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This is a brilliantly funny book with wonderful, vibrant illustrations.  I loved it and so did the children I read this with!
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Monster,hungry, phone by Sean Taylor and Fred Benaglia.
Monster is HUNGRY. He wants PIZZA. And he's got a PHONE!
But uh oh . . . who is he going to call?
Hold the line – Monster is in for a wild ride!
A hilarious read. My daughters loved it. Great. My girls loved the illustrations.  The Brightness of the colours.  5*.
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I thought this was a really fun short children's read , with brightly coloured illustrations that pop off the page (or screen!) at you ! It is a quick read that flows quickly through it due to the rhyming throughout , a great read for children with short attention spans as well. 

Definitely a fun book for kids to read
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Monster is hungry. But ordering his precious pizza is proving problematic...

Simple but lots of fun and vibrantly illustrated, this is a little treat and will be a fab book to share with young children. 👹🍕📱
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I always know that reading a book from Sean Taylor is going to be a treat, I definitely wasn't disappointed with this one!

Firstly, the illustrations from Fred Benaglia are WONDERFUL. They fit the tone of the narrative just brilliantly - lively, vibrant and bursting with monster energy.

With a distinctive voice, quirky humour and splashes of rhyme MONSTER! HUNGRY! PHONE! is an absolute corker! 

Emma Perry
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This book is hilarious! I love the illustrations and the colour palette. And I totally relate to how hangry the monster is! Wonderfully funny and adorable.
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This brilliantly simple book is sure to be a hit with children and adults alike. 

Bold illustrations with a rough edge are eye catching and fun. 

The story follows monster who is hungry and has a phone - but can he find the correct number and will he ever get his pizza? 

A laugh out loud book that will have little monsters roaring along. A perfect read aloud book to share.
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The bright colours in this book are great. This book is about a monster who is so hungry! He gets the phone but doesn't know who to call as he just wants pizza! Children will love this story! Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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It kind of felt counter-intuitive to see a book that so wants you to join in with the sound effects, the voices and the repetitive aspects of the narrative, while at the same being really quite scratchy and, er, unconventionally beautiful.  Don't get me wrong, the looks-deprived aspect of this is perfectly in keeping with the main character, a tetchy monster who just wants to call up delivery of a nice pizza.  But I associate books for the read-along session with a more classic style.  Adults might well not be alone in seeing the final punchline coming, but this really is a warm, intelligently silly and creative dollop of fun.  Simple lines of verse and a great way to spin out the absurdity of the situation to extreme lengths make this most memorable.  Four and a half stars.
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