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Fifty-Four Pigs

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Really enjoyed reading r this mystery .Enjoyed getting to know the vet his wife Laura and her brother.There we’re enough twists and turns to keep me turning the pages trying to figure it out #netgalley#fiftyfourpigs
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Pigs And Problems…
When a swine barn bizarrely explodes in a lakeside town a catalogue of strange events begins. Vet, Dr Peter Bannerman, along with sniffer dog Pippin are swiftly drawn into mystery, murder and mayhem. A wonderfully penned mystery with a sharp edge and laced with much wry humour. A terrific read.
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Absolutely enjoyed reading about Peter the local vet, with his wife Laura and her brother Kevin the local RCMP as they investigate a local murder in their small town in Manitoba, Canada. Storyline keeps you guessing along with a handful of interesting characters.
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Normally I love novels like this but for some reason I couldn’t get into it. I picked it up and put it down so many times that it left me frustrated. 

The synopsis was well written and had me excited for get cracking but it was a slog to the plot twist and then once that happened I was left a little deflated. Was that really it? Just that.
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A fun light read. I like a lot of stories that include animals, and this one kept me engaged and includes some interesting plot points and situations. There are a lot of mysteries to choose from, and this is a good one.

I really appreciate the free ARC for review!!
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This was a truly thrilling and gripping mystery book that had several twists and turns that I never saw coming that kept me engaged throughout. A very clever plot and outcome
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Dr. Peter Bannerman is a rational and methodical, mathematically-minded vet in a small Canadian town who often helps his police-officer brother-in-law to solve crimes. The death of fifty-four pigs in an explosion in a farmer’s barn takes on a sinister turn when a human jawbone is found amongst the porcine carnage, and Peter can’t resist investigating in Philipp Schott’s joyously enjoyable mystery novel, “Fifty-Four Pigs”. 
The book is a cozy-ish (there is some strong language) mystery and is really quite excellent. The story is very easy to read with an engaging and quirky lead character; often funny and deliciously offbeat, it is a joy to follow Peter as he doggedly uncovers the truth with the help of his remarkable sniffer dog, Pippin. The town’s various inhabitants are vividly brought to life and we learn much about its colourful history, a favourite subject of Peter’s. The story has plenty of twists and turns and will keep you gripped until the nail biting finale. 
What a breath of fresh air this book is!  Funny, charming and original, “Fifty-Four Pigs” is irresistible and truly unputdownable. A preview of the next title in the series, “Six Ostriches”, is included at the back of the book, which, on the basis of Philipp Schott‘s superb  opener, I am eagerly looking forward to.
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4 stars

What a delightful book! 

Veterinarian Dr. Peter Bannerman and his wife Laura live in New Selfoss, Manitoba. Laura’s brother, RCMP Officer Kevin, also lives there. 

One winter morning on his way to complete his farm calls, he sees and hears an explosion. It looks to be at Tom’s hog farm. When he arrives, it certainly is and he is far too late to save any of the fifty-four pigs trapped in the barn. After the fire is out, the police discover a body in  the barn. Tom is, of course, the primary suspect when he shows up at the farm in his pickup. 

Kevin warns Peter not to interfere in the investigation. But, Peter has become very interested in solving things lately and has become known in the community for solving all kinds of goings on. Of course he gets in pretty deep. He and Kevin throw around all kinds of theories. Peter simply can’t believe Tom is in any way involved. 

Things get pretty sticky and Peter’s house is burgled. His television, some jewelry and meat out of the freezer are stolen. Later the jewelry and TV are found. A few days later, the veterinary office is burgled, but only the freezer is vandalized. 

Things escalate quickly. A conspiracy is uncovered. Who is involved? Tom has disappeared and it is feared that he is dead. A neighbor gets killed also. 

Peter and his wonderful scent dog, Pippin, are in danger.

This is a great story. It is both well written and plotted. It is easy to read and easy on the mind. The pages just fly by. Having been a vet tech long ago in my past, I particularly like these stories, and have always enjoyed Dr. James Herriot’s books. I like the animal interactions. I am very pleased to see another veterinarian writing about his experiences and immediately went to Amazon to look at his other books. Dr. Philipp Schott is now one of my must read authors! 

I want to thank NetGalley and ECW Press for forwarding to me a copy of this great little book for me to read, enjoy and review. The opinions expressed here are solely my own.
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