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A Ring Bear?

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Ahhhhh this is such a delightful book starring a sweet little boy who is invited to be the "ring bear" at his auntie's wedding.  He wants to be the very best "ring bear" ever so he and his sister try to figure out what that might look like.  Well things don't go well, so he goes to his mom for advice and she says he is not a "ring bear " but a " ring bearer". She tells him what an honour it is to be chosen for that special role in a wedding and she assures him that he will be spectacular and he will  do a terrific job.  

The storyline is simple and understandable for young children.  The illustrations are bright, kid-friendly and fun.  This book would be a perfect gift for any child who is asked to be a ring bearer at a wedding ceremony.  I highly recommend this book.
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This is a very cute book about how children sometimes misunderstand things that adults say.  In this case a little boy overhears his mother and aunt talking about her upcoming wedding and how she wants him to be a "ring bear". All kinds of images pop in his head.  He goes and gets his smart sister to see if she knows what this is all about.  They go and find the Halloween costumes and find him a bear costume.  But he becomes sad thinking about wearing the costume and scaring people.  Mom comes and saves the day by explaining how he will make everyone proud and walk a ring down the aisle.
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This was a really cute book and as my grandson is going to be a ring bearer at his aunty’s wedding I thought it would be a good little story for him. I had trouble with the download as the text didn’t show up but we looked at the gorgeous pictures and I made up an appropriate story to go with them. He quite liked the story and thought it was funny although he probably now thinks he will be wearing a bear suit to the wedding.
I’ve given the book 3 stars for the idea of the story and the beautiful pictures.
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It's always fun to take a youthful misunderstanding and run with it. When he hears he's going to be the ring-bearer at his aunt's wedding, what really hears is that he will be a ring bear. He struggles for some time with the delightful help of his kid sister, to figure out how to be the Bear of the Rings, but eventually he cottons on and all is well. This was a fun story, with sweet color illustrations by Juan Rodriquez (not that Juan, the other Juan), and I commend it as a worthy read.

I have to say this was unreadable in the Kindle format. Kindle, to me, means turning something into kindling and that's what happens with Amazon's crappy conversion process. Unless it's plain vanilla text, do not subject your work to Kindle. It will ruin it. I read the PDF version of this and it was perfectly fine.
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So cute!   A sweet young boy 's aunt is getting married and he's asked to be her "ring bear".   He wants to do his best and he and his young sister try to work out what that means, as only young kids can.   When their ideas go awry, he is lovingly reassured by his mom about the special role he'll play in the wedding.

The story is told in simple words and accompanied by bright, comic-style illustrations.   The rhyme was occasionally prioritized over word choice and flow, so give this a pre-read or two before reading aloud.   This will definitely be an engaging and relatable tale for kids and I'm sure they'll be very invested in the outcome.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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