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S is for Seal

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I was positively surprised with this picture book. I expected very simple one, I got pretty pictures and not-so-obvious inside. Very well presented for children, both them and parent can lear a lot.
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I read this book with my four-year-old daughter who is currently in her first year (Reception) at school and learning her phonics and letters so this book was a massive hit with her.

She liked learning the facts and the illustrations were perfect for the book too.

We have the whole alphabet to work through now and she is really looking forward to it!  I love a book as a mum that gets her involved and one that she learns from as well as being interactive.

It is 5 stars from us for this one – very highly recommended and one she can go back too and reread herself too when she is a little older and a little more developed on the reading front!
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A whole shelf of these would both (a) take up some room indeed and (b) be of much use.  This volume looks at both words beginning with S and the seals that are in all the illustrations, so we see them smiling, sleeping, swimming, and so on – and so get to know a bit about the creatures as well as possible S-words.  S then is for stone, for this kills two birds with one of them.
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Another cute book in the animal alphabet set. This time S is for Seal. Super cute with lots of facts and words beginning with the letter S. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Fantastic range of books!
This one is probably my favourite so far as it's S for Seals.
After visiting a Seal Sanctuary in the summer, me and my children have a bit of a soft spot for Seals, vso these fun facts, alongside the cute illustrations made it a great read.
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