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Never Fall for your fiancée" is an enjoyable and entertaining romp. Ms. Heath is a talented historical romance author and this book in a new series does not disappoint.

Hugh Standish has invented and wildly embellished a fake fiancée to prevent his mother from continued matchmaking. She currently resides in America but had enlisted her friends to help in her cause.

As the story opens, Hugh learns his mother is coming to England to meet his fiancée Minerva and he is at his wits end as Minerva doesn't exist. When he runs into and rescues a woman and finds out her name is actually Minerva, he feels it is fate and offers to pay her to pretend to be his fiancée for the duration of his mothers visit. Minerva and her sisters are penniless and although it goes against her moral code, she agrees to the scheme.

Of course, things don't go smoothly and hijinks ensue.

I really enjoyed this story but did have a bit of a quibble with Hugh and his insistence that it was part of his heritage to be a horrible husband and therefore did not ever want to marry. You can tell from the beginning that he is a decent, caring guy. The conflict went a bit over long.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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new Virginia Heath book has landed, and it’s blooming marvellous!!

I have been an avid reader of Virginia Heath’s books right from day one, I have read every single one of her books (unless one has passed me by while I was walking around looking at clouds or something) and hand on heart this is by far one of the very best (obviously a certain Jamie Warriner will forever be locked against my heart). I have always loved her marvellously witty sense of humour which she purs like molten chocolate in her stories, I have felt that a few of her latest offerings have been missing something, nothing huge just something was missing but this one has all the magic plus much more that I fell in love with from day one. As I say, it’s easily one of her very best!

Never Fall for Your Fiancee is the first book in the marvellous Regency-set; Merriwell Sisters series and what a fabulous first look into what is going to be a stonking great fun series. It tells the stories of the three Merriwell sisters; Minerva, Diana and Vee. I am super excited to follow these three sisters through this new series, I know it’s going to be a wonderful adventure.

In this first book we see them down on their luck, eldest sister Minerva is having to keep their little family together after their useless father has upped and deserted a sinking ship. The image of a rat swimming ashore springs to mind at that feckless piece of human excrement (apologies for my language). So, our Minerva is left high and dry to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Hugh has spent the last two years trying to keep his match-making mother at arm’s length and keep her interfering ways at bay, so he comes up with the perfect way to stop her from finally having him trapped in vicars mousetrap. He fakes a fiancee, but this isn’t of a cuff comment of ‘oh, I’ve found myself a fiancee’ he goes to town with the lies, even going so so as faking love letters between them. Yup, our boy is pretty desperate to keep his mama at bay!

His plan was working to perfection that is until mother dearest decides that she is coming back to England from America to help with the wedding and to meet his fiancee – eep!! He is well and trully in trouble now, with no fiance and mother who has one thing on her mind bobbing her way over the sea, he’s dug himself into a very deep hole and lost the ladder to climb out – while at the top of the hole stands a laughing Giles (I can’t wait for him to be brought down a peg or two).

While he is rather sullenly walking around London, he comes across a beautiful damsel in distress who is demanding what is due to her, he may be a selfish rake but even he has a mediocre sense of right and he is a gentleman (of some sort) he jumps in saves the day and then makes her an outrageous offer which sets the ball rolling for a hilarious set of events to come.

I really, really liked Minerva, she is a strong, determined, resilient woman who I connected with instantly. I loved her artistic side, her skill of advertisements and wood stamping something which she would love to earn a good living. It is while she is trying to get payment from one of her adverts that a handsome rake appears out of nowhere and helps her.

I loved Hugh, he really did dig himself in deep he made all these huge messes and now is in despair when all those balls he’s juggling trying to live the life he wants comes crashing down around his head. He wants nothing to do with the marriage mart and only has minds for fun and frivolity. But, I had a sense of something else about his personality looming beneath the surface, he doesn’t want to end up like his father, he doesn’t want to disappoint and make any wife miserable – he also thinks being a Standish he will end up just like those who came before him. Which is a way of explaining why he is such a mess, confused, emotionally fractured, out of his comfort zone and just wanting to sit in a darkened room alone with a glass of something! He never expected to find himself amongst the chaos he ends up living over the course of the weeks they put on this charade and amongst the chaos and madness and the hilarity a frisson of romance blossoms something else he neither wanted nor expected.

The romance between them is in one word, fun. The banter is off the charts, it’s wonderfully quick with a perfectly posed wry humour, both our couple gives as good as they get. This is what Virginia Heath is the queen off, sizzling, laughing out loud and charmingly tongue in cheek humour which will leave you giggling as much as sighing

I love the eclectic and at times outlandish cast of characters, especially the hilariously drunken actress who is hired to play the mother of Minerva and her sisters. I laughed so much through those scenes, she is an absolute hoot. You also have Giles; Hugh’s best friend and fellow rake, I do want to see him being pinned down and put through hell, and Minerva’s sister’s; Diana and Vee are wonderful, the three sisters are so different and yet they are such a strong little team, I know we are going to have lots of fun with those two.

The plot is brilliantly bonkers, it’s highly entertaining and so much fun it has all the feels of a classic rom-com movie, think along the lines of Leap Year and French Kiss mixed with a good old Carry On. All we need now is an ‘Oooh Matron’ or an ‘In for me, in for me..‘ moment and we have it all. Above all this book just leaves you feeling happy – plus having to stitch the side back together with all the giggling.

Never Fall for your Fiancee is a laugh out loud romantic and deliciously charming comedy, it’s has misguided wring turns, hilarious bloopers and trouble and strife at every corner, plus amongst all the good-hearted fun you have two people who at first glance really shouldn’t be even in the same room as each other, but they just work. Both are acting to be what they are not and both find the truth of the other far more alluring. It’s a sweet slow-burning romance, it’s not a boom set eyes on each other and let’s have a good old romp in the bushes, their romance blossoms at a natural pace throughput and when they do finally get on with it, it’s sensuous and endearing.

This is rollicking good fun and highly entertaining. Wonderful characters, who will make you swoon and laugh, an imaginative and original plot that speeds along at break-neck pace and marvelous rich and glittery historical detail. Overall, a real winner, I can’t wait for book two!
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This was a fantastic historical rom com I’ve read. Beautiful written with so much drama and great story plot.
I loved the characters they made me laugh such a perfect read I needed everyone going to love this one 💖
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The first third or so of this was hilarious and so much fun (utterly ridiculous but a lot of fun) but as the book progressed I found myself liking it less and less and struggling to connect with either of the MC's but particularly Hugh- I found I didn't like him at all and Minerva began to grate on me, unfortunately.

I didn't connect with any of the characters really although I did find Diana intriguing. The plot was amusing and interesting but it wore a bit thin after a while and didn't work as well as I was hoping.

Overall this was a pretty fun book with some really great elements but I do feel it fell short of my expectations. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this in exchange for a review.
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Never Fall For Your Fiance is the first book in Virginia Heath’s new series, The Merriwell Sisters. I am such a huge fan of historical romance novels and pair it up with a “fake romance/fiance” trope and I most definitely will need to read it. Heath kept me up all night just so I could finish this wonderfully hilarious story.

Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham has pretty much sworn off all relationships at least of the marrying sort. He is content to sow his oats with a dalliance here and there, but his mother has other ideas. She wants Hugh married and pronto. So, what does a desperate earl do to keep his mother at bay? He creates a fake fiance, named Minerva! But, when Hugh’s mother decides to sail across the ocean to welcome his fiance into the family, Hugh has to think fast before his lies become apparent. Lucky for him, he saves a damsel in distress who happens to be named Minerva! Add in an actress and Minerva’s sisters and you have one laughter filled story in your hands.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book and found myself laughing at quite a number of scenes. Hugh really got himself really in deep with his ruse and between him and his friend Giles, they painted a very odd and laughable story including a few err….poems all centering around Hugh and Minerva’s love match. I had to shake my head after laughing over the things these two did and said. Minerva, on the other hand, is like a breath of fresh air. ZShe is a struggling artist taking care of her two younger sisters. They are not technically orphans, but they may as well be. So, when Minerva meets Hugh, his offer of playing his fake finance could not have come at a better time. I loved the sparks between these two and the witty banter back and forth. It was easy to see that Hugh was going to fall and fall hard for Minerva. 

If you love a fun story, full of laughter and romance, then you definitely do not want to miss Virginia heath’s Never Fall For Your Fiance.
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I tend to go for contemporary romance, while my mother is a big fan of anything historical- she has been trying for years to get me read her favourite authors. This time I can absolutely agree with her that historical romance can be utterly delightful and extremely entertaining. Virginia Heath’s book has everything I’m looking for in a romantic comedy- well-developed characters, both main and secondary, a complex storyline (but not too complicated to make the reader feel they are literally ‘losing the plot’) and a great sense of humour, reminiscent of Oscar Wilde.
If the fake engagement trope is one of your favourites, you’re going to love the story of Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham, who ‘accidentally’ invented a fiancee (called Minerva, a very wise choice all considered) to placate his well-meaning, interfering mother. She finally found love and is living her own HEA overseas, from where she is conspiring to do everything possible to make Hugh experience a similar marital bliss. It isn’t that Hugh doesn’t believe in matrimony – he just thinks that the philandering blood of his father runs in his veins and not wanting to break a poor woman’s heart, he doesn’t want to tie himself with marriage vows. Hence the invention of the mythical Minerva and this fantastic plan has worked so well for two years. But now that his mother is about to bestow her presence on Hugh, he has a slight problem- he needs to find a fake fiancee. He can’t believe his luck when he meets Minerva Merriwell, who is in a desperate need for means to support her two younger sisters. All she will have to do is pretend to be Hugh’s fiancee for a short time. You know how it is all going to end? well yes, but the young couple’s road to happiness is filled with so many delightful complications. Oh what a tangled web we weave….

I loved the connection, the sizzling chemistry between the protagonists and of course all the shennaigans of the supporting characters. The book was very entertaining and the narrative just flowed so easily to make it impossible to put down this fabulous romcom.

Highly recommended. I’m already looking forward to the next story in this lovely series.
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Let’s be honest fake engagements are never the best idea, so many things can and inevitably will go wrong. However Never Fall for Your Fiancée takes this to the extreme not only providing the reader with a fun experience but also a highly entertaining story!

I really enjoyed getting to know both Hugh and Minerva. Hugh had such a charming personality and even though he was going to extreme lengths to fake an engagement he still had that loveable quality. Minerva was also very likeable with a resilient and caring personality. Her determination to care and provide for her sisters is how she finds herself in the position of fake fiancée to Hugh. I really found myself rooting for this pair! Although it’s safe to say that all of the characters brought something to the story, whether it be drama or laughs. However I do have to give a special mention to one of the characters and that is Payne, the butler. I loved his witty banter with all of the characters but especially Hugh!

There were so many moments throughout this book where I had a smile on my face and where I couldn’t help but giggle. I was also kept on my toes not quite sure where the story was going to go next. As the characters were pulled even further into a farcical and out of control situation. Along with the fact that Hugh and Minerva couldn’t be together without sparks of sizzling chemistry flying. Never Fall for Your Fiancée was romantic, fun and filled with so many entertaining moments. I’m already eager to catch up with the Merriwell sisters again!
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Never Fall for Your Fiancée is the book I didn't see coming from Virginia Heath and exactly the one I needed. I've enjoyed her historical romances with their adventure, depth of emotion, and well-developed characters. This newest novel has all three plus the added layer of impeccably-timed romantic comedy. I laughed and grinned my way through the entire book. It's so much fun.

Fake engagement is one of my favorite tropes and, boy howdy, do Minerva and Hugh find themselves in quite the romantic pickle with theirs. The twists and turns (not to mention their changing fictitious relationship details) keep them on their toes, especially when they have to deal with Hugh's mother's many attempts to trip them up which creates some hilarious scenes. That hilarity is well balanced, though, with a sweetly evolving emotional attachment between Hugh and Minerva. I really enjoyed these two together.

Hugh's best friend Giles, Minerva's sisters, and Hugh's opinionated, long-time butler all bring more humor, and emotion, to the process. I can't wait to discover what Heath has planned for Minerva's sisters and am hopeful we'll see both Giles and Hugh's butler in the books to come.

If you enjoy historical romance, laugh-out-loud comedy, pitch-perfect banter, main characters who tug at your heartstrings, and an ensemble secondary cast that is pure gold, don't miss Never Fall for Your Fiancée by Virginia Heath. It's one of my favorite books this year and going straight to my comfort read keeper shelf to revisit whenever I need an emotional boost. I loved it!

*ARC received from Rachel's Random Resources via NetGalley for fair and unbiased review
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The first in a new historical rom-com series, Never Fall For Your Fiancée by Virginia Heath is an utterly heartwarming and hilarious romp through regency England—fans of Julia Quinn are going to love this! 

The last thing Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham wants is a wife. Unfortunately for him, his mother is determined to find him one even from across the other side of the ocean. So, he decides to invent a fiancée in hopes it’ll keep her at bay. But when Hugh gets word his mother’s on a ship bound for England he realises his lies are about to catch him out. 

That is, until he meets Minerva, who just might be the miracle he needs…

Minerva has had to struggle to support herself and her sisters after their father abandoned them five years ago. Yet work as a woodcut engraver is hard to come by and the Merriwell sisters are on the verge of eviction. So when Hugh asks her to pose as his fiancée whilst his mother is visiting, a ludicrous scheme for certain —the offer is too good to refuse. 

But once she and her sisters’ arrive at Hugh’s estate,nothing seems to go according to plan. As hilarity and miscommunication ensues with everyone trying to keep their stories straight, Hugh and Minerva’s fake engagement turns into a real romance. But can they trust one another when their relationship began with a lie?

This was absolutely amazing and I can honestly say I love every second of it! The fake dating trope was incredibly well done, as was the wonderfully pleasant regency setting. I loved the little historical details such as the mention of Hermits (old bearded men who were paid to live in the gardens of aristocrats’ country estates) which I found totally hilarious.

I thought the characters were all utterly charming and I found myself loving so many of them (Giles, Diana-Minerva’s sister,Olivia-Hugh’s mother and Payne the 
Butler were just a few of my faves.) But, it’s the swoonyworthy romance between Hugh and Minerva that I really makes this great, not to mention how amazing the flirty conversations,witty banter and romantic tension between them was. 

I also really loved that Minerva wasn’t the typical society miss but a complete outsider from a differing social class which was altogether refreshing—especially given every other Regency Romance seems to involve the headstrong daughter of a lord/earl/duke.

I definitely feel Virginia Heath’s new series is the perfect blend of humour and romance that Bridgerton fans will fall head over heels for—I’m already excited for second book in the Merriwell sisters series which is bound to be just as phenomenal—especially if involves a certain rakish lord!

Also thanks to Headline Eternal and NetGalley for the e-arc.
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Never Fall for Your Fiancée by Virginia Heath is the first in the Merriwell Sisters series, and focuses on the eldest of the sisters, Minerva, who is struggling to support her younger sisters when a chance meeting with Hugh changes her fortune.

I found this an entertaining romance, where the hero is afraid of commitment because he believes it is a character flaw of his ancestors to cheat on their wives, and the heroine is a determined independent woman. They both fight their instincts throughout the story but fate always finds a way to bring a HEA (Happy Ever After, for the uninitiated).

The additional characters brought depth to the story and I found it funny how much of a passion-killer Minerva’s younger sister Diana brought to the situation. The youngest of the Merriwell sisters, Vee (don’t say her real name to her face!), was the most fragile of the three sisters, with rose-tinted views on their ne’er-do-well father. The actress hired by Hugh’s best friend Giles was a hysterically funny additon to the story, which really added to the tension. I think the butler Payne deserves a special mention. I thought it was so refreshing to have a butler who was involved within the plot and helped Minerva through social situations which may have brought attention to her lack of finesse.

This is such a funny Regency rom-com, which will have you giggling from start to finish.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.
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Virginia Heath wrote a Regency novel with a fake fiancée trope and I was sold even before to open it, but now that I've finished it I can affirm that the author good writing, the witty storyline and the nice characters make of Never Fall for Your Fiancée an enjoyable read.

Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham, is in dire need of a fiancée to not let his mother find out he as lied to her for months. Minerva Merriwell is in dire need of money so when a gentleman helps her to get the money for a commissioned job from a man who refuses to pay her, and offers her to become his fake fiancée she accepts. Hugh can't believe how lucky he was to find the right woman during a walk. Fate made them meet but will they manage all the lies they said? Or will their ploy be exposed?

                                                                         "Only a fool falls for a scoundrel."

Hugh and Minerva are disillusioned about love because their parents weren't the best example to follow, they feel betrayed by them for different reasons, however they find a way to make their relationship bloom, establishing a deeper connection between them.
I had so much fun reading all the lies Hugh made up, and how as the story go on the situation becomes more and more tangled.

Highly recommended!
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Never Fall for Your Fiancée by @virginiaheathwrites is the first historical romance I’ve read in full and it’s safe to say I’ll be coming back for more!

Hugh has found himself in quite the pickle after lying to his mother about being engaged for two years. Now she’s on her way from America to meet his fiancée Minerva. Hugh is panicking and just when he thinks he’ll have to come clean he meets a very real Minerva. Struggling to support herself and her two younger sisters Minerva can’t turn down Hugh’s offer of payment in exchange for her pretending to be his fiancée. She must now learn everything about the Minerva from his letters in time for his mother’s arrival. Let the chaos begin!

This was an absolute farce that had me chuckling from start to finish! The middle slowed down a bit compared to the fast pace of the rest of the story but at the same time the slower pace allowed for more real moments between Hugh and Minerva so I think it was worth the trade off.

Payne the butler is quite possibly one of my favourite side characters ever! His dry attitude was the perfect counterpoint to everyone else’s antics.

I did feel like the ending wrapped up a little too fast. Overall the speed fit the chaos of the situation but I thought a quick reconciliation scene between Minerva and Hugh’s mother was missing.

I need a sequel for Diana (the middle Merriwell sister) and Giles (Hugh’s best friend)! A line at the end of the book did give me hope that we’ll get their story and you can count on me reading it for more of their verbal sparring!

Read for:
• Fake relationship trope and slow burn romance 💕💍
• A sassy butler ☕️
• Meddling family members
• A small helping of steam 🔥

I gave Never Fall for Your Fiancée 4/5🌟 I really enjoyed it and would happily read it again as well as read future books from this author. This book is out tomorrow (9th Nov)! Thank you so much @headlineeternal for my free review copy through @netgalley 📖 #NeverFallForYourFiancée #NetGalley
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📖⭐️    BOOK REVIEW    📖⭐️

Book: Never Fall For Your Fiancée 
Author: Virginia Heath
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Publication Date: November 9th ‘21

Never Fall For Your Fiancée is a Historical romance novel set in the early 1800’s and is the first in the Merriwell Sisters series. I actually have never read a historical romance but was surprised to see I really enjoyed it. This novel is a light and breezy read with a nice bright cover that will catch your eye.

Hugh and Minerva our two main characters were a joy to be around. They were funny and their was plenty banter and joking between them which made it a great lighthearted romcom compared to a steamy romance which I really enjoyed!

Although the plot was pretty predictable as with most romance novels I found it thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to reading the next addition to the series.

Thanks so much to @rachelsrandomresources, @virginiaheathwrites, @netgalley and @headlineeternal for the opportunity to read an advanced reader copy of Never Fall For Your Fiancée in exchange for an honest review!!
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The first book in the Merriwell Sisters Regency romances is a lighthearted story full of laughter, lies and love. The fake romance trope is given a historical twist and delivers a fun, flirty read. Hugh invents a fake fiancée to appease his mother. This works fine until she wants to visit. Minerva doesn't want to be part of his deception, but she needs funds. Complex with vibrant characters who bring the story to life, this is an engaging read with laughter and love at its heart.

I received a copy of this book from Headline Eternal via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Never Fall for Your Fiancée is a brilliant, laugh out loud historical romcom from Virginia Heath and was an absolute delight to read. The hero Hugh, decides to tell his mother about a fiancée that doesn't exist, hoping it'll stop her from her matchmaking except she decides to come and meet this paragon her son is engaged to. To stop her from finding out the truth, Hugh hires Minerva, the heroine, to pose as his fake fiancée. What ensues is moments of hilarity, some sweet and steamy moments and a brilliant read from a fantastic author.
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There aren’t may words to explain just how much I loved this book. It’s got the perfect dash of a Bridgerton vibe whilst being hilariously amusing and incredibly romantic. I loved the way it was written, I felt each and every emotion from the characters throughout and the plot was brilliant! I was so pleased to read at the end that this is part of a series!
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This was fan-bloomin-tastic!

Never Fall for Your Fiancee by Virginia Heath is book one in a new trilogy called The Merriwell Sisters, published by Headline Eternal an imprint of Headline publishing.

Virginia Heath is known for her great characterisations with fabulous leading ladies and gentleman creating duo acts with quick witted banter and sizzling chemistry. With this new series we are treated to what the author does best and the leading lady, Minerva, is a perfect match for our leading man, Hugh, it’s just that they don’t know this yet!

Hugh has a dilemma, he’s trying to think of ways to stop his lovely but interfering mother play at matchmaking. Hugh doesn’t want a wife, he doesn’t think with his lineage that he has the right qualities for a husband. He doesn’t want to upset his mum so invents a fake fiancee! All was going well on paper but when his mum intends to visit soon to meet her future daughter-in-law panic sets in.

On his latest trip into the city of London Hugh helps a damsel in distress and when he discovers her name is the same as his fake fiancee he can’t help but plot a scheme to keep his ruse alive.

Minerva Merriwell has been struggling for a few years providing shelter, food and warmth for her sisters and herself since their no good father left them. So when a gentleman offers to pay her a princely sum to act as his fiancee for a few weeks she feels like all her prayers have been answered.

What follows is a crazy couple of weeks were life for all is definitely not the norm. Lies and acts are in abundance and it’s hard to learn what is real and what is not. Hugh’s simple, advantaged life is about to become confusing and chaotic but when he starts to feel emotions he’s not felt before he questions whether he is feeling quite well.

A myriad of characters in a comical, calamity filled adventure for all. I did kind of feel sorry for Hugh at times as he was digging himself a hole that was becoming deeper each minute! Fun, entertaining and filled with a glorious romance.
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So… This was the type of book that I finished the last chapter of, then rushed to Goodreads to see if this will be a series and I was over the moon to find out that there will be! The Merriwell sisters were a delight to read about and each sister stood out for their own reasons, (Diana was my personal favourite as her dry wit made me laugh out loud and totally reminded me of myself!), and I am really looking forward to reading more about them!

Never Fall For Your Fiancé is definitely for fans of both Bridgerton and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Fake dating in early 1800’s England with an overbearing mother in a town where everybody knows everything about everyone… What could go wrong?

I loved the banter than Hugh and Minerva shared, and they had amazing chemistry, but I will say that I was more interested in the sisters dynamics rather than the romance. The missed communication between Hugh and Minerva did bug me at times, I feel like they needed to talk about their feelings a lot more than they did and I wanted to scream at them both for being so stubborn! The missed communication trope is just a personal pet peeve of mine, but I did enjoy the story nonetheless. 

Truly an “excellent” read! (iykyk 😉)
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3.5/5 stars. 

I do love books like this. The contemporary take on the Regency Era, plus a fake dating trope - my little heart has been singing since the first page. 

'Never Fall For Your Fiancee' is lots of fun. Remaining relatively PG (this isn't a Tessa Dare book after all), with the exception to one or two steamy scenes, it puts a new spin on the fake dating trope by making it all about the engagement. The comic foils of the plot are utilised well, with an excellent supporting cast of characters who just add to the chaos that's created. Generally, the book kept me interested throughout and the development of the relationship between Hugh and Minerva, beginning from strangers to friends to lovers unfolded wonderfully. 

What I didn't like as much - everything wrapped up very easily. It was a nice ending where it was, it didn't feel particularly rushed, but suddenly all the plot strings that had been planted were pulled at once and it just sort of...ended with little fanfare. Suddenly everything gets explained in the last few pages and I felt that it could've been spread out across the third act of the novel and woven into the action better.

I also took issue with the characters of Diana and Vee who I wish had just had a little more to do in the general story. I know this will be a series and I'm sure each sister will get their own love story, but I felt myself wanting more from them.  I felt the book dropped slightly in the middle - once the dramatic premise was set up, I struggled a little to stay fully interested. Lots more dramatic situations were being introduced and none of them felt very interesting. If anything, they were taking away from the core story and that's what I wanted to read about. 

Nevertheless - plenty of fun and an excellent way to scratch my itch for interesting Regency romance. I'll definitely be picking up the second book (especially if it IS going to be about Giles and Diana, as is so heavily hinted...!).
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The last thing Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham, wants is a wife. But since the only way to keep his mother's matchmaking ways at bay is the promise of impending nuptials, Hugh takes the most logical action: he invents a fake fiancée. It's the perfect plan - until Hugh learns that his mother is on a ship bound for England to meet his 'beloved'. He needs a solution fast, and when he collides with a mysterious beauty, he might just have found the answer to his prayers. Minerva Merriwell is desperate for money to support her sisters, and although she knows that posing as the Earl's fiancée might seem nonsensical, it's just too good an offer to refuse.
The first in a new series & boy what a starter, it had me hooked & giggling from the first page. The characters are wonderful from the selfless Minerva, the interfering Olivia, the hilarious Lucretia to the biscuit eating Giles & nor forgetting the absolutely adorable Hugh. The pace is good & the knots Hugh ties himself & everyone else in had me in stitches. The attraction between Hugh & Minerva sizzled & I loved how they fell in love. I also loved Minerva’s younger sisters Diana & Vee & eagerly wait their stories. If you want a humorous, entertaining often farcical yet romantic read look no further
 My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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