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I loved this book for so many reasons, but the first to address, is that the two sisters that the story features are both in their sixties which makes a refreshing change, So, two sisters at one time very close but in recent years have been estranged, travel to France together to see  the house they have inherited from their Aunt. The plan is to finish the works to the property that their Aunt started with a view to then sell it on, this is where we meet some fantastic characters. Along this rebuild journey, we find out all about the sisters lives past & present and the reason for them falling out. This story is wonderfully written, with fabulous descriptions of food, wine & locations Its full of humour, love, respect and above all a relatable realness to Kitty in particular. Definitely a book I'm recommending to my friends.
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If you are in the mood for a fun, energizing read (and who isn’t?) you will have the best time with “Sisters Behaving Badly” by Maddie Please. This women’s humorous fiction features plenty of chuckles, but also lovingly presents the challenges of family and growing older. 

Kitty, the younger sister at 62, tells the story in first person. As can happen in families, Kitty is the more adventurous, upbeat sibling and her older sister Jenny is the more serious rule follower. Still, as children and teens, they were close. But, to Kitty’s regret, they drifted apart as adults. Kitty had 3 odd marriages that Jenny held against her. Kitty didn’t like Jenny’s husband. Jenny shrieks, “Act your age!” at Kitty.

And then, their aunt dies and leaves them a tumble-down house in where else- France! The two sisters visit the house and plan to refurbish and sell it (with the help of some charming French men!) The plot may sound like a popular cliché, but this book has enough heart to make this a fresh and thoughtful story. As the sisters work to fix the house, can they repair their lives and their relationship?

I laughed and smiled many times throughout the story. I liked it when the sisters ended each day with a bottle of wine, from a big supply of bottles they found in dusty cupboard under the stairs. Turns out, these were very expensive bottles of wine they were gouging! The author gives us other fun and lovely descriptions of life in France. 

I recommend this book. Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for an advance digital review copy. This is my honest review.
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Oh goodies, what a treat this book was. I was very much taken in with Kitty and her constant silly thoughts provoking others and making me smile. Definitely a book that make me laugh out loud several times and still has me wondering where all that wine came from. Perhaps we can have a part two for this story?

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the book.
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Sibling Rivalry Healed…
Sibling rivalry healed in this amusing, lighthearted and uplifting tale of two sisters, a rift and a farmhouse in the glorious French countryside. Packed with mishaps, misjudgements and misadventures this is an enjoyable, entertaining and escapist read.
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In this story, the bond in between two sisters comes in many layers. The author, Maddie Please, has written the story effortlessly to make it more a feel good read any time of the year. It has a well-balanced formula of drama and humor. There’s a lot going on in the story aside from mending an estranged sister relationship. It is about aging, family relationship and leaving a toxic marriage. 

Not to mention, there are Frenchmen builders, which I find them really attractive and hot no matter what their age are (what can I say?). There are hilarious farm animals that create an extremely amusing destruction in the background. The picturesque of a country estate French village is also inviting for a reader like me.  

Overall, reading this book is definitely such a delightful experience to feel the wonderful misadventures of Kitty and Jenny’s life journey in France.
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A wonderful story written about two sisters, and there adventures together. Enjoyed reading what they got up to, and the comical interactions between them. Thank you for the advance copy of the book.
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It's rare to find a book about "women of a certain age" that doesn't take itself too seriously but still offers characters with some depth who actually grow over the course of the novel. Sisters Behaving Badly does just that. 

Jenny and Kitty are the sisters of the title, estranged as they set off to settle the estate of their late Aunt Sheila, an artist who lived in France. These two British women, both in their 60s, aren't quite ready for the quirky French villagers they are forced to deal with on a day-to-day basis as they renovate their inherited homestead. 

The author doesn't allow the book to fall into farce, nor does she dwell on the negative aspects of failed marriages and aging. Rather, she tries to get us (and her characters) to see the humor in even the sadder aspects of life, and when something hilarious happens, you can bet she will make you laugh out loud (some chickens, a runaway donkey, and a swimming pool make for one great setup). 

The setting couldn't be more inviting--a beautiful French country estate with a view of the sea--and the descriptions of the food, the wine, and the physical environment are all superb. 

Not a love story in the traditional sense, but defiantly a story about love and family and forgiveness. Really, a beautiful story for anyone, but certainly for "women of a certain age."

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in return for this unbiased review.
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Firstly I love Maddie Please and have really enjoyed all her books and couldn’t wait to receive and review this one, thanks NetGallery.  How disappointed I was.  The story follows two sisters left a french house by their aunt, I (and i hate doing this) gave in after 26% the sisters arrived on France The story then lacked substance and was just centred around cleaning, sadly nothing to keep my attention.
Really sorry waited eagerly to read but could not finish, sadly not for me.
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Four and a half Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭒
Sisters Behaving Badly by Maddie Please was a delightful surprise for me.  I enjoyed the humor as well as the beautiful setting in France.  This book is about second chances and sisterly relationships.  

Kitty and Jenny are sisters, both in their sixties, who have not spoken to each other in several years.  The story starts as they meet at the ferry to travel to France to go and fix up their inheritance, a lovely farmhouse in rural France, that their Aunt Susan used to live in.  

This book is all about relationships with a whole lot of humor written in.  The book is written from Kitty’s point of view, and the writing is full of her humor and optimistic look at life.  I loved all the side characters and the farm animals!  The descriptions of the charming farmhouse in rural France were lovely and made me want to sit in the garden with the sisters and sip wine and eat cheese with them.  

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves books about sisters and relationships.  I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I ADORED this book it was everything that I look for in a romcom. It was funny, heartwarming and totally compelling. I felt i was along for the ride with the sisters and I loved them, the writing is good, the characters are so well developed and the setting is lovely. I really enjoyed this, it is a great book.
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Frankly, this book was a hoot!  The premise, that two sisters, Jenny and Kitty, quite estranged, inherit their artist-aunt Sheila’s home in bucolic France, travel there and gradually reconcile through the misadventures of the rehab work being done, is  quite a funny and amusing story, though the subject of sisterly discord is problem enough. Jenny, very rigid and habituated to her husband Paul’s controlling ways on matters big and small, is at first rather horrified by the workmen’s disorder and the presence of one worker’s (Bertrand) donkey Hector, who is flatulent and leaves piles everywhere.  The disorder of the house during rehab severely distresses her, as do her sister’s relaxed ways.  In addition, there are invading chickens and Bertrand’s wife Mimi’s grumpy visits to retrieve them in a stroller! Jenny can hardly believe the scene. It is great fun to read the adventures and there is a love interest for Kitty as well, in the person of a handsome divorced gentleman, Leo, who is the head of construction.

Jenny has not seen her son Ace, who lives in Nantes, for some time and despite her trepidation makes a visit to him which restores their relationship and helps to soften her edges and adherence to her husband Paul’s rules.

This is a light and entertaining book which does cover frayed family relationships which are restored bit by bit, albeit with some setbacks. The various animals help create some hilarious havoc at times and draw an environment in small village France very different from those where Kitty and Jenny have resided.  At the end, both sisters are much happier and forging ahead with new plans for life.

I truly enjoyed this book; my thanks to #Netgalley and #Boldwood books for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you tonight darling on the publisher and the author for allowing me to access a copy of this book as I am very excited to read it I read the synopsis and fell in love with this book as I enjoy funny comedy box and I’ve never read from this author before.

Overall I was not disappointed with this book as it was funny and down-to-earth and I enjoyed the banter between the main characters as they flipped off of each other and I thought that type of comedy is actually really enticing and it’s not usually seen in books nowadays so I’m very much in joyed reading this and I felt a connection to the characters as if they were actual people
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Such a lovely, heartwarming and funny story about sisterhood. 

The book follows the journey of two sisters who have inherited their late aunts house in France and need to work together to renovate then sell the property. 

I love that above all else in the book the focus is on the relationship between the sisters. Although both sisters are dealing with relationships at different times the main focus is on the sisters. 

I love the contrast between all the males in the book. There is such a lovely dynamic between the families the warm loving family with Leo and the protective son in Ace with Jenny. 

The backdrop is a beautiful picturesque village in France which will leave you craving bread, cheese and a nice glass of wine. 

A perfect feel good read any time of the year, pairs nicely with cheese and wine but can also be enjoyed with a nice big cup of tea.
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Sisters Kitty and Jenny haven't seen eye to eye for many years but used to be close. Kitty has had three husbands and is now single, Jenny still has a very controlling Paul at her side. They have been left a property in France by an Aunt who was in the process of doing it up. The pair take themselves to France to complete the renovations ready for it to be sold- or at least that's the plan and maybe even rekindle their relationship at the same time. There is a “wild” chicken (I had to laugh-I rescue hens and threatening they are not!) along with Hector the donkey and animals that Jenny can't stand!
I quickly got into this- there are two wonderful very different characters. Kitty is “ what you see is what you get” type of person and wants to live life to the fullest. Jenny is more reserved and appears to have relied on Paul for every decision for fear of her own being wrong and not to his liking (coercive control/narcissism). Its a wonderful story with lots of smiles but also perhaps a message- be yourself and one life- live it! I didn’t want this to end (always a good sign) as there was a warmth within the pages. We could all do with a Kitty in our lives to make us see what we can’t always see for ourselves even though it should be blindingly obvious. A truly wonderful read I can't recommend highly enough
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I love the way this started with the tension between the sisters. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife! Then it all just falls a little flat for me. Some hilariously funny moments.
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