But do I live any better now I know that all the head hair from one human lifetime, laid end to end, would stretch from London to Berlin?  Not a blind bloody bit – and I am a sucker for the good bit of trivia.  "If your cells were as big as a grain of rice you'd be the size of the Empire State Building" - no, you'd be dead, love.  "A lifetime's wee fills a seven-metre long swimming pool."  I'm sorry but that's the most one-dimensional factoid out there.

This, then, is titillation for teens – and not a good variety of it, either.  Could have been so much better.
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Amazing facts about the human body written in concise sentences and accompanied by lots and lots of colorful diagrams, illustrations, infographics and some stunning electron microscope images. 

Children and adults alike will enjoy this book. In fact, it would make a wonderful book for a parent to go through together with a young child. Really a marvellous addition for a home library.

I would have appreciated some info about the writers’ credentials or a bibliography of resources though. But still a most impressive publication.

Love it!
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