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This is a gorgeous & at the same time heartbreaking read. Such a sensitive way to explore grief with younger children - or anyone of any age who has lost someone they love. The words are beautiful & the illustrations poignant  & fab
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Thankyou so much Bloomsbury books via NetGalley for allowing me to read this very gentle story about the loss.

I feel like talking about grief and loss with a child is a very difficult subject, as you never know how much 0r little to say. But this book does it perfectly. 

This book is about the loss of a parent, it will help children understand that it is okay to that they are sad, but hopefully show them that they can still be happy about other parts of their lives, without forgetting those they have lost. 

Erin’s Daddy always brought colour into her family's life, even on the drizzliest of days. Then he becomes very ill and his death drains his family's  life of all their colour. 
However, when Erin remembers the scrapbook her dad always showed her, she starts  talking about him again.  Erin and her mum start remembering all the good things about Daddy, slowly the family begin to see the colour in life again. 

The illustrations by Becky Cameron are beautiful. She connects them with the story perfectly, helping the story flow but visually helping reflect the emotions and atmosphere carried in the story. 

One of the best best books for this age-range I have read on the topic of loss and grief. I won’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is needing to discuss this matter with their young one..
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You can’t see a rainbow without the rain! 

This is a beautifully told story of love, loss and keeping memories alive. 

Ideal for those who may be suffering the loss of a loved one but equally valuable to all children. A perfect way to help build empathy and 

The text is not overwhelming and the illustrations are gentle - a perfect combination. 

Definitely a book I will be recommending to those I know who work as pastoral care with children.
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This book describes the death of a parent through colour imagery. A young girl who sees the world in gray has her world turned into colour when she spends time with her Father, who has a kind and loving personality. 

However, midway through the book the colours begin to turn gray again. Her Daddy is getting sick and sadly he passes away. The girl's world is now gray again resembling her and her family's sadness. Until one day she finds the scrapbook her and her Father made which brings colour back into her family's life. 

I really enjoyed the artistry of this book, each page was beautifully designed, and drawn. My favorite thing about the book was the way the colours represented how the characters felt. In the beginning she was sad and her world was dull and lifeless, then as she and her father spent time together each page throughout each season became more colourful and vibrant. I liked the message it sent that even through your gray days, you'll be able to find the colour once more. I think this is a really important book which I would recommend for children aged 6-12 as the older children could learn from the lessons within this book as a sort of hook to discussing topics such as grief and wellbeing. 

Rated: 4 stars
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I absolutely adored this title, from the clever way of describing grief and loss to the way it would help younger children understand theirs and other people's pain its beautifully done. Also wonderful illustrations
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Erin's daddy loves colour.   He loves to be busy with Erin outdoors.  He sees colours at all times of the year from flowers to the night sky.   They put all their photos in a scrapbook with Erin's pictures.  But one day things don't seem so good, Daddy isn't well.  Things get worse and Daddy dies.   With this loss Erin's life turns grey and dull.  Erin is sad, and knows Mummy is too.  Then one day she remembers the scrapbook.   It cheers them all up, and makes them smile.  Mummy starts to do the things that Daddy did and on a walk they see Daddy's Rainbow.
This is a very gentle story about the loss of a parent that would be a perfect book for a parent or teacher to read with their children.   It will accept that they are sad, but hopefully see that they can still be happy about other parts of their lives.
The illustrations by Becky Cameron are beautiful. I especially love the pictures of the scrapbook.
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I fell in love with the colour palette and the illustrations in this gorgeous book. I can see how helpful it could be for all the children who lost a parent. Wonderful work!
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I am a children & adults bereavement counsellor and am always thrilled to find a new book to help families, especially those with younger children, begin to make sense of the jumble of emotion that bereavement can bring. This book is a perfect example of how to handle this incredibly sensitive subject in an age-appropriate way without glossing over the issue and most importantly it shows the importance of talking about the person who died - all too often I have seen children unable (or feeling unable) to talk with family members about the person who died, but also adults feeling the same, when in fact talking about the person (and talking about our feelings) is the most important thing to do. This book will no doubt be a fantastic prompt for families who perhaps don’t know how to begin conversations about the death of a loved one or specifically about person who died. I can easily envision conversations developing naturally both during and following reading this book. 
It’s a tough, distressing topic, but the illustrations and wording is pitched just right. Erin’s Daddy always brought colour to even the drizzliest of days, but then he became ill and his death drained life of all colour. However, by talking about and remembering all the good things about Daddy, slowly the family begin to see the colour in life again. Visually, the illustrations reflect this perfectly. 
One of the very best best books for this age-range I have read on this topic. I won’t hesitate to recommend it to professionals and bereaved families.
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Oh my word! I challenge you to read this without tears forming in your eyes. It's so beautiful

Lucy's narrative is delicately balanced, with a wonderful poetic tone. the Erin adores spending time with her Daddy - it's time filled with colour, joy and giggles. But, then she notices things are changing, the world becomes greyer and slower as Daddy gets more and more ill, and then... quiet. Such a poignant moment, beautifully handled, with Becky's illustrations shining through with emotion and love. I adore how Lucy handles how the family come together, how they remember the colour and then... then there's that ending... 

A poignant story, beautifully told with care, love and a delicate touch.
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The cover of this book is beautiful. The text is easy to read and the illustrations are simply beautiful. The book is about a little girl, who's daddy passes away and she feels her world is no longer full of colour the way it was when her daddy was alive. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book, it's amazing.
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