Cover Image: Abandoned in Death: An Eve Dallas thriller (In Death 54)

Abandoned in Death: An Eve Dallas thriller (In Death 54)

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Huge fan of J D Robb.  Loved this book, but then I love all of them!

Thanks to the author, Netgalley and publisher.

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I'm a big fan of j d robb and even though it started out different it's close to being the best one so far, it kept me on edge most of the time with who it was and I never saw it coming, highly recommended.
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I have always loved the in Death series of books and this latest book didn't disappoint. Eve Dallas has to work to discover who is kidnapping and killing young girls before time runs out to save the newest victim. This book had a great twist that I did not see coming! A great read.
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Abandoned in Death has all the elements that make up a great In Death books.

PLOT: The story is told via the past and present. The past aspects of the story do give you the motive behind the crimes, but it doesn't spill all the beans. The present aspect of the story is an interesting case of murder and missing women. As always we get elements of Dallas personal life and friends. I like how they help and look after each other.

CHARACTERS: In Abandoned in Death we see the normal gang of Dallas, Peabody. But we even get to see characters that we don't see as often. One of those is Jamie Lingstorm. It's weird seeing him more as a grown-up. I always enjoy the mix of characters Robbs has in the books.

WRITING STYLE: Robbs writing style is super easy for me to read and at times caused me to stay up later than planned as I am lost in the story.

OVERALL: Abandoned in Death is an enjoyable crime mystery that new or old crime fans will enjoy.

My rating for Abandoned in Death is 4.8 out of 5.
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This is the latest book in this long running series featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke .

When a woman's body is found posed on a playground bench with a black velvet ribbon  around her neck with a sign saying 'Bad Mommy' in her lap Eve doesn't immediately link the woman to other missing women ........... but it soon becomes clear that two other women with a similar profile have recently gone missing - can she find them before the killer strikes again ?
With virtually no forensic evidence to follow Eve and her team must use all their wits to track down the killer ........ is he closer to home than they expect ??

This yet another fast paced thriller , full of mystery and suspense , with twist and turns aplenty ......  I look forward to reading the next book in the series  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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J.D Robb's Eve Dallas books are always gripping and entertaining. This is no exception and I thoroughly enjoyed.
Another well plotted and compelling story.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I adore this series. Each and every one is of a consistently high standard. Even after 54 books I'm still invested in all the characters as well as finding out who the killer is. I find most series falter after c20 books but not J.D. Robb, it takes a skilled writer to come up with fresh ideas and good quality plotlines and J.D. Robb is a master of her craft. It will be a sad day when this series comes to an end.
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Abandoned in death shows that not all good deeds work.

A struggling mother does what she thinks is the best for her child. This explodes into a hostage situation, and numerous murders

Eve Dallas is  the most dogged investigator I've ever come across.   From book  one to this present feast,  this detective is resolute in solving the crime and getting justice for the victims.  Well plotted and suspenseful  this book will keep you guessing as to the protagonist.  
J D Robb has created a great read that never falls to entrance the reader,  I love that she allows Eve to grow with each book wither with interactions with friends and college's or with a passing word about her relationship with her husband.

Would greatly recommend this writer and book to any one who enjoys this kind of genre crime romance
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A remarkable near future thriller focusing on the investigation led by Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her team, trying to solve the mysterious death of a woman found on the children’s playground. A good yarn!
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I'm a huge fan of Eve and Roarke, and read quite a few books in this series over the years. 

It's no surprise that I loved this one as much as I did all of them. Eve is one of the few heroines that I would want to have a real-life friend just like her. 

She's smart, concise and also human. All her cases are so well developed and not even once I felt like dragging while reading them. 

I was cheering on her to find the two missing women after that open up scene. I loved how an old case was intertwined with this new one and how everything just unfolded with each new chapter. 

Suspenseful and addictive, another must-read story from a lifelong favourite author. 

Very grateful to the publisher for my review copy through NetGalley
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy in return for an honest review.

I hate to say it, but this is the first book I have read by this author so I have 53 books to read. A great book full of excitement, twists and turns. A recommended read.
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Another great book by JD Robb, have loved all 54 of these books, looking forward to the next installment, the characters are so well written and now they feel like friends.

great Story telling
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I can not believe there is already 54 books in the series, but they just keep on getting better and better.  Every time I'm entertained endlessly and can't wait for the next one in the series.
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It’s hard to believe this is book 54 in the In Death series as Nora Roberts somehow manages to still keep me wanting more with Eve, Roarke, Peabody, Mira and all the others.  Women are being abducted and left dead with their appearances changed but once Eve Dallas gets on the trail of this psychopath you know she’s going to catch the killer hopefully kicking ass along the way.  Always so fantastic
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This book, Abandoned in Death beckoned to me as I am attempting to read the full series, but so far I have only managed books one, two, twenty-seven, fifty, fifty-two and now fifty-four.

In this tale, three young women all pretty and in their mid-twenties have gone missing. Many of the regular characters don’t get much of an outing in this novel as a lot of the focus is on the killer, though Eve's husband, Roarke and her deputy, Detective Delia Peabody feature. The story has a fantastic twist towards the end... one that I, in no way, envisaged. Abandoned in Death is a fantastic, highly recommended, gripping mystery/ thriller from J. D. Robb in her 'In Death' series and I am looking forward to seeing what Eve Dallas gets into next in book fifty-five, Desperation in Death.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Little, Brown Book Group/ Piatkus via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Abandoned in death by JD Robb.
In Death 54.
Three young women have gone missing. They're all pretty, mid-twenties - someone clearly has a type. But no one links their disappearances until the first - Lauren Elder - is found lying peacefully on a bench in a children's playground. She is neatly dressed with a wide black velvet ribbon covering where her neck has been precisely slit. Her hands are folded over a childish sign on which is written in black crayon - BAD MOMMY.
A great read. Great characters.  Strong story. 4*.
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The latest title in the Eve Dallas series, no. 54!, brings the murder close to home for Eve. A dead body of a young woman dressed in early 21st century clothes and make-up is found in a children's playground with a label saying Bad Mommy. Eve and her team are in a race against time to find missing women and stop another murder. A murderer who has abandonment issues from a childhood trauma makes the case personal for Eve.
Fans of the series will love the latest title with its fast paced plot and twists and turns.
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After a few misfires for me the In Death series has once again hit its stride. Abandoned in Death is a fast paced, gripping thriller full of mystery and suspense and a fantastic addition to the series. The plot spans a period of around fifty years and revolves around the disappearance of three young women. A connection is only made between them when the first body is found dressed in clothes and wearing make up from decades before, leaving Eve and her team coming up against the frustrations of digging into the past as they try to solve the crime and save the lives of the remaining two victims.

The plot is full of twists and turns and the story flows steadily with each step laid out so you can see Eve’s thought process as she gradually puts the pieces together as she homes in on her prey. With more of a psychological edge to this book, Doctor Mira plays a large part in profiling the killer and has a role in the final confrontation where a game of cat and mouse ensues as Eve cajoles them into revealing their true nature but even with everything laid out I didn’t spot who it was.

One of my favourite things about the In Death series is catching up with the lives of the secondary characters and it was fantastic to have Jamie Lindstrom make an appearance and see him well on the path to achieving his dreams. I did miss Eve’s customary sniping at Somerset though this time around. They were quite pleasant to each other – maybe Roarke should check they’re not ill!
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Wow.. thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this!

Have read this series for years and they just get better! 

I adore the characters and their relationships. 

Another 5*****
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Abandoned in Death is book 54 in the In Death series and I loved it. I've read all the previous books and it never ceases to amaze me how fantastic each one is. They have great characters, most of whom I feel I know really well by now, who have great rapport with each other and each book has a fresh storyline which is always interesting and action packed.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC.
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