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The Truth Effect by Anne Mortensen is a true thought-provoking thriller of a ride. Totally absorbing and incredibly enthralling, this novel is a real page-turner. But be warned, at 434 pages, this is not a short read by any means.
The Truth Effect is a superb if quite chilling thriller set in the not too distant future, where Big Brother takes on a whole new meaning. Our main protagonist Kelly Blackwell, finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue as she tries to expose corruption in the Government. The Truth Laws are set to go into effect, unleashing enhanced algorithms that will empower the British Government to regulate all online activity. Unfortunately for Kelly, new legislation means any information that could be classed as anti-government would immediately be flagged as untruth. As she goes from out of the frying pan and into the fire, the pace becomes relentless. Some of the scenes with the computer consoles and the AIs were eerie and very scary to boot.
There are some marvellous characters within the book. The Freedom Fighters, with their various ethnic backgrounds, gave much joy with their banter. Truth Effect is a well-conceived and well-written novel. I liked the no-nonsense style of the prose, which made for a flowing narrative. It is full of fascinating observations and inventiveness. It may seem a little dark, but the unnerving elements of the narrative made for great drama and tension throughout.
There is plenty of techno-jargon, but it does not get too heavy. We also have AIs and nanobots to add to the technology mix. There is a bit of colourful language and content in general, but it is a book aimed at adults, so that is expected. At least it is not too strong on the gore factor.
Is it inevitable that eventually, some Science Fiction will become Science Fact? Anne Mortensen gives the reader a real insight into just what might be loitering around the corner.
I thoroughly enjoyed Truth Effect, and I look forward to the next book in the Rising World series.
I am so grateful to Anne Mortensen, Puente Press & NetGalley for the ARC.
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Thank You Puente Press, NetGalley and Author for this eARC!

This Near Future Thriller was a really good decent story!

Where the government controls literally everything.... You have my full attention! 
Here recently I have become quite obsessed with dystopian books! 
I love'em..... They are very interesting to me and then add some thrill factor in the mix and I'm all over it! 

The Truth Factor.....
Here were are in 2030 and the British Government has total control over everything and everyone they have established what's called The Truth Law.
They oversee all activity that's done online and track down these Truth Law Breakers and then prosecute these said guilty. 

A journalist who is currently in deep crap is sent classified information which could possibly clear her name and open the floodgates to this new system! And blow it all outta the damn water!
Her connection is cut off before the transfer is complete.

She gets the help of a hacker and high tech buff so she can try to get the pieces to this puzzle. The question in the back of her mind is? 
Will she live to tell the whole story? And if she does will anyone believe her? 

The will truth will be the most dangerous thing they face! 

Y'all. Have. To. Read. This.
This story is so surreal its scary! It's the type of shit that could happen to us!
I applaud Anne Mortensen. Her writing is amazing and this story is wild! 
I was completely infatuated with the story here. 
Intriguing, interesting, outstanding, remarkable, intense.....
I loved it...
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