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Ok, wow. I don’t know where to begin here. It’s hard for me to enjoy books when I hate the heroine right out the gate. Izzy is stand-off-ish, arrogant and her general dialogue turned me off. She felt extremely juvenile. Leo is okay- ish, but the conflict between them is so angsty for NO reason, and his actions towards the conflict and smaller conflicts (such as his brother being a toxic human), make him kinda suck. The side character family members are toxic. Everything is motivated by poor decisions. No redemption whatsoever. And this is coming for a person (spoiler, it’s me) who loves regency romance and all that crap man behavior.
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This was a cute rom com packed with festive vibes and drama. I did find the characters pretty annoying and most of the relationships in the book to be toxic. Whether it was family, the sister and her fiancé or Isabella and Leo.. it was all pretty hard to watch unfold and wait for them to wise up and treat each other with respect. There were some cute scenes and it was entertaining.
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4.5 stars! I absolutely loved this Christmas book. It was so much fun, I kind of want to start my own Eight Days of Christmas tradition now! I absolutely loved the characters. It’s a strong contender for my favourite holiday book of the season. I’m so excited to see there’s a second book coming!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I liked this book because the character development was strong and the story flowed well. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to read a light romance set at Christmas that will make you both laugh and swoon! Loved the story and will look for more from this author. Already bought for library collection and is checking out well.
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This was such a fun Christmassy read and had hallmark movie vibes which I loved! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for future books from this author.
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I was really excited to pick up a winter, Holiday themed romance because I'm a huge sucker for Hallmark movies. Unfortunately, this book was a bit too cliche, predictable, and I didn't truly care for the MC or the love interest. I think there were some cute, romantic moments with the forced proximity aspect, but I think overall, it was just a messy jumble of these characters' emotions and not knowing how to communicate with one another on what each of them wanted. In addition, I found that their siblings who were getting married were having some issues that were thrown into this book and were never resolved which was just confusing as a reader since I want most of the ends to be tied by the end of the book for a complete finish. I do think that someone else might have enjoyed this book more than me so I'd still give it a shot if you like some of the tropes I mentioned.
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This was a cute Christmas romance novel perfect for fans of In a Holidaze.
Isabella Whitley returned home for Christmas for the first time in 10 years. She’s been living her dream in NYC and when she finally returns she finally faces the reason she never came back until now, and why she broke Leo’s heart.

I just adored this book and I’m so grateful to Netgalley and the publisher for kindly gifting me this ARC.
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I thoroughly enjoyed Eight Days of Christmas. Full of family and hijinks there was a lot to enjoy.

Isabella (Izzy) is traveling home for Christmas for the first time in 10 years, and if it hadn't been for her sister's wedding she might not even being going home now. Her plane gets rerouted to Nebraska, where she runs into her high school sweetheart - who is also stranded. They rent a car and drive home to Pineridge. You'd think there'd be some talking but they mostly avoid the topic of their previous relationship.

Izzy's family does the Eight Days of Christmas - eight days of fun and games for the whole family. I loved this so much! There was gingerbread house making, snowman building, sledding, baking, and more! Izzy and Leo continue to be put together by Izzy's sister Norah.

While the main focus of the book was Izzy and Leo, there was also a lot about Norah and Landon. I honestly didn't get their relationship. Landon picked out the bridesmaid dresses? Norah asks Landon to come to the bar where her bachelorette party is? They can't seem to do anything apart from one another and that just isn't my jam.
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This book!! Ahhhh i have a love hate relationship with it. The cliffhanger ending killed me!!!! I can’t wait to keep reading and find out what happens!
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5 Christmas lit stars for this one! I really, really loved it. It’s a second chance romance that had all the rich, special chemistry that lovers share. Looks across the room, personal jokes with glances only they would understand. 
I enjoyed watching these two try to figure out what they were going to do. But what made this really fun and Christmassy for me was the eight days of celebrating. Each day had special things to do and family. 
What a wonderful treat this was and I’m excited to say I can’t wait to read another by this author. 
I highly recommend it if you love a Christmas romance. 
Thanks City Owl Press via NetGalley.
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This book was very cute and festive. It had all the makings of a perfect Christmas novel. MC was unlikable at times and the problems the characters faced could’ve been solved fairly easily had they talked. But that’s how books go, miscommunication and all. Altogether a very cute Christmas novel though and I’m happy I read it!
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Eight Days of Christmas is a second chance, forced proximity holiday romantic comedy told in 3rd person POV, alternating focus between the hero and heroine. It is listed as the first book in the Pineridge series (though no future titles have been announced yet) and can be read as a standalone.

What a fun read! I enjoyed every aspect of this story – the romance, the strong bond of family and friends, the holiday cheer, and even the ex-boyfriend drama. The humor is strong right from the start. Leo and Izzy had wonderful sarcastic, teasing banter, and their chemistry was remarkable. Centering around a Christmas wedding, this story really stood apart from other holiday romances. Every one of the eight daily celebrations sounded hugely enjoyable, and they even inspired some of my holiday bucket list for my own family this season.

I highly recommend this book to get you in the Christmas spirit! I read it in late October, and it served as the perfect opening ceremony to my holiday reading.
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This one was just OK for me. I think it dragged a bit in parts, and some parts could have been edited down. I just got frustrated with both Leo and Isabella a lot, but I loved how much Christmas there was in this book. All the Christmas traditions sounded fun!
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3.5 stars from me. 
I thought this book was cute! I really enjoyed the Christmas traditions (sibling competitions) but I didn’t totally love the characters/relationships. 
Isabella was a bit all over the place in terms of is she sweet or salty but we do get a bit a an explanation of this a bit later into the book that helps to see who she is. 
Leo as a character was a bit more well-rounded for me but again there are some aspects about him (specifically relating to past/relationship with Izzy) that I struggled with. 
I also really didn’t care for Norah and Landon (siblings of the main characters who are getting married) at all. 
If you look past that stuff, it’s a cute Christmas book and a pretty quick read.
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Leo and Isabella go way way back - former soulmates that lost touch over the years and are thrust together when their siblings get engaged to each other. Both of them are adorable and the tension between them is instantaneous and combustible. But the real star is the setting of the Whitley family and their holiday traditions. 

I enjoyed the book but spent a lot time just angry at Isabella for leaving her family in the first place, i understood why she and Leo had issues but to leave the family did not make sense. I also just did not like the relationship between Norah and Langdon, not sure that will last. 

But it was worth it for Leo, who is just perfect.
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This book was your typical Christmas romance.  At times the characters could get irritating, but I enjoyed reading about what the main characters family did for the eight days of Christmas.  All in all it was an enjoyable romance novel.
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Holiday magic? Sure, I guess.

Swoon-worthy romance? No, not really.

Complications of epic proportions? Again, not really. At least nothing that couldn't have been quickly resolved with the barest amount of open and honest communication.

This book really didn't work for me. It was formulaic, it was clunky, it was boring, and the whole time I felt like the story kept going around and around in circles. There wasn't much of a plot to speak of. Two people, who were still very into each other (and constantly commenting on the other's hotness in their internal monologues), and who used to date, get reunited after ten years apart. There's some hurt feelings between them. Cue the unending cycle of constantly lusting after each other in the midst of throwing snark and mean and hurtful comments the other's way. Rinse and repeat for 300 pages. That was it. That was pretty much the whole book.

I liked the idea of the 8 days of Christmas traditions, but at the end of the day it was nothing more than a thin way to force Izzy and Leo together. And when neither the two main characters, nor anyone else were very likable people, the whole thing was just bound to colapse in on itself.

If I came home for the holidays after ten years, and all my family did was throw passive aggressive comments at me and repeatedly guilt-trip me for not visiting earlier, I don't think I'd be much inclined to go visit them again any time soon. The way everyone interacted with Izzy made her whole family seem so toxic. Everyone was so quick to lay into her for not visiting, but did any of them go visit her in NY? Relationships are a two way street. As unlikable as Izzy could be at times, she was working hard, chasing her dreams and building a successful life and career for herself. But everyone seemed so dismissive of that.

I don't know. So many things in this book didn't sit well with me. From the repetitive writing, to the inexistente plot progression, to the way it normalized awful behaviors. The bones for a nice, fun holiday romance were there, but the execution was a flat out failure for me.

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**I received an e-copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to City Owl Press and Victory Editing**
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Eight Days of Christmas was a great holiday read!

Isabella has not been home to Colorado in several years for Christmas since moving to NYC. This year she is forced to return home for her younger sister’s wedding. With returning home she not only has to try to reconnect with her family who she has not seen in several years but also her high school sweetheart Leo who she left behind for NYC. Isabella’s younger sister is marrying Leo’s younger brother so they must endure each other for 8 Days of Christmas. Isabella’s family is all into celebrating 8 Days of Christmas and now she must spend them with Leo since he and his brother will now be a part of their family. As the story unwinds it’s interesting to find out the real reason why Isabella left years ago. Can Isabella and Leo move past this and find their happiness?
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Eight Days of Christmas follows Isabella, otherwise known as Izzy, as she returns home to Colorado for the first time in 10 years to attend her sisters' Christmas wedding. She hasn't been back in 10 years, and she wants to leave as soon as possible. As she returns home, she participates in her families yearly tradition, The Eight Days of Christmas. Not only does she have to deal with her family, she has to face her high school sweetheart. 

This story is great if you want a Hallmark vibe, and love the second chance lovers trope. I didn't really love the main character, hence my 3 star rating. I would've loved this more if she was a bit more likable. But that being said, the writing was nice. I would read more from this author!
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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook. Okay Christmas story. I really didn't like any of the main characters.  But if you are into Hallmark style Christmas stories this perfect for you.
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