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The Band That Went to War

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Very interesting book. I’ve been to the Falkland Islands, but don’t know much about the war. This does not contain the political whys and wherefores of the war, but insight into the musicians in the marine band who were there. What they did, how they felt. And all the booze they drank!
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This factual account of the Royal Marine Band that went to the Falklands in 1982 is a refreshing new look on an aspect of British Military that has endured to the present day. The presence of a band or individual musicians during wartime has long proved to be of benefit to troops and sailors whether for sending messages, signaling actions, or providing the beat for marching, to providing entertainment during time of calm. The public have come to revere military bands for their precision and professionalism and this book shows all sides of a Military Band at war and the other side of a bandsman’s duties when he lays down his musical instrument.
A most enjoyable book to the other side of life of the Military bandsman.
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A side to the Falklands War that I haven't really been aware of, the Royal Marine Band Service is well served by this book. Written with some appropriate humour, but never losing sight of the human cost of the war, the author reflects an important event in British history.  

Very much front and centre was the waste of lives caused by diplomacy being unsuccessful, war and conflict were never glorified and were almost incidental to the telling of the RMBS service.  There are useful references to other reading matter that covers the war in more details, but this one concentrates on the support delivered by the musicians.

I found it really moving, informative and humorous, never maudlin.

You don't have to be a fan of military tales to find something in this book to enjoy.
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