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Sisters Kitty and Jenny, both in their sixties, haven’t spoken for some time. When they inherit their aunt's farmhouse in rural France, it gives them the perfect chance to spend time together and heal the rift. Kitty has been married three times and has not yet found the man she wants to spend her life with. She wants to have a good time though, so plans to do just that with Leo, the builder they hire to do repairs on the hours. Jenny is married to Paul, a nasty, overbearing man, but he is her husband so she puts up with it. Her son, on the other hand, is estranged from his parents because he won't put up with his dad's bullying. What they find is a cellar full of wine and a storage area full of their aunt's paintings, that are apparently in demand. As they spend time together, actually talk to and listen to one another and finally see the other's point of view they begin to heal their relationship, but it is going to take some time and a few stumbles along the way.

I really enjoyed watching Kitty and Jenny try to reconcile. At first there is a lot of snide remarks and some humor as they find their way together. They are so different, it is like night and day. Kitty is carefree and wants to have a good time, Jenny thinks she is reckless and puts her down regularly for her decisions and things that have happened in her past. I did not like Jenny much, but when I met her husband, I could see that she lived with someone who did the same thing, so she was repeating the behaviour she has come to know as normal. You know there is going to be humor in a Maddie Please story, so throw in some chickens and cats who don't understand boundaries and you have some fun. Not only did Kitty and Jenny have to reconcile, but Jenny and her son also get and opportunity. This is a book about relationships, especially family. It has themes of reconciliation, new beginnings, admitting when you are wrong, friendship and standing up for yourself. I loved all the characters, except Paul. The setting was wonderful and I can understand why Aunt Susan chose to live there. With charm, wit and care, Maddie Please has written another wonderful story that this 64 YO, loved. I wish I had an aunt who left me a house somewhere in Europe, I would be there before you could say inheritance. I definitely recommend this uplifting story to those who enjoy relationship stories, especially with older characters.
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I recently read and reviewed another book with three sisters left in charge of an old building in France. This time it is just the two, and they are older than the average demographic of books of this ilk. It is also a deeper look into their individual lives and into their relationship than the cover led me to believe. 
It is not necessarily a complaint, but the airy, colourful cover made me think of a different kind of story. This is not light. The sisters have grown apart slowly and surely, with uncertainty festering between them. They are forced to come together when they have to deal with their aunt's farmhouse, which is now theirs.
Both sisters have left a lot unsaid between them, and since we only hear Kitty's side of things, we know that she at least wants to reconcile and go back to how things were. In the rebuilding of their relationship and the farmhouse, a lot of sweat is poured in, and the reader is treated to all the pieces that go into such a process. Even the concept of a mundane tile selection has its own featured section. It brought the situation to life, and I appreciated the narrative format.
It was a well-done plotline with easy to imagine situations, and I would recommend it to readers who like this type of story. I would also read another by the author if I got the chance.
I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.
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A truly lovely read. It was refreshing to have slightly older main characters who were no less dramatic and comedic! Perfectly paced and the story unfolded perfectly. Ideal for sinking into to wild away an afternoon. The characters are fabulous and definitely live up to the title. 

Thank you Netgalley.
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Two estranged sisters in their sixties inherit a French farmhouse. They decide to fix it up, together, and sell it to split the profits.

Along the way there are tears, laughs, romance, heartbreak, yummy foods and lots and lots of wine!

I loved everything about this feel-good story. MC's in their 60's is one of my new favorite sub-genres! They either don't have time for the BS or they are just so calm that they let the BS roll right off them. I love that!

The cast of supporting characters, including a smelly donkey, brought such joy and light to the book. Watching the sisters find themselves and even redefine what they want out of life may be even better than a coming of age story for me.

This is the perfect beach or weekend read for a great #readandchill. 5 lovely stars!

Thank you so much to #BoldwoodBooks and #NetGalley for allowing me to read this book. It was a pleasure!

All opinions expressed are my own.
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There is so much to love about this book from the idyllic setting as well as the relationship between the two sisters. There are some colourful characters of which some come in the way of animals of which I never thought I would ever have a soft spot for chickens before but I do now!

Sisters Behaving Badly was a wonderfully light hearted read that whisked me away and transported me to rural France. It was both a fun and entertaining read with some genuinely funny moments. It was also sweet and endearing and was great to see these two sisters rediscovering who they are and what they really want from life.
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I enjoyed this book quite a bit! I didn't know what to expect going in and the beginning was kind of lukewarm. I thought it was exceptionally tense too(for good reasons), but as the book got rolling and Kitty and Jenny seemed to be enjoying the time of their lives, I started to love the book. It's kind of cozy and there was a particular scene where I felt my blood boiling in rage for Jenny. 

It's a light read and otherwise warm enough. The cover and most of the scenes are comfortable and bright. I adored the interactions between the sisters and loved that they each rediscovered their own relationships in life. Th growth of the characters, especially Jenny, and how cozy with book was were two of my favorite aspects of the book. Getting to leave your job and flat behind for a good deal of time to work on a renovation project with your sister and in the empty spots, filling it with relaxation and shopping? Sounds like the life! 

A lovely read with a fun group of characters, I enjoyed the book more than I had thought.
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC for an exchange of an honest review. 

I thought this book was fabulous, full of fun action.
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This started off a bit rocky for me. I didn't know how long I would be able to read about the sisters bickering and overall differences. However, once they get to France and their farmhouse the story picks up.
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Sisters Behaving Badly is a bright, fun read that slowly meanders to a revelation that emerging from comfort zones is always a good idea. It’s about family, fixing what was broken, second chances and finding true happiness. It’s escapist and quirky, so if that’s what you need this winter, pick it up! I cannot wait to read more by this author.  This author has now become a go-to author.
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A light, pleasant read about two sisters, Kitty and Jenny.  The sisters re estranged after a bitter fight years before, as they learn they inherited a relative’s house in France.  It’s a pleasure to read a book in which the main characters are in their sixties, active and healthy.  Determined to renovate, they meet the builder who was doing previous work, Leo, who becomes a love interest for Kitty.  Jenny is in a mentally abusive relationship with her husband, and the time with her sister helps her to see things clearly.  A quick read.  Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.
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When Kitty and Jenny receive a farmhouse in France in Aunt’s inheritance, the journey out there is the perfect time for them to make up for past rifts.  At first things don’t seem like they’ll be that easy.  Not only is their relationship strained, but the house needs so much work doing, and Jenny is trying to get used to life without her Husband constantly having an input.  But as time moves on, tensions start to ease and they start having fun together.  However, Kitty is drawn to the builder Leo which doesn’t go down well with Jenny…..Will they mend their relationship? And what will the time away do for them both?

I loved the previous book I read by Maddie, so was looking forward to this.  It is absolutely brilliant, I found myself laughing out loud so much at Jenny’s antics.  Even her thoughts had me in stitches – what a fantastic character!  Jenny is one of those women that you want to be like when you’re 62.  She just wants to have fun and I loved that about her.  Jenny, on the other hand, is quite uptight to begin with, and it was lovely watching her loosen up and come to some serious realisations about her life.  Leo is an absolutely gent, and I absolutely loved the animals in this which will also make you laugh!

The setting was fantastic.  I felt like I was there with the sisters on their journey – seeing the sights and seeing the house and land come together.  And the food in this made my stomach rumble on numerous occasions!

The story is a lovely one – of sisterhood, forgiveness, truths, second chances and living life without fear.  Maddie’s writing style is wonderful, easy to engage with and a joy to read.  She’s definitely up there now with the list of authors I look out for – I can’t wait for her to bring us the next rib tickling read.  Highly recommended by me.
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Sisters Behaving Badly by Maddie Please was the perfect tonic for a cold and blustery winter's day.  Escape to rural France with Kitty and Jenny for an adventure that will alter both of their lives.

Kitty and Jenny were once as close as sisters can be, but life gets in the way and the two find themselves drifting apart and living completely separate lives.  With the shared inheritance of a rural farmhouse in France, and a mutual interest in the restoration of the property, the opportunity is there for the sisters to find their way back to each other.  Will they take it?  And maybe, just maybe, that was the intention of their benefactress all along?

This is a story that will resonate with readers, particularly those with a familiarity of the complexities of a sibling relationship, and those who have found themselves starting over later in life.  Fans of Frances Mayes' Under the Tuscan Sun will certainly want to add this one to the TBR.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for an ARC.
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Sisters Behaving Badly was a real breath of fresh air. Kitty and Jenny are in their 60's and have been estranged for some time. A trip to France to renovate their inherited farmhouse proves to be a healing journey with plenty of bumps along the way.

Kitty is thrice divorced and has never felt happy on her own until now.

Jenny has allowed her husband Paul to control every aspect of her life, and she realises she can no longer live that way.

As the house is given a new lease of life, so too are Kitty and Jenny and it just goes to prove that it is 'never too late to be happy, to fall in love, or to change things'.
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Kitty and jenny are 2 estranged sisters, in their 60s. Jenny is married to Paul, an over bearing, controlling man, whilst Maddie is at present single after a number of broken relationships.

The sisters are forced back together when they inherit a farmhouse from their aunt in France. In need of renovations, the  women travel to France to supervise these works. There l9ngstanding dislike to each other is at first hard to break. Whilst Kitty has quite a care free nature, Jenny is highly strung and finds it difficult to relax.

This highly funny book takes us on the womens journey as they re get to know each, understand each others troubles and begin to rebuild their relationship. Thrown in is chaos from the french builders, chickens, a donkey and a massive renovation project.

Well worth a read.
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I liked the writing style of this book though it felt a little slow in the middle, but I loved the sisters and the focus on their relationship. It was very very endearing and a really heartwarming story.
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I loved this! It was gentle, easy to read and a lovely story. It was nice to read a book where the main characters were in their 60s; making a change to the norm of women in their 20s and 30s. It touches on some serious topics too - controlling relationships and the importance of family. All the characters are likable and I enjoyed the story.
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Very funny book based on 2 quarrelsome sisters. This book had be laughing out loud over and over again.
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Take two sisters in their sixties, who haven't spoken for years
And have them travel together to France - will it all end in tears?
They're going to restore the farmhouse that was their Aunt's
Will they also restore their relationship now they have the chance?

With French builders and gardeners, and lots of mess, too,
To restore the property these women have lots to do!
But living together proves they're still sisters at heart
And taking chances, having fun is perhaps the best part!

What a fun read this story really proves
That age is no barrier to getting into new grooves.
A fun story with family and relationships at its heart
Will this adventure in France give them all a fresh start?

A chance to reevaluate what you want and what you've achieved
Can help making new choices just what you really need.
I also learnt some more French phrases, some colourful ones, too,
And enjoyed virtually visiting the places and people - so would you!

It is an inspirational read that shows it is never too late
To change your expectations and take new steps to change your fate.
I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into my complementary copy of this book
And hope this, my honest review, also encourages you to take a look.
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This was awesome! I enjoyed reading it. Jenny and Kitty are middle-aged sisters with years worth of scorn and misunderstandings behind them. They can only so hardly behave civilly with each other, let alone be nice. Now that their Aunt Sheila has died and left her inheritance to both of these sisters, Jenny and Kitty have to leave their respective comfort zones to live for a while in a small village in France, where the aunt lived. They decide to renovate the house, sell it and divide it among themselves. But old feelings surface and plans begin to change when the small town where aunt Sheila lived does its magic. 

 I love seeing that middle-aged women are getting representation in the stories, not only as quirky side characters but as the main characters who are multidimensional and their struggles and world view so real. Overall, a great read. Would recommend this to rom-com, women's fiction and general fiction lovers.
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The Blurb :
Sisters Kitty and Jenny haven’t spoken since a very disappointing Carvery lunch. Kitty, sixty-two, thinks Jenny is turning grey. Jenny, sixty-six, thinks Kitty needs to grow up!
So when both sisters inherit a farmhouse in rural France, it gives them the perfect chance to heal the rift between them. Except the farmhouse is a wreck, the garden is terrorized by a flock of chickens, not to mention a donkey with a serious flatulence problem!
Kitty is determined to enjoy herself, especially when she meets gorgeous French builder, Leo. Ooh la – la! And Jenny finds the fully stocked wine cellar helps enormously with missing horrible husband Paul – hic!
And as the two sisters begin to repair their fragile friendship, they discover that being bad is actually very good for the soul.

My Thoughts :
Here we meet sisters, Kitty and Jenny. Both in their 60s and havent spoken in each other in a long time.
When they inherit their Aunt Sheila’s French Farmhouse, things are not what they expect when they arrive with the farmhouse being in such a mess, the sisters have a lot of work and renovations ahead of them.
Its now time that the sisters have to communicate again and start to put the past behind them.
We learn more about the sisters, and how opposite they are from each other. Kitty has had failed marriages and is now free and single, whereas Jenny has been married to the annoying Paul for years.
Can this project be the turning point for the sisters to finally rebuild their relationship or will it push them furthur apart!?.
I love the writing style that Maddie Please uses and the fact we are reading about the older generation. Maddie makes the characters relatable and doesnt sugar coat their relationship which is what happens in a lot of stories. A great story all about family, second chances and beautiful French surroundings.
Great work again from Maddie Please.
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